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         continued from previous page       advanced system.                   rope slings were supplied by Mennens
         mains power after abandonment, Jan-  Robin Jansen said: “The skids have a   Groningen for use above the spreader
         sen Marine, in close cooperation with   relatively large wind surface compared   beam while beneath, two-legged chain
         Tideland Signal Ltd, supplies skids   to their mass and they are not symmet-  slings  from  J.D.  Theile  completed the
         that include marine lanterns, aviation   rical. In particular the weight of the   rig.  The  chain  slings  had shortening
         obstruction lights, and fog signals; fog   batteries moves  the  center  of  gravity   clutches and safety hooks on both sides
         detectors; remote monitoring via sat-  to  the  back  of  the  skid.  Furthermore,   of the skid, allowing for fine-tuning the
         ellite; and more.                  in order to provide the strongest hold-  length of the slings and positioning of
           Robin Jansen, Managing Director   ing points for the lifting eyes, they are   the centre of gravity.
         at  Jansen  Marine,  explained  that  the   installed at the base of the skid. The   Robin Jansen’s father founded the
         skids are essentially  autonomous mo-  large wind  surface,  the asymmetri-  original Jansen Marine  Agencies in
         bile platforms. They come in all shapes   cal design, and the low position of the   1975. It became an agent for J.D. Thei-
         and sizes but typically are used for tem-  lifting eyes, can result in an unstable   le in 1976 and remained so until 2011
         porary marking of an offshore structure,   load during lifting. By making sure the   when Jansen Marine & Offshore Trad-
         such as a platform, monopile, or jacket.   centre of gravity is directly beneath the   ing BV was established and became a
         The company supplies several types of   crane hook, the lift is as stable and safe   distributor.
         skids, with a distinction between a unit   as possible.”
         with or without photovoltaic (PV) mod-  An extensive scope of work included  AISI Reacts to Proposal
         ules. Both types are fitted with batter-  provision of lifting equipment, which  to Use Steel in Barrier at
         ies, but only the one with PV modules is   connected to the aforementioned Thei-  Border
         capable of charging them. Skids without   pa Point TP-F attachment points with   In response to media questions, the
         such modules are commonly used for pe-  female threads, manufactured by JDT   American Iron and Steel Institute
         riods up to half a year versus the year-  in Germany and sourced from distribu-  (AISI)  supported  statements  from
         round utilization possible with the more   tor Jansen’s stock.  Two-legged wire   President  Trump  that any  potential
                                                                               barrier at the U.S.  southern border
                                                                               should be made of steel. The following
                                                                               quote is from Thomas J. Gibson, Presi-
                                                                               dent and CEO of AISI:
                                                                                 “Steel is readily available and is an
                                                                               innovative material that lends itself to
                                                                               a number  of creative design solutions
                                                                               like the steel barrier. Steel’s strength
                                                                               and durability make it the preferred
                                                                               material of choice – whether it be for
                                                                               construction, like a barrier, or for cars,
                                                                               cans, transportation infrastructure,
                                                                               national security…the list is endless.
                                                                               There  are  several  applications and
                                                                               technologies which  could be used to
                                                                               produce an all-steel solution for a po-
                                                                               tential barrier, which  could consume
                                                                               as much as three million tons of steel
                                                                               according to our assessment.”
                                                                                 Reprinted from the American Iron and
                                                                               Steel Institute,

                                                                               Acco Welcomes York
                                                                               Tech to Neighboring
                                                                               Manufacturing Facility
                                                                                 Acco  Material Handling Solutions
                                                                               LLC, a manufacturer of material han-
                                                                               dling products, including  overhead
                                                                               cranes  and hoists, welcomed a del-
                                                                               egation of students  from nearby York
                                                                               County School  of  Technology  (York
                                                                               Tech) to its York, Pennsylvania head-
                                                                                 The visit, instigated by Lorin Cassidy
                                                                               Wolfe, President and CEO at Acco, saw
                                                                               22 students participate in varied man-
                                                                               ufacturing-themed activities, all under
                                                                               an overarching “Gemba Day” concept.
                                                                               As Wolfe explained, genba, also known
                                                                               as gemba, is a Japanese term meaning
                                                                               “the actual place”. Japanese detectives
         The MOD 6 spreader beam combines with chain slings, wire rope slings, and attachment points.  call a crime scene gemba, for example,

         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2019
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