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         continued from previous page         The company displayed the immer-  ercises for trenching, pipe placement,
         the broad range of rental and custom   sive Vortex Advantage and the entry-  excavation around utilities, and more.
         engineered and fabricated lifting prod-  level Vortex Edge Plus simulators.   The Vortex Advantage can mirror an
         ucts offered by Bishop Lifting.”     Both simulators ran the company’s   entire training fleet, with hot-swappable
           Stan Truitt, President of Western   full catalog of lifting equipment and   controls and pedals. It also adjusts to
         Sling  and  Supply,  states,  “This  union   earthmoving  equipment,  commonly   equipment-specific sight lines with a ro-
         between Bishop and Western solidifies   used by electric utilities and rural   tating 3-display option or the immersive
         our mutual strengths in the energy, con-  electric cooperatives. This included   5-display option. With industrial-grade
         struction and manufacturing markets.   simulations for boom trucks, mobile   seating and controls, and a motion plat-
         We are excited to be part of the plan.”  cranes, backhoes, excavators, and   form, it reproduces the feel of equipment
           Bishop Lifting, along with Singer   more. The training packs provide ex-  in  motion,  including  vibration,  impact,
         Equities and Dakota Fluid Power,
         are wholly owned subsidiaries of SBP
         Holdings,  headquartered in  Houston,
         TX. With 97 locations, SBP provides
         industrial rubber, wire rope, rigging,
         fluid  power  products  and  services  to
         a broad range of industrial markets
         throughout North America. More in-
         formation can be obtained at,,  and
         CM Labs Demonstrated
         Training Solutions that
         Develop Real Operator Skills
           CM  Labs Simulations,  developer of
         Vortex® training simulators, allowed
         ICUEE attendees to operate two dif-
         ferent simulator platforms during the
         International Construction and Utility
         Equipment Expo (ICUEE).            Vortex® training simulators developed by CM Labs Simulations.
         52     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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