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         continued from previous page       times,  they  rely  on  crane  components   Saravanan  T.,  Regional  Manager—
         factory in Shelbyville, Indiana. The   and  parts  that  are  readily  available,   UAE at Dutest, said: “We already work
         facility  is  the  company’s  first  venture   easily serviced,  and provide depend-  closely  with  Crosby  and  receive  excel-
         outside its native Japan, where it pro-  ability, all while keeping a safe work-  lent support from them.  Coupled with
         vides rapid prototype (RP) castings and   ing environment.            the proactivity of SP representatives, it
         small lot production services.       That’s when Service Crane turned to   made business sense to add their prod-
           Service  Crane  Co.,  which  provides   R&M for a solution.         ucts to our extensive stocks of lifting
         industrial cranes,  workstation  cranes   The solution                and rigging gear. UAE is a region that
         and hoist systems, installed the R&M   Mark Drake, Territory Sales at Ser-  welcomes technological advancement of
         crane  components  in  Kimura’s  new   vice Crane Co., explained that original-  the industry and that trend aligns with
         45,000 sq. ft. facility.           ly only five top-running cranes were re-  our partnership with Crosby—and now
           Cody White, Environmental Health   quired—two 3 ton and three 2 ton—but   SP. I anticipate demand for their equip-
         and   Safety  Coordinator  at  the  the end user requested an additional 3   ment from marine, aviation, manufac-
         Shelbyville site, said: “Before a new   ton unit when the others were already   turing, and  heavy construction  indus-
         part, component, or product hits the   installed. The larger ones all have a   tries, in addition to oil and gas.”
         market, extensive research, develop-  bridge span of 63.1 ft.           David Ayling, Global Business Devel-
         ment, and testing must take place. Here   Drake added: “We continue to embrace   opment Director for load monitoring so-
         at Kimura, we are responsible for man-  the varied material handling challenges   lutions at SP, said: “One of the appeals
         ufacturing those items prior to mass   of Kimura, which has already involved   of  Crosby ownership  was  enhanced
         production. We employ the latest infor-  supplying below-the-hook equipment to   market penetration and the Dutest
         mation technology  to  increase produc-  connect our lifting machinery to the fa-  agreement serves as a timely example
         tivity. As a result, we can provide more   cility’s varied loads.”    of that improved ingress. That’s not to
         value-added RP castings and small lot   For more information about R&M Ma-  say Dutest wouldn’t have considered a
         production services to our customers.”  terials Handling Inc. go to  partnership with SP directly at some
           With Kimura’s processes, they short-                                stage, but the existence of the Dutest-
         en  industry-standard lead times by  Dutest to Distribute             Crosby supply chain clearly acceler-
         months,  delivering  final  products  to   Straightpoint Products in   ated us to this point.”
         customers within five to seven days.   UAE                              Ayling and David Mullard, Business
           The challenge                      Dutest, a third-party inspection com-  Development Manager at SP,  have
           With the goal of becoming the ‘world’s   pany and lifting  equipment supplier,   already delivered product training to
         number one clean foundry’, the factory   will distribute the entire range of load   Dutest representatives, covering the
         was a pioneer in factory operation based   cell manufacturer Straightpoint (SP)   whole range. The Radiolink plus is
         on  ‘5S’:  sort,  set  in  order,  shine,  stan-  throughout the United Arab Emirates   SP’s  best-selling  product,  designed to
         dardize, and sustain. White, who over-  (UAE), with immediate effect.  be rigged with Crosby standard shack-
         saw installation of the cranes and con-  The switch to SP’s extensive range of   les. The wireless  tension load cell is
         ducted operator training, said Kimura’s   force measurement technologies follows   capable of weighing and dynamic load
         automated systems are recognized for   its acquisition by the largest lifting, rig-  monitoring  in  capacities  from  1t to
         an ability to reduce performance varia-  ging, and material handling hardware   500t, from stock.  It is available in a
         tion and increase safe operation, as well   company in the world, The Crosby   long range, 2.4GHz version, providing
         as to improve productivity. Its clean fac-  Group,  which  had  an existing  supply   700m or 2,300 ft. range to the manufac-
         tory operation effectively reduces work-  agreement in place. Dutest has facilities   turer’s SW-HHP handheld or wireless
         place accidents and risks.         in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but delivers so-  software;  or in  Bluetooth that can  be
           Due to Kimura’s extremely short lead   lutions to customers across the emirates.  connected to any smart phone running
                                                                               SP’s free HHP app on iOS or Android,
                                                                               at ranges up to 100m or 328ft.
                                                                                 Meanwhile,  SP  recently  launched  a
                                                                               new single capacity Bluelink load cell
                                                                               that introduces Bluetooth technology
                                                                               to existing and prospective customers
                                                                               still utilizing outdated mechanical force
                                                                               measurement products. Bluelink is a
                                                                               6.5t (14,300 lb.) capacity load cell, tar-
                                                                               geted at end users that remain loyal to
                                                                               traditional equipment but who might
                                                                               be receptive to enhanced technology
                                                                               and the inherent advantages of read-
                                                                               ing data digitally, at a safe distance. As
                                                                               Ayling reiterated, however, the Radio-
                                                                               link and Bluelink are just two examples
                                                                               in a range of safety-centric solutions de-
                                                                               signed with the end user in mind.
                                                                                 Marcel  Tabuteau, Area Sales  Man-
                                                                               ager at Crosby,  said: “We are still  in
                                                                               the relatively early stages of the pre-
         Pictured (left to right): Mohammed K. Bin Dasmal, managing director at Bin Dasmal Group;
         David Ayling, global business development director for load monitoring solutions at SP; Marcel   vious supply agreement with Dutest so
         Tabuteau, area sales manager at Crosby; and Saravanan T., regional manager at Dutest UAE.  its recent adoption of SP technology is
         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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