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                                                                    “THE PINNACLE OF QUALITY”
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         getting  certified  myself,  I  can  set  an   erators are trained and qualified. Until   ent from any other NCCCO program,”
         example when  I operate Terex  auger   now  no  independent mechanism  has   said NCCCO Director  of Operations,
         drills  in  the  field  with  customers,”  he   existed for  operators to demonstrate   Joel Oliva.
         said. Putman is also an NCCCO-certi-  knowledge,  skills  and abilities  for  op-  The  ADSC  pro-actively sought  the
         fied Digger Derrick Operator.      eration of this equipment. “The unique   development of a certification because
           Although OSHA does not currently   challenges  and operational practices   of increasing  requests from Project
         require  operators of drill rigs  to be   required by drill rig equipment neces-  Owners  or General Contractors for
         certified,  employers  must  ensure  op-  sitated new certification exams differ-  such credentials, explained  Richard
                                                                               Marshall,  CHST, ADSC’s Director  of
                                                                               Safety.  Development  of  the  certifica-
                                                                               tion began in 2017. Putman and Jason
                                                                               Julius, Technical Support and Training
                                                                               Development for Terex Utilities, were
                                                                               members of the certification task force.
                                                                               “Terex Utilities generously donated
                                                                               their experience and time, but also ex-
                                                                               cerpts from various operator’s manuals
                                                                               for use in the development of reference
                                                                               manuals and candidate study guides,”
                                                                               said Marshall.
                                                                                 To  achieve  NCCCO  certification  for
                                                                               Foundation Drill Rig and/or Anchor/
                                                                               Micropile Drill Rig, candidates must
                                                                               successfully complete written and prac-
                                                                               tical  exams,  including  demonstration
                                                                               of inspection; use of safety protocols;
                                                                               identification of controls; and ability to
                                                                               pick and laydown pipe, position tools,
                                                                               drill, and safely secure the equipment
         Dale Putman participated in the first NCCCO Drill Rig Practical Examiners Workshop in Salt
         Lake City, Utah. As an NCCCO Practical Examiner candidate, he acted as Proctor, Examiner, and   in shutdown.
         Certified Operator Candidate. Individuals are graded on each aspect of becoming a practical   In order to become a practical exam-
         examiner by NCCCO staff.                                                              continued on next page
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