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         continued from previous page                                          Expo-Con/Agg,  March  10-14,  2020  in
         “There is no better way to visualize the                              Las Vegas, NV.
         outcome of a lift than to allow the crane
         operator and other  team members to                                   EuroBLECH 2020
         simulate it in a virtual environment,”                                Announces Additional
         she said.                                                             Exhibition Hall
           There is no limit to the number of                                  New Hall 26 of Hanover exhibition
         people who can engage in 3D Lift Vi-                                  grounds to host exhibitors of joining
         sion, which allows the entire crane and                               technology  as well  as surface and
         rigging crew to see and practice a lift in                            tool technology
         the virtual environment, including the
         crane operator, riggers, signal person,                                 The 26th edition of the International
         and tagline holders.               A1A Software Debuts 3D Lift Vision Simulator   Sheet Metal Working  Technology Ex-
                                            for 3D Lift Plan.
           “3D Lift Vision extends the ability of                              hibition, EuroBLECH 2020, will take
         3D Lift Plan to be used as a commu-  tors, and other contractors or trades.  place from October 27-30, 2020 at the
         nication and risk mitigation tool,” said   Because the simulations  are based   Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Germa-
         Weiss.  Crane  rental  sales  teams can   on 3D Lift Plans, employers can use 3D   ny. The show organizers, Mack Brooks
         use it to demonstrate to the customer   Lift Vision to evaluate and qualify op-  Exhibitions,  have  now  announced  the
         where  cranes  and  personnel  will  be   erators for the crane  and application.   expansion of exhibition space for Eu-
         placed, as well as their ability to make   It’s also a great training tool for opera-  roBLECH 2020 with the addition of a
         the  lift  according  to the  proposed lift   tors who need to practice.   ninth hall for the first time in its his-
         plan. For risk mitigation, the operator   3D  Lift  Vision  is  an  add-on license   tory. This reflects a further increase in
         and entire crane and rigging crew can   to 3D Lift Plan subscriptions.  Each   exhibition space compared to the previ-
         practice the lift before arriving on site,   license  comes with one headset. The   ous event in 2018, which covered a to-
         allowing them to assess equipment and   hardware is compact, portable, and   tal of 89,800 square meters.
         personnel placement, whether any-  wireless, making it easy to deploy any-  “Around nine months ahead of the
         thing has changed in the job site envi-  where.  Communication  through  the   show the demand for stand space con-
         ronment that will impact the lift, and   headset allows individuals in different   tinues to be very strong”, explains Ev-
         for  the  operator to practice  the  load’s   locations to simultaneously engage in   elyn  Warwick,  Exhibition  Director  of
         travel route. It also improves commu-  the same 3D Lift Vision simulation.  EuroBLECH, on behalf of the organizer
         nication with lift directors, safety direc-  3D Lift Vision made its debut at Con-  Mack Brooks Exhibitions. “With the di-

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         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2020
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