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 4HE /NE  4HE /NLY  4HE "EST

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 Sea  Link  Wooden  Shell                                     members 12 are formed of webbing. Each belt loop member
         downward from the belt loops to the ground.
           Figure 1 shows a palm tree T supported by the tree sup-
                                                              12 is folded and stitched to form a first loop eye 12A in its
 Construction  &  Fishing  Blocks                             upper end and a second loop eye 12B in its lower end. The
         porting system 10 in accordance with the present invention.
         As described in more detail hereinafter, the tree supporting
                                                              loop eyes 12A at the upper ends of the belt loops 12 are slid-
         system 10 includes a flexible belt 11 with movable belt loops   ably received on the belt 11. In a preferred embodiment for
         12 thereon which encircles the tree trunk and is secured by   trees having a caliper of up to 30”, the belt 11 and belt loops
 S Siinnggllees  •  Ds  •  Doouubblleess • •   T Trriipplleess • •   R Reegguullaar  ar  annd  Hd  Heeaavvy  Wy  Wooooddeen  Bn  Blloocckkssfirst end   12 are formed of 1” wide, 2 ply 6000 lb. nylon webbing, and
         a cinching buckle 13, cable assemblies 20 having a
         attached to the movable belt loops 12 and ground anchors 30   three loops are provided. In the embodiment of the cinching
         at a second end which are driven lengthwise into the ground   buckle 13 illustrated in figure 2, one end 11A of the belt 11
         and pulled into a flat transverse position to firmly anchor   passes through a cam type buckle 13A and a quick-connect
         them in the ground. Each cable assembly 20 has a turnbuck-  hook 13B is secured to the other end of the belt. The hook
         le 21 connected intermediate its first and second ends for   13B  is  connected  into  an  aperture  13C  at one  end  of  the
         adjusting its length and the tension in the cable.   buckle body. The cam buckle 13A has a spring biased cam
           As shown in figure 2, the flexible belt 11 and the belt loop   member  13D which,  when depressed, is moved  to a non-
                                                              gripping position to allow sliding passage of the belt through
                                                              the buckle, and when released assumes a gripping position
                                                              to tightly grip the belt. The belt 11 is tightly cinched about
                                                              the tree trunk by manually pulling its free end 11A through
                                                              the cam buckle 13A. A suitable quick-connect hook and cam
                                                              buckle unit is commercially available from Ancra Interna-
                                                              tional LLC, Erlanger, KY.
                                                               In a preferred embodiment for larger trees having a cali-
                                                              per of up to 60”, the belt 11 and loops 12 are formed of 2”
 All  Material  Factory  Certified                            wide, 2 ply 12000 lb. nylon webbing, and three or four loops
 Wooden  Shell  Blocks  3”  to  16”                           are provided. As shown in figure 3, in the embodiment for
                                                              larger caliper trees, one end 11A of the belt 11 is secured to
 For  more  Associated  Wire  Rope  &  Rigging,  Inc. Waterman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.  a ratchet type buckle 14 and its free end is received through,
 information,  8125  Saran  Drive,  Playa  Del  Rey,  CA  90293  910  Mahar  Ave.,  Wilmington,  CA  90748  and wound on, the reel member 14A of the ratchet buckle.
 contact:  Ph:  1-800-901-1135  Fax:  310-448-5446  Ph:  1-800-322-3131  Fax:  310-522-1043  The ratchet buckle 14 has a toothed ratchet wheel 14B fixed
 Email:  Email:  at each end of the reel 14A to rotate therewith, a lever mem-
         Figure 4: Perspective view of the ground anchor member of the tree   ber 14C pivotally connected to the buckle body and engaged
         supporting system.                                                                    continued on next page
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