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         continued from previous page       consumed the Canada-based stock of   selves as a truly global brand  and to
         self-weight of the beam throughout the   the  Chepstow,  Wales  manufacturer,   achieve that we need to add to the Eu-
         lift, with the means to adjust the ten-  but Reid has sharpened its focus on   ropean and other markets where we
         sion by way of a chain block. The cus-  the key marketplace and shipped its   already  have  a  strong  presence.  The
         tomer monitored the tension through-  second container of new equipment   Americas are a prime target for us as
         out the lift to ensure that it did not go   to  the  strategic  partner.  The  latest   we enter Q2 2019 and Canada is a re-
         outside  specified  parameters.  We  at-  shipment included the popular Porta-  gion that has already demonstrated its
         tended the lift on an advisory basis to   Gantry and, notably, four 1,000kg   potential. Equipment Corps has a prov-
         make sure everything went smoothly.   capacity Porta-Gantry Rapide units,   en ability to move equipment in key sec-
         We have not undertaken this type  of   in addition to lifting accessories. In   tors; through new stock and enhanced
         rig before, and now we will be able to   totality, the 40-ft. container included   after-sales support, we can take our
         market our MOD250s and 400s at lon-  equipment ranging  from 500kg to   partnership to another level.”
         ger spans with a central support.”  5,000kg in capacity.                Orzel pointed to millwrighting, civil
           Shaun  Sullivan,  of  FLG  Services,   Equipment Corps has two facilities—  construction, and mining as hotbeds of
         said: “Working collaboratively on this   the other is in St. John’s, Newfound-  activity that will drive increased uti-
         project was vital; by combining our   land, Canada—and  35 employees. It   lization of lightweight gantry cranes.
         expertise with  Modulift  we  were  able   specializes in the provision of indus-  However, he said: “We are finding ap-
         to deliver a solution to Osprey that al-  trial and construction tools, in addition   plications in all  sectors and demand
         lowed us to lift to a length outside the   to fabrication equipment. A broad port-  will continue to grow, supported by
         specified capabilities of the beam.”  folio already included  Reid gantries,   our revamped inventory and market-
           Skidmore concluded: “I was very im-  having  stepped  in  to  take  the  fleet  of   ing endeavors. Where competition for
         pressed  with  the  support provided by   a previous partner that chose to leave   similar solutions does exist [in Cana-
         Modulift and FLG Services. They know   the market.                    da] it is not represented by the extent
         the industry and get what we do. The   Mike Orzel, Vice President at Equip-  of our range or the product expertise
         positive,  ‘can-do’  attitude  will  always   ment Corps, said: “We specialize in ma-  boasted by the Equipment Corps and
         go a long way with me.”            terial  handling,  supplying very  large   Reid partnership.”
                                            hoists  and winches,  so  this  product   Orzel added: “Our staff has the abili-
         Reid Lifting Partners with         range fits perfectly with our equipment   ty to fulfill all project requirements. We
         Equipment Corps in Canada          blend. We were formerly a customer of   service many markets, from oil and gas
           The  UK’s  Reid Lifting,  a manufac-  another Reid dealer and have spent the   to steel, and are renowned for offering
         turer of lightweight gantry and davit   last five years leveraging the inherent   the best equipment, suited to the job in
         cranes, has redoubled efforts to target   advantages of the equipment as a tem-  hand, supported by unrivalled custom-
         the  Canadian market  through  Equip-  porary field tool.”            er care. Enhanced Reid representation
         ment Corps, of Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Simon  Luke,  Managing  Director  at   aligns well with our mantra.”
           Equipment Corps had previously   Reid, said: “We want to establish our-  Reid was recently purchased by Pure
                                                                               Lifting, a holding company formed to
                                                                               create a global business of innovative
                                                                               and portable equipment.
                                                                                 For more information about Reid
                                                                               Lifting go to

                                                                               LEEA Celebrates 75th
                                                                               Anniversary with Forward
                                                                                 The  Lifting  Equipment  Engineers
                                                                               Association (LEEA) is celebrating its
                                                                               75  years  since  its  first  meeting,  held
                                                                               on June 3, 1944, when nine people rep-
                                                                               resenting eight chain testing houses
                                                                               met at the Great Eastern Hotel, near
                                                                               Liverpool Street Station in London.
                                                                               It  was  at  this  meeting  that  the  idea
                                                                               to form an association to take on the
                                                                               might of government  was conceived.
                                                                               The  name  they  chose  was  ‘The  Lon-
                                                                               don Chain Testers Association’, which
                                                                               would  eventually  go  on  change  its
                                                                               name to the Lifting Equipment Engi-
                                                                               neers Association in 1988.
                                                                                 More than just celebrating the asso-
                                                                               ciation’s proud history, LEEA sees this
                                                                               75-year milestone as an opportunity to
                                                                               look forward with confidence other the
                                                                               next 75 years.
         Pictured (left to right): Equipment Corps’ Mike Tobola, account manager; Mike Orzel, vice pres-  For  further  information  go to www.
         ident; Luke Habza, account manager; Dave Kisel, account manager; and Tim Bedard, owner. n

         56     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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