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         lasted about a year because weather   and timber, and the weight and trans-  try, and their expertise in helping
         and ground conditions can vary widely   portation savings we gained with Fi-  us purchase the right product for
         with all four seasons in the Midwest.   berMax, it made sense,” she said.  our  equipment,”  was  important  to
         “You never know when your pile of    DICA’s FiberMax Crane Pads deliv-  the buying process, said Jeff. “They
         timber is going to be soaking wet.   er strength, stiffness and rigidity for   worked with us to determine the big-
         With DICA’s SafetyTech Pads, which   cranes with lifting capacities up to 500   gest footprint we would need to ac-
         are waterproof, it’s a given our outrig-  tons. Made from FRP (fiber-reinforced   commodate the ground conditions we
         ger pads are going to work,” said Di-  polymer) the pads are a fully-molded   may face,” he said.
         ana. In addition, Wilkerson operators   one-piece design which optimizes di-  The  500-ton  Liebherr  LTM  1400-7.1
         like the DICA patented round outrig-  rectional  distribution  of  highly  con-  all-terrain crane now heads to the  job
         ger pads with recessed handles which   centrated outrigger loads. FiberMax   site with a set of FiberMax FM9x6x12
         makes them safer and easier to use.   Mega  Duty  pads  perform  like  tradi-  Crane  Pads,  which  have  400,000
           The original set of SafetyTech pads   tional steel crane pads but typically   pounds maximum rated capacity. The
         were  in  service  until  they were  sold   weigh 60 percent less.    equipment has been put to work on such
         with the crane at auction by the pre-  “The transportation savings is in-  notable projects as Arrowhead Stadium,
         vious owners.  Since then, Jeff has   credible,” said Jeff. “With FiberMax,   wind farms, power plants, and setting a
         continued to specify SafetyTech Out-  we save a whole truck load every time   tug boat in the Missouri River.
         rigger Pads for each crane Wilkerson   we go to move the crane.” Essentially   “We  like  to  say that our  customers
         purchased. Their SafetyTech inventory   the product pays for itself within two   know their job will be raised right be-
         includes several sets of DR42-3 Super   years.  After  that  they  begin  making   cause our people  were raised right.
         Duty SafetyTech Outrigger Pads with   the company money because of the   But it’s not just a slogan,” said Diana.
         a working load limit of 150,000 pounds.   ongoing transportation savings, he   Wilkerson’s operators, a crew of 40+, go
           Then the company purchased its first   explained.                   through three years and 4,000 hours of
         500-ton crane. “For that class of crane,   “When you are spending that much on   training in addition to being certified.
         we didn’t find anything comparable to   a big crane, the last thing you want to   “Our people really make the difference
         DICA’s FiberMax Crane Pads,” said   do is scrimp on your accessories,” added   in the service we provide,” said Diana.
         Jeff. “We were used to buying timber   Diana. So, despite the higher initial pur-  Often operators stay assigned to a
         and steel  mats. I had a  bit of  sticker   chase price, the Holts ran the numbers   specific crane, which provides a sense
         shock when Jeff first came to me with   and identified an opportunity for an ex-  of ownership  of the equipment. “We
         a proposal for buying FiberMax,” said   ceptional return on their investment.  believe in investing in our people—
         Diana. “But as we began to understand   Getting the right product     whether that’s helping them transition
         the  total costs  associated with  wood   “DICA’s  knowledge  of the  indus-          continued on next page
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