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                                                 Note from the Editor

                                                  In this issue we delve into the high tech world of Virtual
                                                 Reality Simulators. This relatively new form of hands-on
                                                 education allows for the safest method of showing “the
                                                 ropes” to up-and-coming crane operators while avoiding risk
                                                 of on-the-job injury. Story on page 8.
                                                  We also have a story on page 18 about Scenic World, where
                                                 visitors have been enjoying aerial views of Nature’s majesty,
                                                 with the help of wire rope, since the 1930s.
                                                  Finally, on page 28, we cover Konecranes new installation
                                                 of cantilever rail mounted gantry cranes in full service at the
                                                 Virginia Port Authority.
                                                  We are continuing our celebration of 40 years publishing for
                                                 the lifting and material handling industry and, in doing so, we
                                                 welcome our readers’ suggestions for articles.
                                                  Thank you for celebrating with us!

         LEEA takes military action.

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