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                                                              displaced turns 33 of wire rope 3, which typically will be the
                                                              so-called safety turns discussed above, meaning that these
                                                              turns of wire rope 3 will not be engaged during regular opera-
                                                              tions, but serve as a backup in case of failure. It can also be
                                                              seen in figure 6 that the pocket 5 is provided as a reinforced
                                                              part 53 of the first winch drum 11 which is connected to the
                                                              winch drum 11 by means of welding and press-fitting.
                                                               Figure 9 shows a winch 10 according to the second aspect
                                                              of the present disclosure. The winch 10 comprises a housing
                                                              4 covering the ends of the winch drum 11 in the figure. The

         Figure 7: Another side view of winch drum.
         of a pocket connected to the first winch drum 11 and with
         its opening provided as a slot 51, as best seen in figure 6, in
         the outer surface 111 of the winch drum 11. The pocket 5
         is adapted to accommodate a plurality of radially displaced
         turns 33 of wire rope 3, as can best be seen in figure 6. Fig-
         ure 7 is a side view of the winch drum device 1.
                                                              Figure 10: Winch drum in a second position of use.

                                                              winch 10 runs four parallel wire ropes 3, 3’, 3’’, 3’’’ connected
                                                              to a first winch drum 11 of a winch drum device 1 according
                                                              to the present disclosure. The first winch drum 11 is pro-
                                                              vided with four wire rope storage means 5, not visible in this
                                                              figure, one for each wire rope 3, 3’, 3’’, 3’’’. The winch 10 and
                                                              the winch drum device 1 are shown in a first position of use
                                                              P1, wherein the first winch drum 11 is adapted to accom-
                                                              modate single layers of the wire ropes 3, 3’, 3’’, 3’’’, as it will
         Figure 8: Cross sectional view of the winch drum.    typically be used in hoisting of drilling equipment and pipes
                                                              on a rig or on a vessel. The first winch drum 11 is constituted
           Figure 8 is a cross-section as seen through the line C-C of   by a removable shell 13.
         figure 7, whereas figure 6 shows an enlarged view of detail   In figure 10, the winch housing 4 has been removed for the
         D from figure 8, including the pocket 5 and the radially dis-  overview. Further, the removable shell 13 has been removed
         placed turns 33 of wire 3 stored therein. In the shown embodi-  in order to reveal a second winch drum 15 with a smaller
         ment, the pocket 5 is adapted to accommodate four radially   diameter than the first winch drum 11. This corresponds to
                                                              a second position  P2 of use  for the winch  drum device  1.
                                                              In this second position of use P2 the winch drum device is
                                                              adapted to accommodate a plurality of layers of not shown
                                                              wire rope, whereby the winch 10 may also be used in opera-
                                                              tions requiring hoisting of loads over large heights, such as
                                                              in deep water applications.
                                                              Adjustable length cable
                                                              Pat. 10,190,334 U.S. class E05B 65/10 Int. class E05B 17/00
                                                              Inventor:  Matthew  S. Graham, Noblesville,  IN., Justin
                                                              Wenger, Carmel, IN., Michael D. Coleman, Noblesville, IN.,
                                                              Yong Kwan Lacy, Carmel, IN.
                                                              Assignee: Schlage Lock Company LLC., Carmel, IN.
                                                               This patent  presents an adjustable  length cable system
                                                              that can be used in association with transmission of an ax-
                                                              ial pulling force. The cable system, which can be concealed
                                                              within and/or behind a structure such as, for example, with-
                                                              in an interior region of an entryway device, can accommo-
                                                              date adjustments in the axial lengths of a core wire and a
                                                              conduit system of the cable system. The core wire can extend
          Figure 9: Second perspective view of winch drum.                                     continued on next page

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