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            The RSM PRO ~ High Speed Production Roundsling Machinery by Strider~Resource
              The RSM PRO is the industries most efÞcient roundsling fabrication system. Combining two innovative,
           labor saving machines loaded with features conceived from years of hands on experience, the RSM PRO by
                           Strider~Resource delivers unmatched power, production and performance.

            Complete turn key system - Including onsite installation, commissioning and hands on fabrication training.

             Strider~Resource provides you with everything you need to know on how to fabricate the highest quality
             roundslings in the most efÞcient manner. Every detail is covered in our training, system guides and after
               sales support, so that you and your staff have full conÞdence in your procedures and our machinery.
                 Explore our advanced lifting industry solutions, including The One Press¨ Swaging System,
              Universalª Swagers, Modern Forward Compatibleª Test Machines, Calibration Services, Wirelock¨,
                    Sahm-Splice Annealers, and Gigasense Overload and Anti-Collision Protection Systems.
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         position over the foundations and low-  them feel more confident in using this   working  together to pull in the same
         ered onto the anchor bolts.        new equipment.”                    direction. Teamwork and collaboration
           The  six JLS250 jacking  load shoes   Burton  added: “The equipment per-  on this high profile project made a suc-
         were  hydraulically  connected  in  a   formed perfectly and made us look im-  cessful outcome possible.
         three-point suspension to lift and slide   peccable to our client. Don and Robert
         the converters on the HT300 track.   even came to the jobsite for the move  Hard Hat Inventor Bullard
         The shoes are a universal design that   to help ease our client’s concerns with   Kicks Off 100th Anniversary
         work with both Hydra-Slide’s  heavy   this critical move.”            Celebration
         track HT300  or HT500  skidding sys-  The JLS250s and HT300 did the bulk   Bullard Celebrates a Century of
         tems. They can be connected hydrauli-  of the work but the low profile LP350   Innovation
         cally  with  any  number  of  other  shoes   system was used to remove the head on   Bullard,  a global leader in  personal
         increasing  the total system capacity   the converter due to clearance issues.   protective  equipment, announced to-
         while  maintaining  equal load support   At the end of  September, Myshak   day  its plans for a year-long celebra-
         and weight distribution.           will use the JLS250 shoes and HT300   tion to honor the 100th anniversary of
           Burton explained why they were key   to pull and remove the basket from the
         to success at on site: “Due to the very   old shell for disposal.
         tight confines we had only 5cm of clear-  Hydra-Slide recently redesigned the
         ance in some areas and when you add   HT300 shoes and cylinders to be capa-
         in that the ground conditions were soft,   ble of either pushing or pulling the load
         the load could even ‘tighten up’ some of   to further increase their capabilities.
         those clearances. We had to lean [the   In conclusion,  Burton called Hydra-
         converter] at one point to give us clear-  Slide equipment “the Cadillac of sys-
         ance down the side, then we got close   tems”. He added: “The ease of use and
         on the top so we had to lower it as we   assembly is  by far  the best and most
         went out.”                         user  friendly  I have experienced.  The
           Throughout the project Hydra-Slide’s   add-ons that we  have  as  in  the  new   Bullard celebrates a century of hard  hat
                                                                               innovaton. Photo © Mastio1 -
         Don  Mahnke,  President,  and Robert   push-pull design and the jacking load
         Young,  Director  of  Operations,  pro-  shoes  are just incredible and equally   the  Company’s invention  of  the  hard
         vided support to Burton and Brad Hill-  user friendly.”               hat.  Headquartered in  Cynthiana,
         gardner, Engineering and Contracts at   Both Hydra-Slide and Myshak agreed   Kentucky,  the Company  invented the
         Myshak. Young said: “We were happy   that the project was a prime example of   Hard Boiled® Hat in  1919 and today
         to be part of the Myshak team and help   a rigging crew and all parties involved      continued on next page

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