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In the Beginning, it was Family...

                                         Celebrating 40 Years

                                               By Sandra Bluvias-Ashton
         Ed Bluvias’ daughter takes a nostalgic look back at the start of our publication and
         reminisces about the family’s group effort to produce a unique industry magazine
         during those halcyon days.

              ire  Rope News  and Sling  Tech-  was a stressful time – six times a year   more of a paper and Post-It’s executive.
         Wnology, the first trade magazine   and we kids dreaded it.           As you see in the picture taken in 1995,
         for the wire rope industry, was started   I remember that as a young teen –   his  grandson Joshua  is sitting on his
         in 1979 by my father, Edward Bluvias   long before publishing software – I   desk,  filled  with  paper  that  only  Dad
         Sr. in the small, quiet town of Winfield   was tasked with removing the nega-  could manage.
         Park, NJ.                          tives of the pictures used for adver-  My dad worked  7 days a week  on
           It began with a room full of telephone   tising and getting them ready for the   Wire  Rope News.  Even on  Christmas
         books. I was about 10 years old when   next issue. I was given this job be-  he’d  sneak  to  his  office  to  accomplish
         my dad and mom, Pat, began col-                                            something. Wire Rope News
         lecting the telephone books from                                           was his 4th child. Though WRN
         every  state.  They  were  kept  in                                        was  his  passion,  he  continued
         a spare bedroom in my grand-                                               to work  at Metro  Wire  Rope in
         parents’ home. I remember the                                              Union NJ and mostly managed
         stacks and stacks of books went                                            the publication in the evenings
         close to the ceiling, filling nearly                                       and on the weekends. When his
         every inch of the room. From                                               grandchildren  were  born,  twin
         these  books  the  first  mailing                                          boys in 1994, Dad realized that
         list  would  be  created.  My  dad                                         spending time with them was
         and mom spent countless  hours                                             becoming top priority. He retired
         combing through the yellow-pag-                                            from Metro and gave his atten-
         es searching for any listings that                                         tion to Wire Rope News and the
         were relevant to wire rope.                                                grandsons, Joshua and Jacob.
           The  first  issue  of  Wire  Rope                                          Throughout  the years names
         News was distributed in Octo-                                              like  Don  Sayenga,  Barbara Mc-
         ber 1979. It was approximately                                             Grath  (Spencer)  and Dennis
         thirty black & white pages. Mom                                            O’Rourke  became   household
         typed all the mailing address la-                                          names. From the three moves
         bels by hand on a very old type-                                           we  made as the Bluvias Fam-
         writer. It took weeks to complete                                          ily, each one had a basement
         the task as she was doing this                                             office for my father full of paper
         typing in between caring for her                                           notes,  Post-Its everywhere,  and
         home and family – which also in-                                           somewhat-outdated Tandy com-
         cluded my older siblings.     Grandson Josh makes executive decisions for the magazine   puters. My dad made it work.
           In  the  early  days  of  the  pub-  from on top of Ed Bluvias’ office desk of “organized chaos.”  Wire  Rope  News  was  the  first
         lication it was a family affair.                                           trade magazine for the wire rope
         Every-other-month when  Wire  Rope   cause I was the only one in the family   industry and 40 years later it’s still go-
         News  was ready to go out, our small   with the fingernails to get the invis-  ing strong. When Dad passed in Febru-
         home was full of the magazines, wait-  ible tape off.                 ary 2013, Don Tywoniw of 2D Graph-
         ing for our family of five to put on ad-  Eventually Dad purchased a modern   ics, the design and production company
         dress labels, separate  them by state   typewriter for my mom and the typing   for the magazine, jumped right in and
         and drive them by the crateful to the   of the mailing list labels became a bit   kept  it  going.  While  I’m sad  that  the
         Clark, NJ post office – which was still   easier, but it wasn’t until he purchased   company will no longer be in our (the
         the same P.O. box in use up until this   the correct computer and printer that   Bluvias’) family after 40 years, I know
         year – forty years later. The labels had   Mom’s life get much better. Even   my father would be pleased. My hope
         to be put on the back of each magazine   though he purchased the computer, he   is that Wire Rope News continues for
         perfectly or Ed would not be happy. It   didn’t  use it for much. Ed was much   another 40 years! n

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