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         gear did not show up until 11 a.m. We
         had 70% of the rigging done by the time
         the rest of the team arrived.”
         AISI Releases August SIMA
         Imports Data
           Based on  the Commerce Depart-
         ment’s most recent Steel Import Moni-
         toring and Analysis (SIMA) data, the
         American Iron and Steel Institute
         (AISI) reported that steel  import  per-
         mit applications for the month of Au-
         gust totaled 2,134,000 net tons (NT)*.
         This  was  a 40.8% decrease  from  the
         3,606,000 permit tons recorded in July
         and a 29.6% decrease from the July fi-
         nal imports total of 3,030,000. Import
         permit  tonnage  for  finished  steel  in
         August was 1,765,000, down 4.4% from
         the final imports total of 1,845,000 in
         July. For the first eight months of 2019
         (including  August SIMA permits and
         July final imports), total and finished
         steel imports were 20,803,000 NT and
         15,303,000 NT, down 13.0% and 16.0%,
         respectively,  from  the  same period  in
         2018. The estimated finished steel im-
         port market share in August was 19%
         and is 20% year-to-date (YTD).
           Finished steel imports with large in-
         creases in August permits vs. July final
         imports included sheets and strip elec-
         trolytic galvanized (up 99%), black plate
         (up 33%), tin free steel (up 32%), cold fin-
         ished bars (up 19%), line pipe (up 15%),
         structural pipe and tubing (up 13%) and
         hot rolled sheets (up 11%). Products with
         significant year-to date (YTD) increases
         vs. the same period in 2018 include black
         plate (up 110%), steel piling (up 49%)
         and tin free steel (up 23%).
           In  August,  the  largest  finished  steel
         import permit applications for offshore
         countries were for South Korea (250,000
         NT,  up  39%  from  July  final),  Japan
         (148,000 NT, up 70%), Germany (72,000
         NT, down 5%), Taiwan (63,000 NT,
         down 25%) and The Netherlands (59,000
         NT,  down  3%).  Through  the  first  eight
         months of 2019, the largest offshore sup-
         pliers were South Korea (1,879,000 NT,
         down 11% from the same period last
         year), Japan (959,000 NT, down 2%) and   Bishop Lifting Acquires      sition expands Bishop Lifting’s presence
         Germany (764,000 NT, down 12%).    Western Sling & Supply             in the Midwest regions of the US, along
           *Note that import permits data are   Company                        with  broadening  the  company’s  access
         counts of tonnages requested in appli-  Bishop Lifting Products announces   to new end markets currently being ser-
         cations for licenses to import steel mill   that it has completed the acquisition   viced by Western Sling & Supply,
         products and are not actual import vol-  of Western Sling & Supply Company.   “Strategically, the  acquisition  of
         umes. For a number of reasons, permit   Headquartered in the Denver, Colorado   Western  Sling  complements  and
         tonnages may understate or overstate   suburb of Sedalia, along with a branch   strengthens our existing operations in
         actual import volumes  for  the month,   operation in Casper, Wyoming, Western   the  Rocky  Mountain  region,”  stated
         preliminary estimates of which will be   Sling & Supply Company is recognized   Harold King,  Bishop  Lifting  Presi-
         available later this month.        as one of  the leading providers  of rig-  dent. He also commented that “West-
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and                            ern Sling & Supply, and its customers,
         Steel Institute,    ging and lifting equipment in the Rocky
                                            Mountain region of the US. This acqui-  should  benefit  from  gaining  access  to
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