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                                        Tapering and Annealing Machines
                                        • 3 models for maximum wire rope diameter 26, 36, and 44mm.
                                        • Easy Operation! Tension the wire rope and step on the foot pedal to
                                         watch the annealing process begin. As the rope heats, slowly turn
                                         the large hand wheel to twist and taper the rope until cut in half.
                                        • Allows annealing and tapering different sizes of wire rope by
                                         adjusting the distance between the machine chucks.

             New Orleans, LA • 504-702-1917 •

           Wirop_WRE_JulyAugust2019_H.indd   1                                                        7/22/19   1:16 PM
         in tandem operation without any side-  have been using Tele Radio products  Crosby Mobilizes UK Safety
         ways movement of the hook—to ensure   since September 2009 and continue to do   on Tour Trailer
         a small space between the load hooks   so based on quality, robustness, security   UK-based end users of Crosby equip-
         and to keep the approach dimension on   and availability of spare parts.”  ment can request visits from a newly
         both sides of the crane bridge to a mini-  Leclerc  reiterated that the Panther   launched trailer that will also form the
         mum—chain hoists were selected.    system  could  be  adapted to  virtually   company’s exhibit at this year’s LiftEx,
           In total, 35 new chain hoists with a lift-  any standard EOT crane application.   which takes place at the Marshall Are-
         ing capacity between 2,000 and 5,000kg   The system is extremely versatile, ac-  na, Milton Keynes on 13-14 November.
         were installed. The spans of the bridge   commodating up to 95% of all common   The Crosby Group, the global leader
         cranes are up to 66 ft. (20.12m). The   crane and hoist applications (single   in lifting, rigging, and material han-
         lifting height of the individual hoists is   and dual hoist cranes, tandem cranes,   dling hardware, is welcoming requests
         between 19.7 ft. (6m) and 26.2 ft. (8m).   with  up  to four  cranes  with  a single   for visits at as the Rig
         All cranes are fitted with 12-button Tele   transmitter). For more difficult control   Safe Rig Smart European Trailer
         Radio remote controls.             solutions,  Tele Radio offers  the SIL3   makes  its  way  around  the  UK.  It  has
           Alain  Leclerc,  president  at  Group  In-  PLe-certified  Tiger  product  line,  en-  already stopped to deliver toolbox train-
         dustriel Premium, said: “The Tele Radio   abling  endless  custom  configurations   ing in Hull, Liverpool, Doncaster, Car-
         systems allow us to build overhead cranes   meeting the  most  complex industrial   diff and Portsmouth, while locations in
         with multiple hoists and no festooning,   remote control demands.     Southampton, Aberdeen and Ireland
         which is an attractive cost reduction and   For more about Tele Radio and Pan-  are among upcoming destinations.
         enhances the appearance and quality of   ther  Remote Controllers,  go to www.  The  unique,  purpose-built  vehicle
         the product we deliver to customers. We  is the first of its kind in the UK but is
                                                                               based on the popularity of a pair of Ford
                                                                               Ranger trucks that have been converted
                                                                               for a similar purpose in the USA. It is
                                                                               equipped with a fleet of lifting and rig-
                                                                               ging products, including a 500kg ca-
                                                                               pacity  electric  crane,  which  allows  the
                                                                               trainer to demonstrate the effect of using
                                                                               slings at angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees
                                                                               from the vertical, recording the increased
                                                                               loads on Straightpoint (SP) load cells.
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