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                                                              agement system. As depicted, electrical cable 122 runs from
                                                              somewhere near the bottom of the track up to the car 102,
                                                              such upper termination point of electrical cable 122 moves
                                                              along with the car  102. Other arrangements are possible,
                                                              including running the cables from a midpoint or the top of
                                                              the track to the car 102.
                                                               Moving bar 110 moves with the elevator car 102 when the
                                                              car 102 is above a threshold point somewhere midway along
                                                              the elevator track, and moving bar 110 remains fixed at the
                                                              threshold point when the elevator car is below the threshold
                                                              point. Figure 6 is a perspective view of a movable cable con-
                                                              straint bar 110 in its cradle on top of the car 102 when the
                                                              cradle is above the threshold point. When above the thresh-
                                                              old point, the bar 110 moves with the car 102. The weight of
                                                              the bar 110 may keep the bar 110 sitting in a cradle when
                                                              above the threshold point.
                                                               The cradle may comprise the left cradle 214 and right cra-
                                                              dle 212 which, in the embodiment of figure 6, are attached to
         Figure 5: Perspective view of a portion of an elevator system.
         car 102, while cable 122 is an electrical cable. Some cables,
         such as cables 120 may run the full length of the track, while
         other cables, such as cables 122 may run from one end of the
         track to the car 102 and terminate in the car 102.
           A cable management system can manage any number and
         type of cables. Traction cables 120 are often made of steel
         ropes, but other types of cable materials are possible. In el-
         evators where traction cables are not used, such as where
         traction belts are used or in a hydraulic elevator, a cable
         management system may be useful  for  constraining other
         types of cables such as an electrical or communications cable.
         A cable management system can provide useful constraints
         on many types of cables, such as wires, ropes, chains, or any
         type of flexible tension element.
           The electrical  cable  122 may, for example, provide elec-
         trical power to the car  102, such as for lighting the inte-  Figure  7: Perspective view of a  movable cable constraint  bar in its
         rior of the car 102, communications, such as an emergency   cradle when the cradle is at the constraint point.
         telephone, and control, such as to remotely call the eleva-
         tor to a particular floor or stop. The various functions of the   the top of the car 102, though attachments to other parts of
         electrical cable 122 can be combined into a single cable, for   the car 102 are possible. The location on the car 102 of a ca-
         example with multiple electrical conductors running along   ble retainer may depend on the type or purpose of the cables
         the length of the cable within an insulating outer layer,   retained by the moving bar 110, for example if the cables are
         or the various functions may be split into separate cables,   hoisting ropes that suspend the car 110, the cradle may be
         some or all of which may be managed by a cable manage-  attached close to the center of car, while electrical or commu-
         ment system. Other types of cables, such as optical cables   nication cables may be more flexibly located. Bar 210 may
         for communications, can also be managed by a cable man-  include an opening that serves as a retainer 210 to provide
                                                              a physical constraint on the movement of cables inside the
                                                              retainer 210. The opening or retainer may be a hoop or other
                                                              shape that constrains the retained cables along a plane that
                                                              is perpendicular to the elevator track. Pin attachment 204
                                                              may be fixed to a point along the track to hold pin 202 at the
                                                              threshold point. Pinhole 218 in the bar 110 may be aligned
                                                              with the fixed pin 202 as the car 102 moves along the track
                                                              and approaches the threshold point.
                                                               The  location of the threshold  point for suspending  the
                                                              moving bar can be anywhere between ends of the elevator
                                                              track. In some embodiments, such as that of figures 6-8, the
                                                              threshold point can be near or attached to an elevator stop
                                                              or platform. Alternately, the threshold point may be located
                                                              at or near the point along the elevator track where the struc-
                                                              ture holding the elevator is likely to bend the most, such as
                                                              with a wind turbine tower, or the threshold point can simply
                                                              be located near or at the halfway point along the track. Oth-
                                                              er locations for the threshold point are also feasible. Mul-
                                                              tiple thresholds points (not depicted) along a single elevator
         Figure  6: Perspective view of a  movable cable constraint  bar in its   track can be used with multiple moving bars such that, for
         cradle when the cradle is above the threshold point.                                  continued on next page

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