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         (NT), down 12.7% and 16.7%, respec-
         tively, vs. the same period in 2018.
         Annualized  total  and  finished  steel
         imports in  2019 would  be 31.2 and
         23.4 million NT, down 7.4% and 9.1%,
         respectively,  vs.  2018. Finished  steel
         import market share was an estimated
         20% in June and is estimated at 21%
         over the first six months of 2019.
           Key  finished  steel  products  with  a
         significant  import  increase  in  June
         compared to May were  tin plate (up
         70%), mechanical tubing (up 14%) and
         wire rods (up 12%).
           In  June  the  largest  volumes  of  fin-
         ished steel imports from offshore were
         from South Korea (163,000  NT, down
         44%  from  May  final),  Japan  (112,000
         NT, down 9%), Germany (100,000 NT,
         up 56%), Taiwan (86,000 NT, up 7%)
         and Vietnam (59,000 NT,  down  3%).
         For  the  first  six  months  of  2019,  the
         largest offshore  suppliers were  South
         Korea (1,450,000 NT, down 17% vs. the
         same period in 2018), Japan (723,000
         NT, down 2%), Germany (617,000 NT,
         down 7%), Taiwan (522,000 NT, down
         7%) and Vietnam (427,000 NT,  down
         16%). Shown are charts on estimated
         steel import market share  in recent
         months  and  on  finished  steel  imports
         from offshore by country.
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         Steel Institute,
         May Steel Shipments Down
         0.8% from Previous Month
           The American  Iron and Steel In-
         stitute (AISI) reported that for the
         month of May 2019,  U.S. steel mills
         shipped 8,142,270 net tons, a 0.8 per-
         cent decrease from the 8,210,425  net
         tons shipped in  the previous  month,
         April 2019, and a 1.1 percent increase
         from the 8,056,366  net tons shipped
         in May 2018.  Shipments year-to-date
         in 2019 are 40,504,746 net tons, a 3.0
         percent increase vs. 2018 shipments of
         39,316,041 net tons for five months.
           A comparison of May shipments to
         the previous month of April shows the   Charts courtesy of AISI. For more news about steel and its applications, go to their website at
         following  changes:  hot  rolled  sheets,
         down 1 percent, hot dipped galvanized   Innovation Award Showcase event at   solutions for votes from visitors, which
         sheets and strip, down 2 percent, and   LiftEx 2019, in  addition to the 2019   means it will be  the place to see cut-
         cold rolled sheets, down 4 percent.  award category itself. Christina  Lan-  ting edge innovations for the industry.
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and   ham, Managing Director  of ITI  UK,   LiftEx visitors can cast their votes on
         Steel Institute,    will  be  presenting  the  winner  at the   the day, which will be added to those
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