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         unit 47 through a transmission shaft 41. The transmission de-
         vice includes a minor sprocket 42 coaxially connected with the
         transmission shaft 41. A big sprocket 44 connected with the
         minor sprocket 42 through a chain 43, a gear 45 coaxially con-
         nected with the big sprocket 44, and a rack 46 engaged with
         the gear 45, the rack 46 is fixedly mounted on the barn 1.
           The above transmission device includes multiple groups.
         The multiple groups of transmission devices are uniformly ar-  Figure 14: Front structure diagram of a combined lifting barn fencing
         ranged at the bottom of the first annular groove, and connected   equipment.
         with the drive unit through the transmission shaft, wherein
         the drive unit is a geared motor. The barn 1 includes a barn   barn door steel frame 15, the transmission mechanism that
         body 12 and a barn door 13 that composes a ring with the barn   drives the lifting device of the barn body adopts two groups
         body 12. The barn door 13 is arranged at the place directly fac-  of gear racks  for engaged transmission.  The two groups
         ing the backstage. The lifting of the barn body 12 and the barn   of racks are arranged at both sides of the barn body steel
         door 13 is driven by two groups of lifting mechanisms 4 respec-  frame,  as  shown  in  figure  12,  that  is,  the  minor  sprocket
         tively, to facilitate the animal trainer and animals to enter the   drives two big sprockets through the chains, and each big
         barn. The rack of the lifting mechanism that drives the barn   sprocket drives a group of gear racks respectively. The fence
         body is fixedly mounted at the barn body steel frame 14, and   2 includes a cylindrical mesh 21 made of braided stainless
         the rack of the lifting mechanism that drives the barn door is   steel wire meshes and an upper ring and a lower ring 22, 23
         fixedly mounted at the barn door steel frame 15.     arranged at the upper end and lower end of the cylindrical
           Since the barn body steel frame width 14 is wider than the   mesh 21, the lower ring 23 is connected with the bottom of
                                                              the second annular groove 11 fixedly, and the upper ring 22
                                                              is fixedly connected with the bedplate 6.
                                                               The fence in the patent application is woven with high
                                                              quality stainless steel wire rope, featured by light weight,
                                                              high  strength,  and  good  flexibility.  It  can  reduce  injuries
                                                              caused by animals’ collision. In addition, it has high perme-
                                                              ability. Compared with conventional steel welded mesh or
                                                              fiber rope woven mesh, its weight is reduced, strength is in-
                                                              creased and perspective rate is enhanced greatly. A movable
                                                              fencing door 24 is provided in a location of the cylindrical
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