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         the class, it’s best suited to someone with
         a good working knowledge of cranes and
         of rigging. Contact Fred Robinson to
         learn more about the Lift Director pro-
         gram and schedule at 770-783-9292 or
         Crosby Partners with
         Children of Fallen Patriots
           Dallas, Texas-based  The Crosby
         Group LLC, the largest lifting, rigging,
         and material handling hardware com-
         pany in the world, will donate up to
         $25,000 to the Children of Fallen Pa-
         triots Foundation via Q2 2019 sales of
         its popular wire rope clips.
           The charity serves to provide college
         scholarships and educational counseling
         to military children who have lost a par-
         ent in the line of duty. After government
         programs the average shortfall in college
         funding for a child of a veteran that was
         killed or wounded in service is $25,000.
         Supported by its loyal distributors, Cros-
         by will donate a portion of each clip sale
         to the honorable cause.
           Approximately 20,000 children have
         lost an active duty parent in the military
         over the last 35 years. Of those, 97% of
         casualties are men, leaving behind single
         mothers to care for their families, and
         60% report having trouble making ends
         meet. The foundation said that $500m is
         needed nationwide to cover the gap be-
         tween government assistance and the
         actual cost of a degree.
           With a U.S. manufacturing foot-
         print that includes  plants in Texas,
         Oklahoma, and Arkansas, Crosby’s in-
         volvement with the country’s military
         stretches back to its earliest days, sup-
         plying shackles and other hardware for
         vehicles. Today, over 50 veterans work
         in  the  company’s facilities,  contribut-
         ing to manufacture of the best rigging
         equipment in the world.
           Ron Vanderslice, Director of Market-
         ing Communications at Crosby, said:
         “We have a long history of supporting
         non-profit  organizations,  from  United
         Way to hurricane relief funds. Together
                                            with our distributors, we are proud to   two pieces of wire rope together.
                                            partner with Fallen Patriots to help ful-  To raise the profile of the campaign,
                                            fill the funding requirements of young   Crosby has also launched a photo con-
                                            people affected by military casualties.”  test whereby end users can submit an
                                              Vanderslice explained  that the lon-  image  of an application featuring a
                                            gevity and diversity of the wire rope   wire rope clip and potentially be named
                                            clips, which range in size from 1/8" to   as one of two weekly winners. Vander-
                                            3½", presented the product as a stand-  slice explained: “There is great sincer-
                                            out component to align with the initia-  ity associated with the cause we’re do-
                                            tive. The wire rope end fittings are used   nating to, yet the photo contest is a fun
                                            in a myriad of applications to clamp   way of involving the user community
                                            the loose end of a length of wire rope,   while further promoting the concept
           The Crosby Group has partnered with the   once it has been looped back to form an   and driving sales. Users might let the
            Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.  eye. They can also be used to connect     continued on next page

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