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                                 Still made in the USA!

                                                                                     POC 3500-94
                                                                                     3 /2" capacity, power-operated
                                                                                     Cuts 3 /2" wire rope in 40 seconds!
                                                                                     Also available in 2 /2", 1 /4", 1 /8"
                  Model 1                                                                    POC 2500-80
                  3 /4" capacity                                                             2 /2" capacity,
                                                                                             power operated
                                                   Model 1A
                                                   1 /16" capacity                             C-1750
                                                                                               1 /4" capacity
                         Model 2                                 POC 1125-80
                         1 /2" capacity                          1 /8" capacity, power-operated

                                                Morse-Starrett Products Company
                                                   184 NW 10th St, Meridian, Idaho 83642
                                   PH: (208) 888-7571  •  FAX: (208) 888-2092  •  sales@  •

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