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         to a different piece of equipment with
         training  or  providing them with  tools
         like  quality outrigger  pads and crane
         pads to make their jobs easier and saf-
         er,” she said.
         USCC Expands Selection
         of Rigging and Lifting
         Equipment by Adding Full
         Line of Crosby® American-
         Made Chain Slings
           US Cargo Control, an authorized
         Crosby® distributor and a leading
         supplier  of  cargo  control  and  rig-
         ging and lifting products, now offers
         the full line of Crosby®  chain  slings
         through its e-commerce website. This                                  Crosby Training at USCC.
         includes  Crosby’s line of adjustable                   Eliminator®   options to choose from.
         chain slings with the patented Elimi-                    chain sling    “We have a large manufacturing
         nator® chain sling system that is de-                   system from   team in-house that is expertly trained
         signed to save time and energy in the                     Crosby.     on  how  to assemble these  Crosby®
         field while maximizing versatility.                                   chain  slings  and components.  We’ve
           USCC Business Unit Fanatic®, Matt                                   been fortunate enough to have a Cros-
         Mitchell, says he’s excited to add to the                             by® training team  come out to our
         latest  line of Crosby® chain slings to                               facility in Iowa to demonstrate  best
         the companies growing selection of rig-                               practices for  their  rigging and lifting
         ging and lifting products.                                            products. This really elevated the level
           “Crosby® has been a leading manu-                                   of knowledge our manufacturing and
         facturer of rigging and lifting equip-                                sales teams have about Crosby® prod-
         ment for well over a hundred years and                                ucts.  Whether  you  need  chain  slings
         we know that the professionals USCC                                   with grab hooks, sling hooks, self-lock-
         serves look to them to set the standard                               ing hooks,  or a combination of these,
         for quality, training, and technical ex-                              we can make it happen.”
         pertise in their field. Chain slings are a                              For more information about USCC go
         popular product of ours with thousands                                to
         sold in 2018. We’re excited to provide
         our  customers  with  another  option   Crosby’s premium rigging slings are  Reid Gantry Used to Install
         when  it comes to buying chain  slings   manufactured in the USA and custom  Floating Solar System
         and the new  Eliminator® component
         on Crosby’s adjustable slings certainly   assembled by US Cargo to meet cus-  Modular  floating  pontoon  supplier
         has a lot to like about it.”       tomer’s exact specifications.      Northern  Pontoon used a 3,000kg
           So,  what’s the big deal about the   Mitchell says that  customers will   working  load limit (WLL) lightweight
         Eliminator®  chain  sling  system?  It’s   have a variety of hook and component   gantry crane from Reid Lifting to an-
         a revolutionary chain sling fitting that
         combines the features and functional-
         ity of a master link,  connecting  link,
         grab hook,  and adjuster legs. Similar
         to other adjustable chain  slings, ad-
         justment of the chain length leg can be
         accomplished  by placing  the  chain  in
         the connector link.
           Where  the  Crosby  Eliminator®  dif-
         fers is in the fact that it comes in both
         single hook and double hook styles.
           With single and double-leg Crosby®
         adjustable slings, the top bail Elimina-
         tor® serves as the master link, which
         removes  the  need for  an  additional
         master link.  Three and four-leg Cros-
         by® slings need only one master link to
         connect  the  two  Eliminator®  fittings.
         This  results  in  a simpler and lighter
         chain sling with strength and durabil-  The 3,000kg capacity Porta-Gantry crane from Reid Lifting was primarily used for anchoring
         ity that rivals any competitor.    the floating solar system. The pontoon was double-stacked for added stability.

         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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