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         at last November’s LiftEx trade show   renowned range, which brought a new   ing a compact, storable unit; a storage
         in Milton Keynes, to the UK market.  level of portability and ease of assembly   container keeps it safe during shipping
           The  gantries  will  bolster Speedy’s   to the gantry crane market when it was   and transportation to and from site.
         existing  Reid  fleet,  having  placed  an   introduced back in 2011. We have been   Tom Patterson,  Supply Chain  Man-
         equally significant order for 75 units at   finalizing the design of the new version   ager at Speedy, said: “We’ve experi-
         the turn of the year. That order com-  over a long period of time prior to its   enced the benefits of other products in
         prised 40 Tall Porta-Gantry cranes, 30   much-anticipated LiftEx launch, where   the  Reid range  of  lightweight  gantry
         Intermediate Porta-Gantry systems   it was well received by the marketplace.   cranes and, as we continue to invest in
         (all 2,000kg capacity), and five 5,000kg   Full production began in January 2019.”  the volume of innovative assets in this
         Tall Porta-Gantry products. The new   Underhill explained that the Rapide   category, we’re pleased to offer our cus-
         Porta-Gantry Rapide, meanwhile, is a   is both goods and personnel rated (test-  tomers the option of the new  1,000kg
         higher  capacity version  of the manu-  ed for up to three people as a fall arrest   capacity Porta-Gantry  Rapide. The
         facturer’s  popular, 500kg capacity   system), further enhancing its versatil-  product boasts a number of features
         units of the same name. Each gantry   ity. He added: “Due to its portability   that will appeal to our customers and
         offers three height and length options,   and ease of assembly, it is often used as   their varied applications.”
         meaning nine variations are available   a safer alternative to a tripod for con-  Underhill  concluded:  “Reid  has
         at each capacity; Speedy will take de-  fined space work, but it has been used   worked closely with the hire industry
         livery of a variety of sizes.      in applications as varied as art galler-  for many years; the sector is often will-
      Looking for a product or service                                         ing to embrace new product where there
                                            ies, water treatment works, and solar
           David  Underhill,  Business  Devel-
         opment Manager at Reid, said: “The
                                            panel installation on floating pontoons
      related to wire rope and slings?                                         is a clear value-add on existing solu-
                                                                               tions. This investment further serves to
         1,000kg Rapide expands on an already
                                            on a lake in Cumbria.”
                                              The Rapide  is perfectly suited to   illustrate Reid and Speedy’s successful
                                            the rigours of the hire market and the   partnership. Speedy’s willingness to in-
                                            original version has proved its durabil-  vest in these new products shows that
                                            ity in a myriad of applications for the   it is determined to provide the best pos-
                                            best part of a decade. Additionally, the   sible products for customers. We know
                                            ability to rent a gantry on a short-term   our equipment is among the top movers
                                            basis for such a variety  of tasks cre-  in the Speedy fleet and the 1,000kg ca-
                                            ates great utilization. As Underhill re-  pacity Porta-Gantry Rapide range will
                                            iterated, one person can assemble the   see that trend continue.”
                                            product in  less  than 60 seconds.  The   For more information about Speedy:
                                            frames easily fold onto the beam, form-  n
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