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Inventor’s Corner

                                                                  By William Fischer
                                                       We’ve made it through another summer.
                                                        Here’s hoping all our readers enjoyed
                                                          their vacation time. With the Fall season
                                                           approaching and the weather cooling,
                                                            it is the best time of year for outdoor
                                                            projects. As always, it is our pleasure
                                              to bring to you the latest in advancements in the
                                         industry. Have a colorful and safe Autumn, as it brings
                                    us into the fast approaching holidays.

         Tree supporting system
         Pat. 6,389,743  U.S. class 47/43  Int. class A01G 17/10
         Inventor: Grant L. Stephenson, Houston, TX.
         Assignee: Grant L. Stephenson, Houston, TX.
           A  tree  supporting  system  includes  a  non-elastic  flexible
         tree collar belt which encircles the tree trunk with movable
         belt loops thereon, adjustable cables attached at one end to
         the loops, and ground anchors at the other end that are driv-
         en lengthwise into the ground and pulled into a flat trans-
         verse position in the ground. The belt and the belt loops are
         formed  flat  non-elastic  webbing.  The  belt  loops  having  an
         upper loop eye at an upper end slidably mounted on the belt
         and a lower loop eye at a lower end sized and shaped to re-
                                                              Figure 2: Perspective view  of the  flexible  belt  member of the  tree
                                                              supporting system having a cam buckle.
                                                              ceive an end of the cable. A cam type or ratchet type cinch-
                                                              ing buckle on the belt allows passage of one end of the belt
                                                              therethrough for tightly cinching the belt about the circum-
                                                              ference of the tree trunk and releasably grips the belt in the
                                                              encircled position.
                                                               The belt loops are selectively spaced apart in circumfer-
                                                              ential relation to one another on the belt in its encircled
                                                              position prior to cinching it about the tree trunk and are
                                                              secured against the circumference of the tree trunk in the
                                                              circumferentially spaced relation when it is cinched and
                                                              gripped by the buckle. Each ground anchor is driven into
                                                              the ground in an upright position to the desired depth by
                                                              a driving rod. The driving rod is removed, and the cable
                                                              is then pulled upward to rotate the anchor until it is po-
                                                              sitioned transverse to the hole formed when it was driven
                                                              into the ground. The cables extend radially outward and

         Figure 1: Elevation view of a palm tree supported by the tree support-
         ing system.                                          Figure 3:. Perspective view of an alternate ratchet buckle.

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