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         12 provides energy to the winch system
         10 through driving rollers 14 that op-
         tionally are reversible. The winch sys-
         tem 10 has a body 18 (figure 10) with
         a front face 20 (from which optionally
         a cable  40 extends), a back face  22,
         lateral sides 24, a top 26, a bottom 28
         an imaginary vertical axis (V-V) and
         an imaginary horizontal  axis (H-H).
         Multiple driven winch drive rollers 32
         (preferably two) are supported between
         the top 26 and bottom 28 so that they
         are rotatable about axes that are paral-
         lel to the vertical axis (V-V) in response
         to the one or more processor  driving
         rollers 14.
           A winch drum 36 (figures 12 and 14)
         is supported by the body 18 so that it
         rotates about an  axis  that is  parallel
         with  the horizontal  axis.  Associated
         with the winch drum 36 is a drum gear
         38 in  communication with  the driven
         rollers 50, 52. The drum gear 38 trans-
         fers rotational energy about the verti-
         cal axis V-V from the processor driving
         rollers  14 to rotational energy about
         the axis of rotation of the winch drum
         36 and optionally influences the speed
         and direction of winch drum rotation. A
         cable 40 extends from or wraps around
         the winch drum 36. The cable 40 has a
         proximal end 42 region attached to the
         winch drum 36 and a distal end region
         44 that is detachably attachable to an
         object 46 to be retrieved by and pulled
         or hauled towards the winch  system
         36.  The  cable  40 extends outwardly
         from  the  front  20  or  back  22  faces  of
         the body 18.
           In  alternate  embodiments  (see  fig-
         ure 15) the drive gear 38 includes two
         sprockets, a belt or chain (collectively,
         “chain”)  that surrounds  them,  and a
         gearbox. If desired, the sprockets may
         be oriented in a horizontal line, as sug-
         gested in  the  embodiments depicted
         in  figures  10-14.  Alternatively,  the
         sprockets could be oriented so that one
         is  higher  than the other.  In practice,
         this may  facilitate visual inspection
         by an operator. One form of drum gear
         38 is the Superior Gearbox 600 series
         (preferably the 1:1 ratio box).
           In  one  embodiment, the  processor
         driving rollers 14 of the processor en-
         ergy source  12 include  two processor
         driving rollers 14. Preferably, the one
         or more driven winch drive rollers 32
         of the winch system 10 comprise four
         rollers.  Where  there  are four driven
         rollers, two rollers 50 are mounted ad-
         jacent the front face 20 of the winch sys-
         tem 10 and two rollers 52 are mounted
         adjacent the back face 22 of the winch
         system 10. In such a case, the reverse
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