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         DICA FiberMax Crane Pads
         Provide Solid Investment
         for Wilkerson Crane Rental
           Wilkerson  Crane Rental, based in
         Kansas City, KS, serves Kansas, Mis-
         souri,  Nebraska and Oklahoma  with
         its  fleet  of  19  cranes,  ranging  from
         boom trucks to a 500-ton Liebherr LTM
         1400-7.1 all-terrain crane.
           The Wilkerson brand has a 40-year
         history, but the new owner Diana
         Holt, purchased the business in 2013,
         returning  the company  to its  family-
         run roots. Diana Holt, President, and
         Jeff Holt, Director of Operations, are
         the wife and husband team who gave
         Wilkerson a new lease on life just six
         years ago.
           When the Holts found out Wilkerson
         was  closing,  they immediately knew
         they wanted to  keep  it open.  “It was
         practically a family business  at that
         point anyhow,” said Diana. Jeff and
         his dad Fred, Sales Manager, had been   DICA FiberMax FM9x6x12 Crane Pads in support of Wilkerson’s 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1
         previous employees. While they re-  all-terrain crane.
         tained the name, they had to start from   Operations, Jeff was familiar with   conversion from using wood mats
         scratch building a new fleet of cranes.  DICA’s SafetyTech Outrigger Pads,   and  cribbing  to  DICA  Pads  because
           A big crane solution             which he used as an operator. “About   we were looking for durability and
           Even before becoming Director of   10 years ago, we began making the   safety,” he said. Wood mats typically

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