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         continued from previous page       hydraulic solutions.               traded foreign imports had a disastrous
         is dropped.”                         “Today’s announcement is continued   impact on the steel industry, creating a
           The symposium generally will deliv-  support of our company-wide goal of geo-  real threat to our national and economic
         er practical information and experienc-  graphic and end market diversification,”   security. The president’s bold trade ac-
         es from crane maintenance personnel,   said Harold King, President of Bishop   tions have now helped the industry gain
         crane manufacturers, equipment man-  Lifting.  He continued, “Woods Logging   some momentum, and today’s CIT deci-
         ufacturers and engineering consultants   has a long history of professional sales   sion builds on that momentum.
         who  strive  to make  EOT  cranes  and   and service within the  area,  making   “We have consistently maintained
         their runways the safest, most reliable,   them a great addition to our team.”  that Congress acted within its consti-
         durable machinery and equipment      Mick White, President of Woods Log-  tutional  authority  when  it  authorized
         in the industry. The program, which   ging, states, “We’re excited to join the   the president to take action to adjust
         may qualify for up to 14 Professional   Bishop Lifting and SBP Holdings fam-  imports,  when  the  Secretary  of  Com-
         Development Hour (PDH) credits, will   ily of companies and its large national   merce has determined that  such im-
         include other presentations focused on   footprint of companies focused on rig-  ports threaten to impair the national
         safe work practices.               ging, rubber and fluid power products.”   security. We are pleased that the CIT
           Mike  Astemborski,  Executive Sales   This growth will allow Bishop Lifting   has agreed,” Gibson said.
         Manager  at Pintsch  Bubenzer  USA,   to continue to expand its national foot-  AISI, in  conjunction  with  the Steel
         will also be in attendance. He said:   print  to  the  Pacific  Northwest.  From   Manufacturers  Association  (SMA),  in
         “Why would anyone be comfortable   on-site  inspections  to rigging  services   September submitted an amicus  brief
         about making a critical lift, where a   and  wire  rope  delivery  to  marine  ter-  in the lawsuit.
         crane is moving an expensive and / or   minals,  Woods Logging provides high   Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         dangerous load, without an additional   performance wire  rope for cranes,  as   Steel Institute,
         emergency, failsafe brake? A new ladle   well as, wire rope and chain slings for
         crane might represent a $7  million   the Logging, Maritime and Construc-  Speedy Takes Delivery
         investment for a steel mill and we’re   tion industries.              of New Reid Lightweight
         talking about a potentially lifesaving   More information can be obtained at  Gantry Cranes
         addition at a tiny fraction of that cost.”            Speedy Hire  has  placed an  order
           In  the  meantime, Pintsch  Buben-                                  for 20 lightweight gantry cranes from
         zer will have a 20 ft. by 20 ft. booth at   January Steel Shipments up   Reid Lifting’s  new  1,000kg capacity
         this year’s AISTech, which takes place   5.8 Percent From January     Porta-Gantry Rapide range.  Delivery
         at the David L. Lawrence Convention   2018                            is scheduled to take place during Feb-
         Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on                                 ruary and March 2019.
         May 6-8 (the broader conference lasts a   The  American  Iron  and Steel  Insti-  Speedy, which  has a specialist lift-
         day longer). Booth 731 will showcase a   tute (AISI) reported that for the month   ing  division  that offers  an abundance
         number of products, including a range   of January 2019, U.S.  steel mills   of equipment for  material handling
         of emergency brakes.               shipped 8,079,757 net tons, a 3.5 per-  and other applications, will be the first
                                            cent increase  from the 7,804,093 net
         Bishop Lifting Has                 tons shipped in  the previous  month,   company to offer the product, launched
         Completed the Acquisition          December 2018, and a 5.8 percent in-
         of Woods Logging and               crease from the 7,636,321  net tons
         Industrial Supply                  shipped in January 2018.
           Bishop Lifting Products  complet-  A comparison of January shipments
         ed the acquisition of Woods Logging   to the previous  month of December
         and Industrial Supply based out of   shows the following changes: cold rolled
         Longview, Washington.  Since  1978,   sheet, up 7 percent, hot dipped galva-
         Woods Logging has specialized in ser-  nized sheet and strip, up 5 percent, and
         vicing  the  logging,  marine  and con-  hot rolled sheets, up 3 percent.
         struction industries with spooling ser-  Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         vices, rigging products, wire rope and   Steel Institute,
                                            AISI Lauds CIT Ruling
                                            Upholding Section 232
                                              Thomas J. Gibson,  president and
                                            CEO, American Iron and Steel Insti-
                                            tute (AISI), issued the following state-
                                            ment in  response  to the  Court of  In-
                                            ternational Trade’s (CIT)  decision to
                                            uphold the legality of the Section 232
                                            trade remedy in response to a lawsuit
                                            brought by foreign steel importers:
                                              “The CIT rightly affirmed our strong
                                            belief that the constitutional challenge
                                            to  the  Section  232  statute  was  and  is
                                            without merit. This lawsuit was theatre   Reid Lifting’s new 1,000kg  capacity Porta-
         Bishop Lifting acquires Woods Logging and   by the importers, designed to divert   Gantry Rapide was showcased at last year’s
         Industrial Supply                  from the real issue which is that unfairly   LiftEx show.

         56     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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