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          How It Works –

          As the resin hardens and cures, shrinkage occurs that creates a
          frictional bond to the wires. Silica is blended into the resin mixture
          to add frictional grip properties. The silica also serves to absorb heat
          caused by the chemical reaction that results when hardening agent is
          added to the resin.
          As load is applied to the rope, the resin cone is pulled downward in
          the bowl of the socket. As this is happening, the cone shape forces
          compression of the hardened resin cone against the individual wires
          and the socket walls. This compression then generates a tremendous
          frictional grip between the wires and resin resulting in a strength that
          exceeds the breaking strength of the rope.

          •  Newly formulated after extensive testing for better wire rope grip.
          •  Packaged in environmentally protected pouches and rust-free plastic pails to ensure
            product freshness.
          •  Disposable pouring funnel included in each kit eliminates spills.
          •  Bright green resin and white hardener makes mixing easy to verify.            a product of
          •  Packaged in CCs and individually sized kits to minimize waste and aid in easy mixing.
          •  Non-dusting, safe-to-use formula contains no dry powders that become airborne
            health hazards.

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         Manager for Construction Equipment.  As with  all Vortex simulators,  high   Cranes who are interested in purchasing
           “We selected CM Labs because they   quality visuals and sound effects com-  a Vortex Crane Simulator enhanced with
         are the leader in crane simulation with   plete the immersive experience.  This   CCS to use for customer training can do
         their top-quality solutions already wide-  overarching  accuracy  ensures  skills   so through Manitowoc Crane Care. For
         ly  deployed  at  training  organizations,”   learned on the simulator will transfer   more information, contact info@cm-labs.
         said John Alexander, Director of All-  better to the live equipment.  com, or visit
         Terrain Crane Service, Mobile Training   “CM Labs is an ideal partner for OEMs
         &  Telematics  at  Manitowoc.  “Many  of   like Manitowoc because of our ability to  R&M Solution for Kimura
         our  own  clients  are  already  using  CM   provide turnkey development services   Foundry America
         Labs simulators every day.”        that  leverage  authentic  OEM  control   Six R&M Materials  Handling Inc.
           The first simulators delivered by CM   sets and programmable logic controllers   overhead crane systems were installed
         Labs replicated the functionality and   and control systems,” said Arnold Free,   in just three weeks at the newly con-
         behavior of Manitowoc’s 35-ton (40 US   Chief Commercial Officer of CM Labs.  structed Kimura Foundry America Inc.
         Ton) Grove RT540E crane. CM Labs’    Dealers and operators of Manitowoc               continued on next page
         second series of simulators is designed
         to replicate the behavior of a 165-ton
         (182 US Ton) MLC165 lattice boom
         crawler crane as manufactured by Man-
         itowoc. Both simulators are under the
         control of an actual CCS user interface.
           Vortex simulators  are powered by
         Vortex  Studio,  the  high-fidelity  phys-
         ics-based real-time simulation plat-
         form that delivers unparalleled realism
         and immersion. This means that the
         simulation includes  actual on-board
         crane computers and load moment in-
         dicators, different boom configurations,
         accurate simulation of machine behav-
         ior, plus cable physical property simu-
         lation for winch line, slings, and load,          R&M Materials Handling Inc. overhead crane systems
                                                             were installed at Kimura Foundry America Inc.
         and multiple rigging options.
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