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         end wire rope, from winch lines to dead   named as one of two weekly winners.   award from the NCDOL in recognition
         ending of blocks to splicing two wire   For more information about this pro-  of our safety program, a milestone
         ropes together, plus many other types   gram, visit  only 10 other companies in NC have
         of field applications.                                                achieved. This award belongs to every
           Remember, to raise the profile of the  Tandemloc Receives SHARP  Tandemloc employee as a direct result
         campaign, Crosby has launched a pho-  Safety Award for Ten Years      of their commitment to and participa-
         to contest whereby end users can sub-  in a Row                       tion in creating a culture of safety here
         mit an image of an application featur-  For ten consecutive years Tandem-  at Tandemloc, Inc., but we especially
         ing a wire rope clip and potentially be   loc, Inc. has received the SHARP   want to recognize Curt Pope, Produc-
                                                                               tion Manager, and Will Johnson, Test-
                                                                               ing and Safety Manager, for their com-
                                                                               mitment to creating and maintaining
                                                                               Tandemloc’s safe working environ-
                                                                               ment. For more information about
                                                                               Tandemloc and our quality products,
                                                                               please visit
                                                                               Steel Imports Down 13%
                                                                               Finished Import Market Share
                                                                               YTD at 21%
                                                                                 Based on final Census Bureau data,
                                                                               the American Iron and Steel Institute
                                                                               (AISI) reported that the U.S. imported
                                                                               a total of 2,023,000  net tons (NT) of
                                                                               steel in June 2019, including 1,711,000
                                                                               net  tons  (NT)  of  finished  steel  (down
                                                                               2.5% and 8.3%, respectively, vs. May fi-
                                                                               nal data). Through the first six months
                                                                               of 2019, total and finished steel imports
                                                                               are 15,620,000 and 11,676,000 net tons
         Tandemloc’s Curt Pope and Will Johnson with the SHARP Safety Award                    continued on next page

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