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                                                                               same time more  modern and  better
                                                                               suited to the digital environment, the
                                                                               refreshed logo reflects the advances the
                                                                               company has made in recent years, as
                                                                               new technology and forward thinking
                                                                               paves the way for a bold strategy that
                                                                               will cement LGH as the lifting experts.
                                                                                 In line with the harmonisation of the
                                                                               group’s marketing,  LGH’s  new  global
                                                                               website showcases a wider perspective
                                                                               of the international projects and exper-
                                                                               tise of the company. The site highlights
                                                                               LGH’s vision and values, as well as il-
                                                                               lustrating the global reach, capability
                                                                               and competence of the company in a
                                                                               wide range of industry sectors.
                                                                                 Established in  1970, LGH  are  ap-
                                                                               proaching half a century of experience
                                                                               in the lifting industry and hold more
                                                                               lifting gear for rental in  more coun-
                                                                               tries than anyone else. As part of their
                                                                               long-term strategy, LGH plans to open
                                                                               a new location every year for the fore-
                                                                               seeable  future,  continuing  expansion
                                                                               throughout its established presence in
                                                                               North  America  and Europe,  dovetail-
                                                                               ing with growth into new territories
                                                                               further afield.
                                                                                 Ian Parkinson,  LGH  Group  Chair-
                                                                               man  said:  “We  have  made  significant
                                                                               changes within our operations in order
                                                                               to position ourselves better to serve
                                                                               both existing customers and drive for-
                                                                               ward into new emerging markets.”
                                                                                 “Backed by a new name and a unified
         continued from previous page       business.  The  new  name  overcomes   identity, LGH is now in great shape
         name, refreshed  logo and global web-  local variations in meaning, espe-  to deliver even better service for more
         site. The new branding unifies LGH’s   cially between Europe and the United   customers in more locations - as al-
         international businesses as it positions   States,  where  the  word  hire  tends  to   ways, putting safety first.”
         itself for future growth.          only be used for people, not equipment.   Significant  investment  means  that
           As part of the global rebranding, Lift-  The change will standardise the LGH   LGH are perfectly placed to take the
         ing  Gear  Hire  has  revealed its corpo-  brand across the group’s 36 locations in   strain, supporting our customers glob-
         rate name change to LGH, adding  a   six countries.                   ally with the safest and most reliable
         dynamic, international aspect to the   Designed to be familiar, while at the   lifting and rigging equipment.
                                                                                 For  more information  about LGH
                                                                               please contact

                                                                               LEEA Takes Military Action
                                                                                 The  Lifting  Equipment Engineers
                                                                               Association (LEEA) has launched a 75–
                                                                               75 military transition scheme as part
                                                                               of its 75th anniversary celebrations.
                                                                                 In honor of this special anniversary,
                                                                               the 75–75  scheme will offer military
                                                                               leavers, veterans and reservists the
                                                                               chance  to train and receive a work
                                                                               placement in our sector.
                                                                                 Working with the Careers Transi-
                                                                               tion  Partnership,  who  will  find  75
                                                                               recruits from the military, LEEA
                                                                               will  provide  FREE  training  –  either
                                                                               on  current  courses  or on  standalone
                                                                               courses for military personnel. LEEA
                                                                               members will also be offering 75 work
         Lifting Gear Hire reveals new branding as part of ambitious global expansion  placements. Because of the nature of

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