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         continued from previous page         “Settling in the USA represents  a   Parking Garage, Office
         very promising and aligns perfectly   major professional  and personal  chal-  Building, and Two Airports
         with the ALIPA group’s values, which   lenge.  But  the  enormous  potential  of   Fly Away with Steel Project
         support the personal and professional   our rings in the American market and   Awards
         development of its employees. ”, says   CODIPRO’s  desire  to  be  better repre-  Three steel erection companies were
         Michèle Detaille, Managing Director   sented in the United States made the
         of the ALIPA Group.                choice much easier. We have also been   presented with Project of the Year
           Improved service                 looking  forward  to  this  family adven-  awards by the Steel Erectors Associa-
           There  will  be  significant  on-site  in-  ture for several years. “After several   tion of America (SEAA). Chosen by an
         ventory,  with  100% of  CODIPRO’s   months of preparation, CODIPRO   independent panel of judges, the com-
         standard hoist  rings  in  stock,  ready   USA is  now  100% operational and   panies received their honors at SEAA’s
         to ship.  In addition, a complete sales   ready to meet any challenge  our  cus-  2019 Annual Convention, held in April
         team will be on the road to meet with   tomers throw our way. The sky is the   in Concord,  NC. Submission  were  ac-
         customer demand.                   limit”, says Benoit Cop, President of S   cepted for projects that were topped out
           “Today, CODIPRO’s professionalism   for Safety Inc., in charge of CODIPRO   in 2017 or 2018.
         (REPUTATION) in the lifting industry   USA development.                 The 2019 Project of the Year win-
         is recognized thanks not only to the   Since its 2004 buyback by the   ners are:
         quality  of its swivel hoist rings, but   shareholders  of  NO-NAIL  BOXES   • Flawless Steel Welding (Class I for
         also  to the impeccable  service  which   and its move to Wiltz (Luxembourg),   erection contracts up to $500,000)
         made it such a success in the European   CODIPRO has been growing steadily   • Derr & Gruenewald Construction
         market. To make the GRADUP range   with sales revenue of €10,214,000 in   (Class II for $500,000 to $1 million and
         available and meet the tight deadlines   2018.  ISO  9001  and  14001-certified,   Class IV for $7.5 million and up)
         announced, CODIPRO had to establish   CRS, patented and in compliance   • Williams  Steel  Erection  Co.,  Inc.
         a course of action to address demand in   with  the  most  stringent  safety  stan-  (Class III for $1 million to $7.5 million)
         the US market.”, says Christophe Los-  dards, CODIPRO is part of the lifting   All four winning projects showcased
         ange, Director of CODIPRO.         division of the ALIPA Group, a Lux-  a diverse array of knowledge and dif-
           Benoit Cop is moving abroad      embourg packaging and industrial   ficulty of steel erection in the United
           Benoit Cop has worked for CODIPRO   lifting  specialist  with  approximately   States. One job included taking over
         for over ten years. When the opportu-  130 employees.                 the fabrication process, another in-
         nity arose, he decided to leave to live in   For more information visit their web-  volved the precision needed to get
         the United States with his family.   site:           steel to follow a crinkle wall design,

         Class I Winner, Flawless Steel Welding, for Corbin Park Parking Garage,  Class II Winner, Derr & Gruenewald Construction, for Prism Building,
         located in Overland Park, Kan.                      Denver, Colo. Photo Credit: DenverInfill

         Class III Winner, Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc., for Dulles Corridor   Class IV Winner, Derr & Gruenewald Construction, for Salt Lake City
         Metrorail Project Phase II at the Dulles International Airport.  International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Program.

         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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