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         side-to-side within the external cross-
         member 12 when the adjustment wheel
         32 is turned. The end of the internal
         cross-member 34 disposed opposite the
         adjustment wheel  32 extends beyond
         the end of the external cross-member
         12 to allow for the fixed attachment of
         the second arm 16 to the internal cross-
         member 34. Thus, the side-to-side travel
         of the internal cross-member 34 relative
         to the external cross-member 12 causes
         the  distance  between  the  first  arm  14
         and second arm 16 to change according
         to the distance and direction travelled
         by the internal cross-member 34.
           With reference to figure 3, a side view
         of the device is shown wherein it can be
         seen that the central bore 30 extends
         through the first and second clamps 18,
         20, with no obstructions.
           Having thus described the appa-
         ratus,  we now  turn  to the manner  in
         which  the apparatus is operated. As
         seen in figure 4, the base 10 can con-
         sist of a squared hollow tube 40, with
         an opening at either end. This can al-
         low  the  device  to  be  quickly  attached
         to and/or detached  from a number of
         other  structures  to secure  it while  in
         operation. The means for attachment
         can include, but is not limited to, slid-
         ing the tube 40 over a second structure
         which is secured to a vehicle, building,
         floor,  or  other  stable  support,  bolting
         the tube 40 to such a structure, or any
         other attachment means selected by a
         person of skill in the art that is appro-
         priate for the desired application.
           According to one aspect, the portable
         device can be secured to a truck body
         or crane body. To use the device, an op-
         erator first must determine the needed
         circumference of wire rope and adjust
         the clamps 18, 20 accordingly. It is im-
         portant that the clamps 18, 20 can hold
         the wire rope securely  without slip-
         ping, therefore it is contemplated that
         the base 22 and cover 28 of the clamps
         18, 20 are removable from the first and
         second arms 14, 16, and can be inter-
         changeable with  like  parts having a
         different diameter central bore 30. Ac-
         cording to another aspect, the central
         bore 30 can include an adapter which
         can  allow  the  diameter of  the  central
         bore 30 to be changed as desired. The
         size of the central bore 30 is easily se-
         lected by a person of skill in the art
         depending on the circumference of the    pewag levo hook LH
         wire rope being used.                    pewag levo clamp LC
           Once  the  operator  has  selected  the
         proper sized clamps 18, 20, and central    • Automated loading and unloading
         bore, the operator removes the cover 28     from a safe distance                    800.526.3924
         from the base 22 of the clamps 18, 20      • Elimination of manual working steps
         and places a length of wire rope within    • Increase of work safety       
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