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         bridge five or six metres out of line on   in a neat HTML report. Together with   steel  (down  20.4%  and 12.6%,  respec-
         one  side,  while  the  mechanism  that   the hardware, the SP solution added   tively,  vs.  November  final  data).  For
         raises and lowers the two halves of the   safety and efficiency to a project where   the  full  year  of  2018,  total  and  fin-
         bridge was also damaged.           timely delivery is important to get the   ished steel imports are 33,731,000 and
           Hye,  located on  the  banks  of  the   bridge returned to Grimbergen and re-  25,694,000 net tons (NT), down 11.5%
         Scheldt  in  Antwerp,  near  Kruibeke,   opened as soon as possible.”  and 13.1%, respectively, compared to
         called upon LGH to provide measure-  SP’s  compression  load cells  boast a   full  year 2017. Finished  steel import
         ments  before  and after an  important   wireless range of 700m or 2,300 ft. The   market share was 19%  in December
         phase of the bridge’s restoration.  The   load cells and software commonly com-  and 23% for full year 2018.
         wireless load cells were positioned un-  bine to verify the center of gravity and   Key  finished  steel  products  with  a
         der four supporting points of the struc-  weight of large and heavy objects that   significant  import  increase  in  Decem-
         ture and fed data, capturing individual   may not be evenly proportioned. Kraft   ber compared to November were heavy
         and collective readings, back to SP’s   and his team also utilized 100t capaci-  structural  shapes (up 20%) and line
         SW-HHP software on a laptop, where   ty Hi-Force hydraulic jacks to raise the   pipe (up 12%). Major products with sig-
         they were read at a safe distance.  bridge and lower it onto the load cells.  nificant increases for full year 2018 vs.
           The net weight of the bridge was   SP  was acquired by lifting  and rig-  full year 2017 include hot rolled sheets
         156.5t  but the structure measured   ging hardware giant The Crosby Group   (up 22%) and plates in coils (up 15%).
         162.5t  including a number of compo-  at the turn of the year.          In December the largest volumes of
         nents that will be required during re-  Repair work on the bridge contin-  finished  steel  imports  from  offshore
         installation. Davy Kraft, Sales Engi-  ues. For more information visit www.  were from Germany (114,000 NT,
         neer at LGH Belgium, explained that              down 9% from November final), Viet-
         there was no necessity to measure cen-                                nam  (100,000  NT,  down  17%),  South
         ter of gravity but the information was  Steel Imports Down 12         Korea (91,000 NT, down 53%), Japan
         readily available and contained within  Percent in 2018               (97,000 NT, down 16%) and Turkey
         a detailed report generated by the soft-  Finished Import Market Share at   (53,000 NT, down 10%). For full year
         ware and delivered to Hye’s engineers.  23 Percent in 2018            2018, the largest offshore suppli-
           He said: “The software is user-friend-  Based on final Census Bureau data,   ers were South Korea (2,764,000 NT,
         ly and enabled us to give the report to   the American Iron and Steel Institute   down 26% vs. full year 2017), Japan
         the customer effectively in real time.   (AISI) reported  that the  U.S.  import-  (1,383,000 NT, down 8%), Germany
         The system recorded the weight on   ed a  total  of  1,898,000 net  tons  (NT)   (1,339,000 NT, down 5%), Turkey
         each individual load cell, total weight,   of steel in  December 2018, including   (1,153,000  NT,  down  47%)  and  Viet-
         and center of gravity, and displayed it   1,679,000  net  tons  (NT)  of  finished    continued on next page

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