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                                                                     Superior Edge Cut

                                                                                  and Abrasion



                 Introducing EDL

                 The first visual Edge Damage Limit
                 out-of-service marker

                       Sewn in the USA
                                                                         Soft Twill Weave Body
                      SAFETY BUILT-IN                                           No coated edge yarns

         continued from previous page       gether. The side hangs, meanwhile, had   wrapped around the stage. The previous
         marking the floor and leading the local   two pick-points that worked in tandem.  show was in Kansas City and I flew from
         crew in rigging the shows safely.    Stagemaker entertainment motors   there to Nashville early to be in time for
           Challenges                       are designed to handle stage and theat-  the pre-rig, starting our day at 6 a.m.
           Yeo said: “It was a different lighting   rical equipment, enabling the safe and   The timing with the driving distance was
         rig for both tours and each venue is   accurate position of speakers, lighting   the main reason why the tour crew and
         different. Not all venues can hold the   systems, stage sets, and sceneries. The
         same amount of weight and have vary-  range is lightweight, making it ideal for
         ing beam layouts. I took each venue’s   touring events, reducing time and im-
         information and put our show into   proving ergonomics for riggers. Its com-
         their building.  Sometimes we had to   pact  size  permits  it  to  fit  inside  truss
         move things  around  to  accommodate   structures, and its quietness makes it
         venue-specific  challenges.  Each  show   ideal for operation during performances.
         had its own rigging plot slightly modi-  The latest tour is memorable because
         fied to each specific venue. There were   of the scale of the pre-rig for Tomlin’s
         times that certain elements of the show   final show at Bridgestone Arena.
         did not hang due to the size of venue.”  Pre-rigging  is  when  the tour  rigger
           Solutions                        and local riggers go in earlier than the
           Over 100 hoists were used in total—57   rest of the equipment and tour person-
         this year, 56 last—the majority of which   nel to hang all of the motors.  Some-
         were Stagemakers, ranging from ¼ to   times this is done a day before or a few
         2-ton capacity. Yeo highlighted the fact   hours in advance of the main load-in.
         that all of the hoists ran at 16 ft. per   In this case, the team chose to pre-rig
         min, while the length of the chains was   due to time restraints in getting the
         typically 60 ft. or 80 ft. There were vary-  show loaded with added elements that
         ing trim heights for the rig; the lowest   hadn’t been on the tour previously.
         was 16 ft. and the audio hangs usually   Yeo said: “We added about 20 addition-
         trimmed to 60 ft. The lighting trusses’   al  hoists  to  the  Good  Friday  show  due
         maximum trim was 45 ft., Yeo added.   to the performance being almost 100%
         Lighting trusses usually had three or   in the round. There were extra lighting
         four hoists moving at once and the audio   trusses, video walls, and audio hangs to
         main hangs had three hoists working to-  accommodate the seats to the sides that

         50     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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