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         News continued from page 41        the lifting and wire rope industry. After   vider Wiguna Artha Lestari utilized an
                                            the kick-off meeting in October in the   SP Radiolink plus load cell and Wire-
         De Haan Special Equipment          USA, the first representatives day has   less Hand Held Plus to complete test-
         Goes USA!                          taken place at De Haan SE in January.  ing of a 15 ton capacity frame using a
           De Haan Special Equipment, who is                                   50t capacity Tadano TG500E. Although
         a world leading manufacturer of lifting  Straightpoint Load Cell      lifting operations ceased during heavy
         blocks and wire rope/chain accessories,  Beats Jakarta Elements       rainfall, IP67 environmental protection
         has appointed a group of companies who   Straightpoint (SP) equipment is suit-  meant that the load cell didn’t have to
         will represent the company in the USA.   ed to use even in the Jakarta, Indone-  be dismantled from the hook once the
         With these agreements De Haan is now   sia monsoon season, as a recent appli-  load was temporarily lowered.
         represented all over the USA. These   cation proved.                    Jakarta can be hit by stormy weather
         companies have years of experience in   Lifting equipment  and services pro-  at multiple points during the year but
                                                                               is  especially likely  to experience  wet
                                                                               conditions when monsoons blow in from
                                                                               the south  and east in June through
                                                                               September and from the northwest in
                                                                               December through March.
                                                                                 The latest wet-season assignment
                                                                               involved Wiguna  using  a 55t capac-
                                                                               ity Radiolink plus, SP’s best-selling
                                                                               product, and the handheld reading de-
                                                                               vice to load test a frame beneath the
                                                                               hook of the mobile crane and record
                                                                               measurements against a patchwork
                                                                               of rainclouds. The load cell features a
                                                                               separate internal sealed enclosure pro-
                                                                               viding the electronic components with
                                                                               IP (Ingress  Protection) 67 (NEMA 6)
                                                                               even with the battery cover plate miss-
                                                                               ing, making the dynamometer suitable
                                                                               for use in the harshest environments.
         De Haan representatives in front of 1000 tons hookblock                               continued on next page
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