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         tion costs. “With the VPC-MAX attach-  fleet are coming at a good time.”  including ‘experiments’ to provide dem-
         ment, the MLC650’s capacity bumps to   For information about The ALL Fami-  onstrations  and also to allow pupils
         770 USt, an increase of 55 USt over its   ly of Companies go to  themselves to get involved in solving
         standard configuration,” said Mikut.                                  problems. There will also be videos in-
           The 14000 Series 3 is upgraded from  Think Lifting – LEEA’s         troducing students to lifting industry
         the Series 2 to make it the strongest   New School Engagement         occupation opportunities.
         crane in its class. “Manitowoc worked   Program                         This means members themselves go
         with us to add capacity without chang-  The  Lifting  Equipment Engineers   out to their  local schools  and engage
         ing the footprint, so the chart at 50 feet   Association  (LEEA) has launched   with students – with LEEA offering all
         competes with a machine with a 230-  Think  Lifting,  a new  school  engage-  the support it can.
         USt capacity. It makes the 14000 more   ment program that aims to bring the   Students  sparked with  interest  will
         versatile,” said Mikut.            opportunities of entering the lifting   have a pathway into our sector via the
           Calling the 14000 a bread-and-butter   industry to the attention of pre-option   new apprenticeship, which is currently
         crane  of the medium capacity range,   secondary school children (ages 11-13)   being developed through the Trailblaz-
         Mikut expects it to be in high demand   through linking them to the local lift-  er Working Group.
         for  a  wide variety of  project  types in-  ing sector.                Ross Moloney said: “We want school
         cluding bridges, power and processing   “Finding the next generation of engi-  children  to understand how being an
         plants, road work, and more.       neers is one of the most pressing con-  engineer is a skilled,  attractive and
           Rounding out the package will be   cerns in our industry, which is one that   varied occupation, where they can find
         three Manitowoc 999 Series  3 crawl-  comprises a set of very specialized and   themselves on-site doing a multitude
         ers. “The 999  is a solid machine and   technical occupations where skills can-  of tasks. We want them to see the ap-
         has been a workhorse for ALL, so new   not  be  transferred  easily,”  said Ross   prenticeship as the gateway to working
         units are always welcome,” said Mikut.   Moloney,  CEO  of  LEEA. “So  the  as-  with a combination of new designs, new
           Upon receipt, the new cranes will be   sociation is taking vital action to help   development, concepts, new materials,
         deployed across ALL Crane’s network   create a sustainable workforce.”  defined approaches in accordance with
         of branches,  targeting markets where   LEEA  will provide members who   regulations and legislation. Our indus-
         they are in the highest demand.    wish to get involved in the scheme with   try has been hidden away for too long,
           “We’ve seen an unyielding demand   FREE training to give those volunteer-  it is time to bring it into the classroom.”
         for crawlers for several cycles now, re-  ing  the  required  knowledge  to  access   If you wish to get involved in the
         gardless  of  market.  Across  the  board,   local  schools  and become comfortable   Think  Lifting Program and help at-
         we’re already booking jobs into 2020,”   in that environment. LEEA will also   tract tomorrow’s lifting industry work-
         said Mikut. “So these additions to the   equip them with a FREE suite of tools        continued on next page

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