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                                                                               career and technical education pro-
                                                                               grams  have numerous job  offers  upon
                                                                               graduation.  As  these  technical  fields
                                                                               continue to change and grow, it is im-
                                                                               perative  that  technical  education  pro-
                                                                               gramming is adapting and innovative
                                                                               to ensure we are preparing students for
                                                                               the professional positions that are avail-
                                                                               able now and in the future.”
                                                                                 Acco has already reached out to York
                                                                               Tech’s welding and engineering pro-
                                                                               grams with a view to hosting a similar
                                                                               event in the near future.

                                                                               Terex Upgrades Service
                                                                               Center in Washington
                                                                                 The Terex Service Center in Seattle,
                                                                               WA, has relocated approximately  15
                                                                               miles southeast of Seattle in Kent, WA.
                                                                               The new location upgrades service and
                                                                               inspection capabilities and supports a
                                                                               broader market of equipment owners.
                                                                                 “We are excited about this new site
                                                                               as it is centrally located and provides
                                                                               easy access from both Seattle and Ta-
         Alan Stokker, business systems director and lean champion at Acco, explains a manufac-  coma. These  two markets are among
         turing process.
                                                                               the top five cities in Washington state,”
         continued from previous page       Acco  but the  greater community and   said Jerry Kienast, Regional Opera-
         ment, and Wolfe herself.           industry. We support STEM fully and   tions Manager.
           Rogers hailed Acco’s “amazing” team   the students that will become the next   “The new facility is part of a broader
         and cited access to employees as a   leaders in technology.”          strategic plan to invest in expanding
         standout feature of the day. “Acco made   Rogers concluded: “There is a reason   service solutions for our customers.
         an investment in our students that has   York Tech students from various STEM   Moving to upgraded facilities enables us
         left an everlasting, positive impact on
         each of their futures,” he said. Joseph
         Lang, Grade 10, commented: “We were
         really impressed with the new manage-
         ment of the company and how focused
         they  are  on  lean  manufacturing.  That
         is something that Mr. Jamison, our
         teacher, frequently references in our
         program.”  Owen  Bollinger,  also  Grade
         10, said: “The horizontal machining cen-
         ter was very impressive. The size of the
         machine was so large; we did not know
         something like that existed,” while Lang
         went on to capture the spirit of the day:
         “I liked how they were interested in us
         and they sincerely wanted to share with
         us what they knew. They really cared
         about us as a future generation.”
           Wolfe, a passionate advocate for sci-
         ence, technology, engineering,  and
         math (STEM) education, believes that
         vocational technology programs and
         industry can combine to make a differ-
         ence. She said: “We have seen a surge
         in funding and investment in STEM,
         and this will provide the U.S. with a
         sustainable  competitive advantage by
         providing talent to contribute posi-
         tively to the changing  world.  We  will
         continue  to proactively reach  out and
         create  relationships  with  programs
         we believe to be valuable not just to

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