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                                 Still made in the USA!

                                                                                     POC 3500-94
                                                                                     3 /2" capacity, power-operated
                                                                                     Cuts 3 /2" wire rope in 40 seconds!
                                                                                     Also available in 2 /2", 1 /4", 1 /8"
                  Model 1                                                                    POC 2500-80
                  3 /4" capacity                                                             2 /2" capacity,
                                                                                             power operated
                                                   Model 1A
                                                   1 /16" capacity                             C-1750
                                                                                               1 /4" capacity
                         Model 2                                 POC 1125-80
                         1 /2" capacity                          1 /8" capacity, power-operated

                                               Morse-Starrett Products Company
                                                   184 NW 10th St, Meridian, Idaho 83642
                                   PH: (208) 888-7571  •  FAX: (208) 888-2092  •  sales@  •

         continued from page 44             customers  in  North  America  through  Canadian Modular
                                            online, telephone support and on-site   Building Company
         Unirope, Ltd. Becomes 1st          service  calls.  Chant  will  provide  en-  Takes No Convincing to
         Territory Representative           hanced logistics stocking excess inven-  Use Modulift’s Modular
         for Distribution of Dynamic        tory in our Pennsylvania manufacturing   Spreader Beams
         Load Monitoring Products           facility for quick shipment of products.   New  construction  methods that are
         Across Canada                        We  are  currently  placing  territory   more  efficient  and  cost  effective  in-
           Unirope, Ltd. has inked a deal to be-  partners all across the United States.   creasingly rely on lifting specialists
         come the key Canadian Territory Rep-  Companies interested in becoming   like  Modulift  to hoist  large  prefabri-
         resentative  for  Dynamic  Load Moni-  a Territory  Representative for  DLM   cated components into place. Tilt-up is
         toring (UK) Ltd. DLM’s  product line   products, please contact marketing@  just one of those methods.
         includes load  link,  load cell and load        It’s  a  building  technique  where  re-
         monitoring products for the lifting, rig-                             inforced concrete panels are cast on or
         ging and offshore  subsea industries.                                 off-site then hoisted up and tilted into
         Unirope will sell DLM products to cus-                                position. These panels become the load-
         tomers throughout Canada.                                             bearing structural components and elim-
           Chant Engineering Co. Inc. and DLM                                  inate the need for perimeter columns.
         introduces a new North American Part-                                   That’s why when Canadian company,
         ner Program for widespread  product                                   Tilt Wall Ontario won the contract to
         distribution. DLM will provide techni-                                build a new condo apartment block on
         cal knowledge, product training and                                   the luxury Muskoka Bay Resort, they
         support to regional partners in each                                  approached Modulift’s local  distribu-
         territory.  Territory  Representatives                                tor, Equipment Corps for two new mod-
         will be prepared with extensive knowl-                                ular spreader beams.
         edge to further educate customers on                                    The construction company, that spe-
         DLM  products,  features  and  benefits                               cialises in the tilt-up method, had usu-
         learning  how  to  provide  in-field  dem-                            ally relied on basic spreader beams
         onstrations for DLM’s load monitoring                                 or bars provided by crane  companies
         technology and load link products.                                    but  on  a  recent  job  had come  across
           Chant will offer remote support and                                 Modulift’s spreader beams and was im-
         training for new DLM representatives   Knut  Buschmann  of  Unirope shaking  hands   pressed by their versatility. As a modu-
         and will provide  technical  support  to   with Phil Chant of Chant Engineering.       continued on page 48

         46     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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