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                                                              through which the cable 10 may pass. After the ferrule 30 is
                                                              placed onto the cable 10, it may be swaged to the cable. The
                                                              swaging of the ferrule 30 to the cable 10 results in the ferrule
                                                              30 being firmly attached and fixed to the cable 10. The ferrule
                                                              30 then becomes stationary with respect to the cable 10.
                                                               Figure 26 shows a wrench 40 that may be used to rotate
                                                              the  tubular  component  20.  In  one  embodiment, a  wrench
                                                              handle 46 is attached to one end of a shaft 44. The opposite
                                                              end of the shaft has a flat area with tabs 42. The tabs 42 en-
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         Figure 25: Perspective cross-sectional view illustrating the ferrule of
         the railing.
         material the post 12 or other anchor point is made of. In one
         embodiment, the first end 22 contains a slot 24 for engaging a
         suitable wrench 40 that may move the tubular component 20
         rotatably in the hole 14. Many different surface shapes on the
         first end 22 could be used to engage a mating type of wrench
         40 to provide a rotating force to the tubular component 20.
         The second end 23 provides a thrust bearing surface to one
         end of the ferrule 30. Therefore, thrust can be applied to the
         ferrule 30. The tubular component 20 may rotate while simul-
         taneously the ferrule 30 and the cable 10 do not rotate. The
         axial bore 28 located in the tubular component 20 provides an
         opening through which the cable 10 may pass.
           Figure 25 shows the ferrule 30. In one embodiment, the fer-
         rule 30 is a tubular shape having a first end 32 and second end   Figure 26: view illustrating a wrench according to an embodiment of
         34. An axial bore 36 through the ferrule provides an opening   the termination and tensioning railing.

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