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         system comprises two load-cable lifting apparatus  2a,  2b,   sel 6, such as pipe laying service vessel or PLSV, on a sea 8.
         and two load cables 4a, 4b respectively extending from each   Each load-cable lifting apparatus 2a, 2b could be a winch or
         load-lifting apparatus 2a, 2b to a subsea attachment point.   sheave, generally able to provide control for the movement
         The load-cable lifting apparatus 2a, 2b are located on a ves-  of the respective load-cable 4a, 4b through the sea 8 to raise
                                                              and lift a load 10.
                                                               Figure 11 also shows a seabed 12, which could be any dis-
                                                              tance below the surface of the sea 8, and towards which and
                                                              optionally onto which it is desired to guide the load 10. How-
                                                              ever, the greater the subsea depth for location of the load 10,
                                                              such as increasingly beyond 2000 or even 3000 meters, and
                                                              the greater the actual load 10, such as being hundreds of
                                                              tons, (increasingly up to or greater than 400 tons), then the
                                                              greater is the desire to use multi-cable subsea lifting sys-
                                                              tems for obvious engineering reasons, compared with con-
                                                              ventional single lifting cables or single cable lifting systems.
                                                               The load cables 4a, 4b can be provided from one or more
                                                              reels (not shown) to the load-cable lifting apparatus 2a, 2b
                                                              in a manner known in the art. The nature, design and op-
                                                              eration of the load-cable lifting apparatus 2a, 2b, and the
                                                              nature, design, etc. of the load cables 4a, 4b, are not limiting
                                                              in the present invention, and can be those conventionally
                                                              used and operated.
                                                               It will also be appreciated that figure 11 is a schematic
                                                              drawing intended to show the present invention, and is not
                                                              dimensionally accurate in relation to the relative sizes of
                                                              the features shown. In particular, the distance between the
                                                              load cables 4a, 4b could be any suitable distance, optionally
                                                              based on or according to the load operation, the nature and
                                                              number of the load cables etc., and possibly the load-lifting
                                                              apparatus. For example, the distance between the load ca-
                                                              bles could be less than 1m, 1m, or greater than 1m, such as
         Figure 11: Schematic side view of a multi-cable subsea lifting system.                continued on next page

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