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         preferably to the elevator hoistway S.               the bottom end of the path of movement of the elevator car
           In figure 5, the arrangement additionally comprises means   1. In the embodiment of figure 6, the hoisting machine M is
         20, 21, 22 for lifting the supporting platform 3 higher in the   disposed in a space 12 next to the elevator hoistway S in the
         elevator hoistway. In the lifting, it is arranged that vertical   proximity of the bottom end of the path of movement of the
         support force is taken from the support arrangement 20 that   elevator car 1. Otherwise the solutions are similar, and are
         is supported in its position in the elevator hoistway above the   as described above.
         supporting platform. In the arrangement, when lifting the   The ropes of the suspension roping 4 and the ropes of the
         supporting platform 3, the vertical support force is arranged   traction roping 6 can be any according to prior art, e.g. all
         to be taken from the guide rails G of the elevator, via the   metal ropes.  Likewise  they can  be of  any  cross-sectional
         support arrangement 20. Thus the arrangement comprises   shape according to prior art, such as e.g. round. However,
         guide rails G, which are preferably guide rails for guiding   since  the suspension  and the traction  are differentiated
         the movement of the elevator car 1. More particularly the   from each other, the suspension roping 4 performing the
         means 20,21,22 are arranged to take vertical support force   suspension  function  and the traction roping 6 performing
         in  the lifting of the supporting platform  3 from the guide   the traction function  can be different  to each other,  more
         rails G of the elevator that extend to above the supporting   particularly  such  that  they  comprise  different  ropes,  and/
         platform 3. In this case preferably at least most, preferably   or a different amount of ropes, to each other. This achieves
         essentially all, the vertical support force needed for lifting is   the benefit that their properties can be configured to be best
         arranged to be taken from the aforementioned guide rails.  suited for their function (suspension/traction). For example,
           In the embodiment of figures 4 and 5, the hoisting machine   the weight of a rope of the suspension roping 4 can be config-
         M is disposed in the elevator hoistway S in the proximity of   ured to be low because its purpose is only to bear a longitu-
                                                              dinal load, and frictional traction does not need to be exerted
                                                              on it. Lightness is particularly advantageous, so that in the
                                                              lifting of the supporting platform 3 the weight to be lifted
                                                              would be small, and the lift could be performed with a simple
                                                              and lightweight arrangement, e.g. supported on the guide
                                                              rails G. Lightness would likewise be advantageous, so that
                                                              the rope storage 13 can be disposed in connection with the
                                                              elevator car 1 without problems caused by the rope coil in
                                                              a driving situation of the elevator car 1. Thus the hoisting
                                                              roping 4 preferably comprises one or more ropes, the longitu-
         Figure 8: Another preferred structure for the rope of the suspension   dinal power transmission capability of which ropes is based
         roping and/or of the traction roping.                                                 continued on next page

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