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         News continued from previous page  approx. 10 onshore bases and storage   and operated.
                                            facilities.  We have to ensure  our  op-  Hydra-Slide™ skidding systems are
         Seafood Firm Expands               erations  conform  with  LOLER [Lift-  a cost-effective, simple and safe meth-
         Straightpoint Load Cell Fleet      ing Operations and Lifting Equipment   od for moving heavy loads horizontally.
           Grieg Seafood Shetland Ltd. has   Regulations 1998]. The aquaculture in-  They are built to last, engineered  for
         added to  its  Straightpoint (SP)  load   dustry is required to conduct lift plans   field conditions, and designed with the
         cell fleet with a 12t capacity Radiolink   and measure loads in relation to nets,   rigger in mind.
         plus,  which  is  being used to measure   anchors, fish feed, boats, pipes, and gas   The  product  range,  which  features
         the weight of salmon nets at a ware-  quads to name just a handful of loads   heavy track and low profile systems in
         house on the Shetland Islands, Scot-  we commonly encounter.”         addition to turntables, hydraulic power
         land prior to dispatch.              Beyond a 20-plus fleet of cranes Grieg   packs and rigging equipment completes
           Grieg  already utilizes  SP  load  cells   (UK) operates capstan winches,  fork-  Equipment Corps’ portfolio of solutions
         and wireless handheld readers in var-  lifts, telehandlers, and pallet stackers.   that lift, pull, move and now slide all
         ied lifting applications across its  sea   A veteran of the industry, and commer-  types of heavy loads for applications in
         farm sites, hatcheries and process   cial diver, Davies delivers a variety of   Canada’s crane, power generation, con-
         plants, at the aforementioned site at   courses including those on banksmen,   struction and transport industries.
         the Greenhead base, in addition to Skye   life jackets, and fall arrest equipment.   Luke Habza, technical sales and busi-
         (also Scotland), Norway, and Canada.   He would like to see load cells become   ness development at Equipment Corps,
         The  most recently  acquired  load cell   ubiquitous in the aquaculture and all   said: “The partnership effectively gives
                                            marine marketplaces, including with   the Canadian market access to skid-
                                            telehandler and forklift operations.  ding systems. Associating ourselves
                                              The Radiolink plus is SP’s best-sell-
                                                                               with the best brands has always been
                                            ing product, designed to be rigged with   our goal; we pioneer by finding gaps in
                                            Crosby standard shackles. The wireless   both our product offering and the over-
                                            tension  load cell  is  capable of  weigh-  all  industry.  Hydra-Slide products  al-
                                            ing  and dynamic  load monitoring  in   low us to achieve both of these things.”
                                            capacities from 1t to 500t, from stock.
                                                                                 Janine Smith, Vice President at Hy-
                                            It is available in a long range, 2.4GHz   dra-Slide, said: “We understand the val-
                                            version,  providing  700m or  2,300 ft.   ue of having a rental partner to support
                                            range to the manufacturer’s SW-HHP   a client’s needs that, for any number of
                                            handheld or wireless software; or in   reasons, may not be looking to purchase
                                            Bluetooth that can be connected to any   equipment. Luke and I started com-
                                            smart phone running  SP’s free HHP   municating a few months ago when a
                                            app on iOS or Android, at ranges up to   custom application arose for one of their
         SP’s wireless handheld reader allows Grieg   100m or 328ft. Zone 0, 1 and 2 ATEX
         employees  to take measurements at a safe   and IECEx versions are available.
         distance.                            Davies said: “The Radiolink has add-
                                            ed  safety  and  efficiency  to  our  opera-
         will principally work beneath the hook   tions.  The  handheld  device  means  we
         of a mounted hydraulic operated crane   can take accurate, real-time readings
         (MHOC) on a fixed pedestal—a 10t ca-  at a safe distance and document them
         pacity PK 23500.                   for  whatever  our  requirements  are  at
           However, another crane, a PK 42502,   that time. It might be that we need to
         is fitted to a Scania R500 Class 1 lorry   cross-check with a lift plan the weight
         that also picks up from the facility, while   of a salmon cage grid buoy anchored to
         any of the company’s fleet of workboats   the seabed—vital information given our
         can dock alongside the net store and   cranes’ varied capacities depending on
         crew attach the load cell to deck cranes   the radius at which they have to work.”
         if they don’t already have one onboard.   For more information go to their web-
         The vessel Commander, for example, is   site at
         fitted with a PK 50002 and always car-
         ries an SP load cell in its inventory.  Equipment Corps Now
           Mark Davies, Health and Safety   Offering Hydra-Slide Range
         Trainer at Grieg, said: “The net store   for Rental in Canada
         is a large warehouse on an industrial
         base,  where  our  nets  are  checked,  re-  Equipment  Corps,  of Stoney  Creek,
         paired, stored and weighed before dis-  Ontario is offering Hydra-Slide’s range of
         patch. This weight is marked on a la-  hydraulic skidding equipment for rental
         bel, so our truck driver and boat crew   across Canada with immediate effect.
         are aware of the weight they will  be   Equipment Corps has two facilities—
         lifting and handling. We weigh full   the other is in St. John’s, Newfound-
         nets [at Greenhead] but also measure   land—and 35 employees. It specializes
         them in bites or sections when chang-  in the provision of industrial and con-
         ing or removing them at sea.”      struction  tools,  in  addition to fabrica-
           He added: “We only use SP load cells,   tion equipment. Both companies are   The XLP150 system  being used during  a
         currently employed on 12 sea-sites and   proudly Canadian, and family owned   transformer change-out.

         56     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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