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                        By William Fischer

         April is here, Spring is on the horizon,
         and  the  warmer  weather  creeps  back
         into our lives. As the warmer weather
         moves in, we can look forward  to
         those  outdoor  projects.  As always,  it
         is our  pleasure  to  present  the  latest
         innovations that will propel increased
         activity in the industry.  Here’s hoping
         that all of our readers enjoy a great and
         prosperous Spring and Summer.

         Apparatus and method of preparing wire rope
         Pat. 10,173,276 U.S. class. B25B 1/20  Int. class. B25B 11/00
         Inventor: Dan Sherwood,  Cleveland, OH., Matt Mazzella,
         Strongsville, OH.
         Assignee: Mazzella Lifting Technologies, Inc., Cleveland, OH.
           This patent provides an apparatus for preparing wire rope
         having a stand; a first cross-member; a second cross-mem-
         ber; a first clamp arm; a second clamp arm; a first clamp; a
         second clamp; an adjustment wheel; an adjustment screw;
         and an adjustment gear; wherein the second cross-member
         is at least partially contained within the first cross-member;
         wherein the first clamp is disposed at the distal end of the
         first clamp arm, the second clamp is disposed at the distal
         end of the second clamp arm, and wherein the first and sec-
         ond clamp arm are spaced from each other; and wherein the   Figure 2: Frontal, cross-sectional view, of the device showing internal
                                                              features and structures.
         distance between the first and second clamp arm is adjust-
         able. Also provided is a method of use for the same.  (the attachment of the second arm 16 is discussed in more
           With  reference  to  figure  1,  an  apparatus  for  use  in  cut-  detail with regards to figure 2. The first clamp arm 14 has
         ting  wire  rope  and  installing  wire  rope  fittings  is  shown.   a first clamp 18 disposed at the distal end, and the second
         The apparatus is, in its most basic terminology, a portable   clamp arm has a second clamp 20 disposed at the distal end.
         wire rope clamp stand with an expanding length. The clamp   Each of the first and second clamps 18, 20, consist of a bot-
         stand includes a base 10, an external cross-member 12, a   tom portion, or base, 22 which can be removably attached
         first clamp arm 14 fixed to the external cross-member 12,   to the distal end of the respective clamp arms 14, 16. The
         and a second clamp arm 16, separate from the first arm 14,   base 22 includes at least one alignment pin 24, and at least
         the second arm 16 not fixed to the external cross-member 12   one clamp fastener 26. The first and second clamps 18, 20,
                                                              also include a top portion, or cover 28 which can have holes
                                                              that correspond to the alignment pins 24 to assist in proper
                                                              placement of the cover 28 on the first or second clamps 18,
                                                              20. When aligned and placed on the base 22 portion of the
                                                              clamps 18, 20, the clamp fastener 28 is engaged to secure
                                                              the cover 28 in place. The base 22 and cover 28 each include
                                                              a recessed area extending the full width of the clamp that
                                                              further defines a channel, or central bore 30 which can re-
                                                              ceive the wire rope. The clamp stand further includes an ad-
                                                              justment wheel 32 which can be used to expand the distance
                                                              between the first arm 14 and the second arm 16.
                                                               With  reference  to  figure  2,  a  cross-sectional  view  of  the
                                                              device is shown from a frontal position. Enclosed within the
                                                              external  cross-member  12  is  an  internal  cross  member  34.
         Figure 1: Perspective view of apparatus and method of preparation   Contained therein is a standard adjustment screw  36 and
         of wire rope.                                        gear 38 that allows the internal cross-member 34 to travel
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