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                                                              space is formed between the two end plates (end plate 21
                                                              and end plate 22) and the winding shaft 23.
                                                               The  two  ends  of  the  winding  shaft  23  respectively pass
                                                              through the corresponding end plate and fit the rack 1 via
                                                              a bearing component, thus it may guarantee that the whole
                                                              winding drum 2 can perform releasing and retracting rota-
                                                              tion relative to the rack 1. In order to increase the rope wind-
                                                              ing capability of the winding drum 2, the above end plate 21,
                                                              end plate 22 and winding shaft 23 are all made of materials
                                                              with high strength. For example, the winding shaft 23 is a
                                                              titanium alloy tube. By employing a titanium alloy tube, the
                                                              strength can be improved, and at the same, the diameter of
                                                              the winding shaft 23 can be reduced, thereby the winding
                                                              space can be widened for winding a longer rope 3.
                                                               Referring  again  to  figures  1,  3  or  4,  in  the  embodiment
                                                              of the invention, the winding drum 2 is driven by a driving
                                                              motor 6 to rotate via a driving chain 7. However, the wind-
                                                              ing drum 2 may also be driven by other driving devices such
                                                              as a driving motor, etc., and the specific type of the driving
         Figure 3:. Top structural representation of figure 1.
                                                              device will not be limited in the embodiments of the inven-
         refers to that the winding drum 2 rotates in the direction by   tion. However, the driving device may also be driven in other
         which the rope 3 release to the drilling well, and the back-  types of driving modes such as belt drive and gear drive, etc.,
         ward rotation is opposite to the direction of forward rotation,   rather than being limited to the driving chain 7.
         and the backward rotation of the winding drum 2 can realize   The first turning wheel 8 is set on the rack 1 and is lo-
         the winding and retracting of the rope 3. The winding drum   cated on a rope releasing and retracting line of the winding
         2 may have various types and structures, so long as the rope   drum 2. The wheel rim of the first turning wheel 8 has a
         3 can be wound thereon, and it is not limited in the embodi-  first groove, which can fit the rope 3 that is wound to the
         ments of the invention. Referring again to figure 4, it shows   winding drum 2 or released from the winding drum 2 and
         a winding drum 2 with a specific structure, and the winding   can rotate synchronously as driven by the rope 3. The rope
         drum 2 shown includes two end plates (end plate 21 and end   3 moves under the action of the rope winder, thereby the
         plate 22) and a winding shaft 23 located between the two   first turning wheel 8 is driven to rotate synchronously by
         end plates (end plate 21 and end plate 22), and a winding                             continued on next page

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