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team, to develop a solution that, us-
                                                                               ing the world biggest tower crane -
                                                                               the M2480D Heavy Lift Luffer (HLL),
                                                                               could be a game changer for the future
                                                                               of bridge construction.
                                                                                 Marr Contracting Pty Ltd, Managing
                                                                               Director, Simon Marr, said “This is an
                                                                               exciting project for us – not just in engi-
                                                                               neering terms but emotionally and cul-
                                                                               turally as well. Gallipoli holds a unique
                                                                               place in the heart and psyche of both
                                                                               the Australian and Turkish  people,
                                                                               and for  us  to work  alongside  Turkish
                                                                               engineers  and construction  teams on
                                                                               building this significant legacy project
                                                                               is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we
                                                                               are delighted to be selected to under-
                                                                               take this demanding package of work.”
                                                                                 DLSY Joint Venture Deputy Project
                                                                               Manager, Alper Alemdaroglu said,  “As
                                                                               DLSY Joint Venture, we are pleased to
                                                                               award the contract to The Men From
                                                                               Marr’s for their world leadership and
                                                                               technical  competence in  heavy lifting
                                                                               tower  cranes  for  a Project  on  such  a
                                                                               scale. No matter the distance between
         The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge is part of the Malkara-Çanakkale Motorway Project.  Turkey and Australia, the crew is al-
                                                                               ways with us whenever we need tech-
         otal role in connecting Western Turkey,   ing large scale project lifting solutions
         providing a new heavy transit alterna-  on similarly challenging projects in   nical support. That’s why we can con-
         tive to the Istanbul Strait passage that   Australia and around the world, DLSY   veniently mention Marr’s as one of our
         will not only mean faster and more cost-  Joint Venture challenged Marr Con-  valuable solution partners.”
         effective freight transport to the region,   tracting  International Ltd, (a wholly   The Men From Marr’s started work
         but strengthened economic potential   owned  subsidiary of Marr  Contract-  on engineering plans for the Project in
         and social bonds for its population.  ing  Pty Ltd), to develop a solution   January 2018 and are expected to be on
           On  completion the 1915 Çanakkale   that would decrease the construction   site from July 2019 for an estimated 14
         Bridge will be the world’s longest span   time and associated risk  for  the  proj-  months, with responsibility to; design
         suspension bridge. With a total bridge   ect. The solution developed allowed the   the crane supports and ties, supply the
         length of 4,608 meters, a central span   DLSY Joint Venture to adopt a refined   supports ties and cranes,  install  and
         of  2,023 meters  and a  total bridge   construction methodology in line with   commission the cranes, climb and oper-
         tower height of 318 meter, the feats of   their vision on how the project needed   ate the cranes during the construction
         engineering  required to complete the   to be constructed.            of the bridge towers and the dismantle
         construction are staggering.         Already with a number of world firsts   of the cranes on completion of the build.
           Impressed by The Men From Marr’s   under their belt, the Marr team worked   For more information about the Men
         track-record in designing and deliver-  closely  with  the  DLSY  Joint  Venture   from Marr’s visit their website at www.
                                                                     , and for more information
                                                                               on the 1915  Çanakkale Bridge go to
                                                                               Two New Crane & Rigging
                                                                               Task Forces Created
                                                                                 At the January Board & Committee
                                                                               Meetings, the Crane & Rigging Govern-
                                                                               ing Committee agreed to appoint two
                                                                               new task forces. One task force is to re-
                                                                               search and develop criteria which would
                                                                               allow SC&RA Mexico-based members to
                                                                               participate in the Safety Awards. The
                                                                               other  task  force  would  research  which
                                                                               states require quadrennial and annual
                                                                               cranes certifications with load tests ex-
                                                                               ceeding 100 percent of the crane’s rated
                                                                               capacity and advocate for a reduction of
                                                                               this  amount  to  100  percent.  Members
                                                                               interested  in  participating  in  either  of
                                                                               these task forces should contact Beth
                                                                               O’Quinn: n
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