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          How It Works –

          As the resin hardens and cures, shrinkage occurs that creates a
          frictional bond to the wires. Silica is blended into the resin mixture
          to add frictional grip properties. The silica also serves to absorb heat
          caused by the chemical reaction that results when hardening agent is
          added to the resin.
          As load is applied to the rope, the resin cone is pulled downward in
          the bowl of the socket. As this is happening, the cone shape forces
          compression of the hardened resin cone against the individual wires
          and the socket walls. This compression then generates a tremendous
          frictional grip between the wires and resin resulting in a strength that
          exceeds the breaking strength of the rope.

          •  Newly formulated after extensive testing for better wire rope grip.
          •  Packaged in environmentally protected pouches and rust-free plastic pails to ensure
            product freshness.
          •  Disposable pouring funnel included in each kit eliminates spills.
          •  Bright green resin and white hardener makes mixing easy to verify.            a product of
          •  Packaged in CCs and individually sized kits to minimize waste and aid in easy mixing.
          •  Non-dusting, safe-to-use formula contains no dry powders that become airborne
            health hazards.

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         continued from page 53             place June 2-4, 2019 at the Hilton Seel-  mechanical, safety, service and design
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         in which the operator has been trained   the event. He will address plant main-  responding event in 2015.
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         borer’s productivity and whether he or                                machines.  Symposium attendees will
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         and his or her role in the overall proj-                              cially in environments where critical
         ect,” says Dickinson.
                                                                               lifts are commonplace.
           For more information about Crane                                      Cox said: “The AIST community gath-
         Industry Services visit their website at
                                                                               ers key decision makers in our larg-                                             est growth market. Our safety-centric
         Pintsch Bubenzer USA                                                  products  are  well  suited  to  the  evolv-
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         to Present at AIST Crane                                              recently retrofitted cranes at a number
         Symposium                                                             of locations and we’ve since seen others
           Pintsch Bubenzer USA, a manufac-                                    follow their lead. Practically, the paper
         turer  of high  performance disc  and                                 will look at brake sizing methodology,
         drum brakes for steel cranes and other                                obstacles, install, testing, and other
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         vited to deliver a presentation  at the   This Pintsch Bubenzer emergency brake acts   plore potential accidents, say, when a
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         Association for Iron & Steel Technology   any chance of drivetrain failure causing  a   gear shaft should fracture and a load
         (AIST) Crane Symposium, which takes   dropped load on a critical lift.                continued on next page
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