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         iner,  one  must  pass  the  written  core
         and specialty exams, and the practical
         exam. Then the examiner candidate
         must attend an NCCCO Practical Ex-
         aminer Workshop  to learn  policy and
         procedures. “Dale was one of the first
         individuals to become an NCCCO Cer-
         tified  Practical  Examiner  for  Founda-
         tion Drill Rigs. Something that Terex
         Utilities should be proud of! Dale’s par-
         ticipation helped provide the industry
         with quality assessments that are spe-
         cifically focused on the work that foun-
         dation drill rig operators perform on a
         daily basis. These assessments will en-
         sure that operators are proficient and
         knowledgeable and thereby reduce risk
         and improve safety in the drilled foun-
         dation industry,” said Marshall.
           Candidates and test sites interested
         in preparing for the NCCCO drill rig
         operator  certification  exams  can  find
         additional information  at  Lift & Move USA: Superior-Chain Falls: One
         DRO or email       popular station allows students to compete
                                            in lifting a weight using chain falls.
         Lift & Move Career Events          is the backbone of the industrial sector,
         Set for 2019                       and how these services impact their
           May 9, 2019 in Webster, NY, is   daily lives,” said Matt Rix, President of
         hosted by Boulter Industrial Con-  Matcom.
         tractors  and will feature equipment   Other events planned for Fall 2019:
         from Clark Rigging & Rental and Silk   • October  16,  2019 in  Longview,
         Road Specialized Transport. In addi-  Texas, will be hosted by BOSS Crane
         tion to learning about technical skills   & Rigging and Bennett International
         specific  to  industrial  contracting,   Group.
         Boulter Industrial Contractors will   • November 7, 2019, in Houston,
         give students to experience practical   Texas, will be hosted by Liebherr.
         interviewing skills.               Piquing Interest
           “In the age of social media, many   Nearly three-fourths of students re-
         young adults lack interpersonal skills   sponding to recent post event surveys
         and confidence when interviewing. As   are at least moderately likely  to con-
         part of the programming for our Lift &   sider careers  related to this industry   NessCampbell-lift: Events conclude with a
         Move USA event, we’re excited to part-  after attending an event.  Meanwhile,   live equipment demonstration.
         ner with local businesses  to provide   all teacher respondents say they will
         mock interview exercises  as an au-  recommend careers in transportation,   employees,” said Brian Schleicher, Di-
         thentic  learning  experience.  Students   crane and rigging to future students.  rector of Marketing & Communications
         will have the opportunity to speed in-  Key to the success of the program is   for Superior Cranes Inc., which hosted
         terview with an HR or staffing profes-  that students see live equipment dem-  an event last November in Rocking-
         sional and will leave with constructive   onstrations and hear personal stories   ham, N.C.
         feedback on best practices,” said Brit-  from company employees about their   Get more information about upcom-
         tany Bachman, Marketing Manager.   own career trajectories as the stu-  ing events at
           May 30, 2019 in  Vaughan, On-    dents rotate through multiple learn-
         tario, Canada,  is hosted by  Mat-  ing stations. Some of the most popular   Crane Industry Services,
         com and will feature equipment from   learning stations include simulators,   LLC Adds Course to Help
                                                                               Employers with Crane
         Anderson Haulage and Ontario-based   such as the Vortex crane simulator   Operator Evaluations
         crane rental firms.                provided by  CM  Labs,  a chain falls
           “Popular shows like ‘How It’s Made,’   Minute to Win It style competition,   Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS),
         represent only a small part of the indus-  and the chance to climb into the cab of   Carrollton, Ga., now offers training for
         trial sector. It’s time to show the next   trucks and cranes.         employers who need to qualify individ-
         generation of workers how the industri-  “There is real interest by teachers to   uals to do crane operator evaluations,
         al machines they were watching were   help young people understand the ca-  according to new OSHA requirements.
         installed in factories. With the help of   reer path  into our industry. Teachers   In addition, CIS staff can provide third-
         Lift & Move, Matcom and its partners   were pleased that the message they   party crane operator evaluations to
         will deliver a peek inside the world   work so tirelessly to promote was vali-  assist companies who need extra help
         of rigging, heavy hauling, and cranes.   dated through the interactive stations   getting these done.
         Students will learn that this industry   and real-life skills demonstrated by our    “Crane operator certification is now

         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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