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             Harrington Hoists, Inc.                 There is no questioning the superior quality of Harrington’s RY Series
                                                     ultra-low headroom wire rope trolley hoists. Designed specifi cally for
             Defi ning Power and Reliability          safety, reliability and performance, these H4 rated hoists are loaded with
                                                     revolutionary features for high demand applications and come standard
                                                     with dual speed VFD controls on both hoist and trolley for ultimate lifting
                                                     and lowering accuracy. A no load high speed function allows for hoist
                                                     operation at 1.5 times the rated speed with a load less than 25% of rated
                                                     capacity to increase productivity. RY ultra-low headroom rope trolley hoists
                                                     will deliver quality beyond expectations for any heavy duty lifting demand.

                                                     • VFD dual speed control for hoist and trolley - Standard
                                                     • No load high speed function - Standard
                                                     • Premium wire rope (IWRC coated core) - Standard
                                                     • Externally adjustable upper/lower limit switches - Standard
                                                     •   High performance Pull-Rotor motor brake with 5 Year Warranty - Standard
                                                     • Full 360° rope guide - Standard
                                                     • Standard confi gurations are certifi ed and listed to UL 1340 - Standard

                             Toll Free: 800-233-3010      Phone: 717-665-2000

         customers. It became apparent how we   rental  agreement. The  150-ton capac-  explained,  the  fleet  will  expand  and
         know many of the same people and how   ity extreme low profile XLP150, mean-  evolve in line with market demand. He
         much overlap there is in our client base   while,  features a 1.25-inch (32mm)   said: “To begin, we will work  closely
         and industry connections. Further, we   profile, and is suitable for applications   with Hydra-Slide to establish the ins
         operate our companies with the same   where  overhead space or clearance   and outs of their products. Once  we
         mandate of  excellent customer  service   is limited, such as inside buildings or   gain  enough  confidence  in  each  other
         and each have a reputation for honesty   within live power stations. It is the   we hope to work with the product in-
         and integrity in the market.”      most compact system designed by Hy-  dependently. Training  will  remain a
           Equipment Corps has invested in a   dra-Slide and is rated for 250 ton push   100% joint effort.”
         XLP150 system as a direct result of the   and 150 ton pull function.  As Habza   Smith concluded: “Equipment Corps
                                                                               has  positioned  itself  as  a  supplier  of
                                                                               some of the top brands in the heavy
                                                                               lift and moving industry. They’re tak-
                                                                               ing the time to learn our product line
                                                                               and how it fits into the broader picture
                                                                               of a project. Only by understanding all
                                                                               these aspects can a partner truly pro-
                                                                               mote the products confidently and suc-
                                                                               cessfully. We look forward to a long and
                                                                               fruitful relationship.”
                                                                                 Visit their website at www.hydra-
                                                                               Lifting Gear Hire Reveals
                                                                               New Branding as Part
                                                                               of Ambitious Global
                                                                                 Established lifting  equipment rent-
                                                                               al specialists, Lifting Gear Hire, an-
                                                                               nounces the launch of its new corporate
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