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                                        Tapering and Annealing Machines
                                        • 3 models for maximum wire rope diameter 26, 36, and 44mm.
                                        • Easy Operation! Tension the wire rope and step on the foot pedal to
                                         watch the annealing process begin. As the rope heats, slowly turn
                                         the large hand wheel to twist and taper the rope until cut in half.
                                        • Allows annealing and tapering different sizes of wire rope by
                                         adjusting the distance between the machine chucks.

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           Wirop_WRE_JulyAugust2019_H.indd   1                                                        7/22/19   1:16 PM
         chor a solar system on the Langthwaite   from Reid, which was onsite for three   can support approximately 250kg per
         Reservoir in Lancashire, UK recently.  weeks at varying intervals during the   square meter in a single layer. In this
           The floating array features approxi-  eight-week project.           case, the pontoon was double-stacked
         mately 3,700 pontoon modules and     Northern Pontoon sourced the gantry,   for added stability before the gantry
         3,520 solar panels. The 7,200 square-  chain block, and other equipment from   was assembled on top and secured in
         meter system will provide a megawatt   Gap Hire Solutions’ Lancaster Plant &   place  with  ratchets.  Morris  reported
         of power, equivalent to the needs of   Tools depot. It is a collaboration lesser   that stability even under load was se-
         200  homes.  Integral  to  successful  in-  known for its solar-related work, given   cure; the pontoon also carried person-
         stallation was a Porta-Gantry crane   local weather in England’s northwest-  nel,  equipment,  safety  fencing,  and
                                            ern corner. However, recent advance-  other equipment.
                                            ments in solar technology mean such   The application is another example
            In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’   systems  can  generate  power  when  ex-  of  the  versatility of  the  Reid light-
            celebrated its 50th Anniversary. By the time of this   posed to daylight, not necessarily the   weight  gantry and davit crane range.
            occasion, the company had designed and built the   warm  sunshine  their  use  might  previ-  The Porta-Gantry itself is renowned for
            world’s record holding wire ropeways: Longest and
            highest elevation (Argentina); Length of system over   ously have been associated with.  its light weight, portability, ease of as-
            water (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest   Lisa Morris, Sales Manager at North-  sembly, and safety. It offers a range of
            capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway); and,   ern Pontoon, said: “The gantry enabled   configurations, lift-ratings, and person-
            Southernmost (Chile).
                                            us to drop the anchor  blocks  for the   nel lifting options, including a 5,000kg
            Written by the great-great grandson of the   sea flex anchoring system. We used it   WLL version.
            company’s founder, this book includes over 100   to pull the ropes from the anchor block   Based in the South of Cumbria,
            pictures and detailed engineering drawings that
                            explore the legendary   to a set tension to the attached floating   Northern  Pontoon offers the hire and
                            company’s history,   array. This allows for the rise and fall   sale  of  modular  floating  pontoon  sys-
                            and several of its
                            record-holding   of the structure. We found the solution   tems throughout the UK, Europe, and
                            systems.        online and, upon consultation with our   further afield.
                                            contacts at Gap, the equipment was de-  Chepstow,  Wales-based Reid  was
                               Available at
                      for   livered to the site. We regularly source   recently  purchased  by Pure  Lifting,  a
                            your Kindle or in paperback.
                                            product  from  them and,  once  again,   holding  company formed to create a
                                Available at
                        they facilitated a successful  material   global business of innovative and por-
                                in paperback.
                                            handling  solution;  we  would  certainly   table equipment.
                               ‘Like’ it on Facebook   consider implementing it again.”  For more information about Reid
                               for relevant
                            information and news.  Morris explained that the grey   Lifting go to
                                            ‘cubes’ in the photo are pontoons that            More News on next page
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