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         mobile crane to help move some of the   amount of standing time until the   lifting equipment, steel, shackles  and
         concrete panels closer to the LG 1750   permanent construction  is completed,   controls,  plus a rigging workbox  that
         for final picking and setting.     demonstrating a prolonged period of   stocked tools for day-to-day use on the
           The LG 1750 carefully lifted the pan-  load suspension  which  is  paramount   road. Yeo himself  was responsible  for
         els horizontally to the required height   for projects like this’.                    continued on next page
         and then tilted them upright into place
         by sliding the wire rope links through  Stagemaker Hoists Lift
         the  snatch  blocks  attached to the  Spirits on Chris Tomlin Tours
         spreader beam. The Modulift spreader   Stage rigging specialist TLS Produc-
         beams are designed to be particularly   tions Inc. (TLS) has supplied Stage-
         stable and  trusted for  this  maneuver   maker hoists and rigging expertise for
         and are compatible with snatch blocks.   two consecutive tours for contemporary
         The Tilt Wall Ontario team  then   Christian music artist Chris Tomlin.
         braced the panels until the permanent   TLS,  a Hibino USA company, won
         structural connections were completed.  two  separate contracts  to provide the
           From construction and oil to mining   rigging equipment and a traveling head
         and steel, Equipment Corps in Ontario   rigger for the two-month-long Worship
         provides equipment to many industries   Night In America and Holy Roar Tours,
         across  North America – and over the   which  took place during the spring
         last 30 years has established itself as   months of 2018 and 2019 respectively.
         the leading provider of industrial con-  The 2018 tour included 24 shows, while
         struction  tools  and fabrication  equip-  this year’s circuit ended with an iconic
         ment. It has been a distributor of Mod-  28th show,  the Good Friday Concert,
         ulift products since 2016.         which took place at Bridgestone Arena
           Harshal Kulkarni, Engineering Man-  in  Nashville,  Tennessee.  Jordan Yeo,
         ager for Modulift said ‘The versatility   production rigger / production manager
         of our  products, together with  them   at TLS, traveled with both tours.
         conforming to the highest level of safe-  TLS, a distributor of R&M Materials
         ty standards, means that our products   Handling Inc.’s Stagemaker entertain-
         facilitate not only the lifting capacity   ment  range  of  hoists,  reported to  two
         required for the lift, but our Modulift   production managers and a tour man-  Stagemaker Hoists lift spirits on Chris Tomlin
         range of beams also ensure a sufficient                               Tours. Over 100 hoists were used in total—57
                                            ager over two years to deliver all of the   this year, 56 last.
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