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         in 30 countries deployed  with Vortex
           For more information visit CM Labs

         Marr Contracting Awarded
         Specialist Heavy Lifting
         Contract on World’s Longest
         Span Suspension Bridge
           Australian-based heavy lifting tower
         crane specialists, Marr Contracting Pty
         Ltd (The Men From Marr’s), have been
         awarded the contract to deliver special-
         ized heavy lifting crane services on the
         construction  of  the 1915  Çanakkale
         Bridge and Motorway Project in Turkey.
           Joint venture project leaders, DLSY
         Joint Venture awarded  the contract
         to The Men From Marr’s after a com-
         petitive tender that saw some of the   Marr Contracting is a heavy lifting tower crane specialist.
         world’s  leading  craneage  companies
         submit proposals to be part of the high-  the Administration, General Director-  torway Project  - a 88-km segment of
         profile project.                   ate of Highways, Ministry of Transpor-  motorway planned between Kınalı and
           DLSY Joint Venture partners; Daelim   tation and Infrastructure of Turkey.   Savaştepe that will link several motor-
         (Korea), Limak (Turkey), SK E&C (Ko-  The  1915  Çanakkale Bridge which   ways arriving from Thrace and Anato-
         rea), and Yapi Merkezi (Turkey) – won   spans  the  Çanakkale  Strait  in  lia at the Canakkale Strait. The bridge
         the contract in January 2017 to design,   Çanakkale Province, joins the towns of   is named in honor and remembrance of
         construct and operate the EUR 3 billion   Gallipoli on the European side of Tur-  the World War One that took place be-
         project for a 16-year period, after which   key to Lapseki on the Asian side and   tween Turkish and Allied forces.
         time ownership will be transferred to   is part of the Malkara-Çanakkale Mo-  The ambitious Project will play a piv-

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