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         continued from page 46             in Gravenhurst, just north from Toron-  tion of a five-story multi-unit residen-
         lar building company, it didn’t  need   to and is well-known for its champion-  tial condo building with a sixth story
         much persuasion to be convinced of the   ship 18-hole golf course. Its popularity   on the three stair towers for access to
         benefits of a modular product!     meant that more luxury accommoda-  the roof. The building was constructed
           The Muskoka  Bay Resort is located   tion was required, hence the construc-  entirely with 381 precast tilt-up con-
                                                                               crete panels. The panels’ width ranged
                                                                               from 1.5m (5ft) to over 18m (60ft) wide-
                                                                               with weights anywhere from one ton
                                                                               (3,000lb) to 58 tons (128,000lb).
                                                                                 Tilt Wall Ontario was keen to use the
                                                                               Modulift spreader beams again so rather
                                                                               than asking the crane company to pro-
                                                                               vide, the project manager, Ken VanCast-
                                                                               eren,  approached  Equipment  Corps  di-
                                                                               rect, who supplied a MOD 50 and a MOD
                                                                               110. They were used to even the load dis-
                                                                               tribution and to facilitate proper angles
                                                                               on the lifting slings and hardware.
                                                                                 Ken  VanCasteren  said: “We  utilized
                                                                               two different sized beams and between
                                                                               the two, they were used for about 80 to
                                                                               85 per cent of the picks. We did not ad-
                                                                               just the lengths of the beams during the
                                                                               lifting process but instead used the two
                                                                               different beam sizes to allow for quicker
                                                                               rigging changes. From the MOD 110,
                                                                               we went down to an eight-point pick for
                                                                               load distribution and on the MOD 50 we
                                                                               were using a four-point lifting set up.”
                                                                                 A Leibherr  LG 1750 lattice boom
                                                                               mobile crane was used for this project,
         Modulift Spreader Beam, preparing for lift                            with the added  assistance of a 350T

         48     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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