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         the benchmark and employer evalua-
         tion of operator qualification is an on-
         going  process.  We’re  fielding  a  lot  of
         questions from unions  and employers
         about the confusion  around the new
         OSHA language. While OSHA allows
         for crane operator certification to be by
         crane type, or crane type and capacity,
         the employer, or the employer’s repre-
         sentative, must evaluate each opera-
         tor’s qualifications on each crane he or
         she operates. If multiple cranes are
         used and the machines are the same
         make,  model  number  and  are  config-
         ured alike, one qualification evaluation
         will  suffice.  However,  if  the  employer
         has multiple cranes  made by differ-
         ent manufacturers, the employer must
         qualify each operator on every different
         machine the operator runs,”  explains
         Cliff Dickinson, President of CIS.
           “The evaluation process requires ini-
         tial  planning  to  determine  how  many
         different machines are in a given fleet,
         how many of them are the same make,
         model, configuration and whether they
         are used for the same type of work,”
         adds Dickinson.
           A one-day Crane Site Safety class
         offered by CIS may now also include
         two additional days on- site devoted to
         instruction on how  to evaluate  an op-
         erator. On the second day of evaluation
         instruction, potential evaluators are ob-
         served performing the actual process.
           The course reviews the OSHA docu-
         mentation requirements, and includes
         a  checklist  that evaluators  can  apply
         to different crane types and configura-
         tions that are commonly used in the
         employer’s  fleet.  The  course  also  pro-
         vides guidance for evaluators to deter-
         mine if an operator is qualified to run
         the machine. “There is a heavy focus
         in the class on new OSHA language for

                                            operators to be able to ‘recognize and   of project planning—resources  and
                                            avert risk,’ ” says Dickinson.     skills  needed,  schedules,  and  staffing
                                              Online record-keeping            capabilities—into a daily report. Crane
                                              OSHA requires that operator evalua-  operator evaluations are just one more
                                            tions be available on the jobsite, howev-  piece of data that can be added to the
                                            er, Dickinson says, “It does employers   overall big picture.
                                            no good to lock the information away   By inputting crane operator evalua-
                                            in a filing cabinet or save it to an elec-  tions into iReportSource, managers can
                                            tronic file without making the informa-  know  what their workforce  is able to
                                            tion searchable and dynamic.” Working   do, in real time, from any location. It of-
                                            with iReportSource Inc., Crane Indus-  fers instant record-keeping, and is one
         “Three men qualified on two machines each,”
         reported John Brown, CIS Instructor, Mentor   try Services, LLC (CIS) has customized   of the most affordable and user-friend-
         & Examiner, who conducted crane operator   an online reporting tool for crane users.   ly programs on the market, believes
         evaluations on a cold day in February.  iReportSource integrates all the pieces        continued on page 55
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