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         continued from previous page       was provided for the crane and carrier   Acco, explained that the circular crane
         terribly there will be no need to make   travel, while two-speed controls for the   was used to rotate the jet engines into
         expensive repairs – all you have to do is   hoists facilitated  lifting and lowering   position before it interlocked with the
         hit the reset button.”             operations. Weston-style mechanical   monorail system to transport the load
           The LEEA Awards 2019 would like to   load brakes and multiple carrier travel   to other areas of the facility. The equip-
         hear about your innovations. To enter,   limit switches provided added safety.  ment is exposed  to cold conditions in
         please visit:    John Jones, district sales manager at   the building and the mind-blowing
         Acco Overhead Crane
         Solution for Aerospace
           J&B Equipment has installed a cir-
         cular  crane and other systems to lift
         jet engines for testing at an aerospace
         company. Acco Material Handling So-
         lutions LLC, a manufacturer of materi-
         al handling products, including cranes
         and hoists, provided the solution.
           The scope of work covered design
         and installation of a system for mov-
         ing jet engines to and from test cells.
         The principle challenge was that the
         engines needed to be moved quickly,
         slowly, and with great precision at
         various stages of the testing process.
         Of course, safety was the paramount
         concern throughout material han-
         dling operations.
           The solution was a Louden monorail,
         a circular (360-degree curve) and other
         cranes, a customized carrier, and work-
         rated hoists.  Variable speed control   J&B designed a carrier (blue) for the jet engines, which was lifted by the circular crane system.

         48     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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