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         continued from previous page       selection  of other  products that allow   to take  toolbox training  direct  to  the
           Also on board is a 15t capacity ver-  end users to gain hands-on experience   shop floor. The truck doesn’t require or
         tical test bed, used to show the differ-  with the product range, complete the   replace the need for classroom-based
         ences  in deformation characteristics   offering carried by the trailer.  content; we still have our general and
         of fully-certified Crosby hooks and al-  Ashley Hall, area sales manager at   heavy lift rigging seminars, which are
         ternatives. Compression cells that can   Crosby Europe, who uses the trailer   best presented in a more formal envi-
         calculate the centre of gravity of loads;   to deliver  training,  said: “Crosby has   ronment.  The trailer is designed for
         two work-benches setup for Crosby IP   always promoted  training to ensure   quick toolbox-style visits.”
         vertical lifting clamp training;  and a   we  rig  safe  and the  trailer  allows  us   The trailer, which  is strategically
                                                                               located in  the  UK’s  Midlands,  can  be
                                                                               driven, setup and utilized by one per-
                                                                               son, and conveniently doubles up as an
                                                                               exhibition  stand.  Hall  explained that
                                                                               three sides can be opened up to create a
                                                                               presentation platform, as Speedy Expo,
                                                                               LiftEx and Aquaculture UK attendees
                                                                               will see over the coming months.
                                                                                 The vehicle is specifically designed for
                                                                               the lifting and rigging marketplace but
                                                                               it can be adapted to support other sec-
                                                                               tors, such as fishing, which will be fo-
                                                                               cal point of the aforementioned aquatic
                                                                               show and another visit already in the
                                                                               diary in Ireland next month (October).
                                                                                 Hall added:  “Introducing the trailer
                                                                               to our distributors has been the main
                                                                               focus of the visits so far, but the ulti-
                                                                               mate goal  is  to  deliver  the  concept to
                                                                               end users, as well as participating  in
                                                                               industry  road shows  and open days.
                                                                               Initial feedback has been good  and
                                                                               we’re  hopeful  that the
         The Rig Safe Rig Smart European Trailer has been on the road this week.
         56     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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