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         sitioned within the internal cavity, the spring biasing the
         wheel  toward  a  narrower  end  of  the  internal  cavity. The
         wheel is wedged between the cable and an internal cavity
         ramp whenever a force is applied to the cable attempting
         to withdraw the cable. A releasing device can be manually
         inserted into a slot passage to force the wheel away from
         the narrower end of the internal cavity so that the locking
         mechanism will ungrasp the cable.
           Figure 20 shows an adjustable cable system that permits
         a user to conveniently connect and vary the length of steel
         cable between two hooks. A user inserts steel cable 110 into   Figure 21: Separate release tool that may be inserted by a user within
         a locking mechanism 100 until a desired length is achieved,   a receiving slot on the locking mechanism of the invention to unfas-
         the cable once inserted into the locking mechanism cannot   ten a cable from the locking mechanism.
         be withdrawn in the opposite direction, rather it is gripped
         within the locking mechanism should it be attempted to be   provided with tapered end 108 and a first hook 470. Tapered
         removed or adjusted. The release tool 200 shown in figure 21   end 108 facilitates insertion of cable 110 into a through pas-
         permits a user to readily unfasten the cable hook 470 from   sageway in housing 101. The second hook 460 in one pre-
         locking mechanism 100 by simply inserting release tool 200   ferred embodiment may be permanently fixed to the housing
         into slot passage 170.                               101 via a short length of metal cable 420 that may be welded
           The cable locking mechanism 100 has a hook 460 integral-  within the housing 101 at one end and welded to the hook
         ly fixed to the housing 101. A separate hooked cable 110 is   460 at its opposite end.
                                                               Referring now to figures 22 and 23, the details of the lock-
                                                              ing mechanism will be discussed. A locking mechanism 100
                                                              allows motion of a cable 110 in the direction of the arrow
                                                              shown, but can prevent movement in the opposite direction.
                                                              If the cable is pulled in the opposite direction it is gripped
                                                              and locked within the housing. Cable 110 is inserted through
                                                              a passageway in housing 101 that extends from one end of
                                                              the housing to an opposite end of the housing. The housing
                                                              101 has an internal cavity 142 for receiving a spring clip 130
         Figure 20:  Adjustable  cable system including a locking mechanism
         with an integral hook and a separate cooperating cable having hook   and wheel 120. Other spring means well-known in the art
         at one end.                                                                           continued on next page
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