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         continued from previous page       about Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd.   Of the 18 single-girder EOT cranes,
         annual audits to ensure it remains in   go to  15 work in tandem with two hoists. No-
         adherence  with  ISO  criteria.  Thomas                               tably, in North America, indoor cranes
         explained that a longer-term cycle in-  Tele Radio Remote Controls    are traditionally fitted with wire rope
         volves  a  full  recertification  audit  ev-  for Air Handling Equipment   hoists. However, to be able to lift loads
         ery third year—a requirement of ISO   Facility
         45001:2018. She said: “As NQA reiter-  Tele Radio remote control systems
         ates, while  [ISO] 45001 is  heavily in-  operate 18 electric overhead traveling
         formed by [OHSAS] 18001, it is a new   (EOT) cranes at Nortek Air Solutions’
         standard—not a simple revision or   new air handling equipment manufac-
         brief update—and requires our closest   turing facility in Québec, Canada.
         attention in every working practice.”  Each crane is equipped with three
           NQA focuses on the ultimate goal of   Panther receivers—one for the bridge, a
         helping  businesses  provide a  healthy   second for hoist / trolley 1 and the third
         and safe working environment for their   for hoist / trolley 2—all of them controlled
         employees and everyone else who visits   with a single transmitter, eliminating
         the workplace. This, it advocates, can   the need for festooning. The cranes are
         be achieved by controlling factors that   used to lift a variety of loads as custom
         could potentially lead to injury, illness   ventilators,  coils  and  air  handlers  are
         and, in extreme situations, even death.  manufactured  in  a  recently  expanded
           Thomas said: “All [RSS] employees   200,000 sq. ft. facility in Montreal.
         play a role in implementing and main-  Crane builder CanStahl, part of the
         taining the system, but top management   Group Industriel Premium Inc. family
         holds overall responsibility for ensuring   and a representative of German hoist
         that requirements are met. I serve in an   manufacturer  Stahl CraneSystems,
         assisting capacity as we meet objectives   installed the cranes. Group Industriel
         related to working environments and   Premium is a long-standing partner of
         physical or financial resources.”  Tele  Radio and  selected  the  Panther
           Organizations that currently hold   product line, which offers up to 500m
         OHAS  18001  certification  have  until   (1,500 ft.) range and is certified under
         March 11, 2021 to complete a success-  EN ISO 13849-1, Functional Safety of
         ful migration. For more information   Machinery, as CAT3, PLd.        The Panther system can be adapted to virtu-
                                                                               ally any standard EOT crane application.
         54     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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