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                                            changeout a horizontal converter at a   quire Myshak to explore the breadth
                                            fertilizer production plant in Alberta,   of its rigging equipment fleet that in-
                                            Canada recently. The old and new con-  cludes a 300-ton capacity heavy track
                                            verters weighed 514 tons and 520 tons   HT300 and 350-ton capacity low pro-
                                            respectively.                      file LP350 hydraulic skidding systems,
                                              The facility produces and distributes   complete  with over 60m  of combined
                                            over 26 million tonnes of potash, nitro-  track. Hydra-Slide JLS250 jacking load
                                            gen, and phosphate products for agri-  shoes and a Hydra-Pac synchronous
                                            cultural,  industrial,  and feed custom-  10,000-psi hydraulic unit to power six
                                            ers worldwide.                     double-acting hydraulic cylinders were
                                              Myshak  Crane  &  Rigging (MCR),  a   also required.
                                            Canada-based specialized rigging com-  Burton  explained  that  Myshak  first
                                            pany, was originally engaged  in the   received the new converter and accom-
                                            project as a consultant, as the client   panying basket from rail and offloaded
                                            considered its options at a confined site   them using the HT300 skid system for
                                            where congestion and ground pressure   storage until the shutdown was under-
                                            limitations were the main challenges.   way. It was then required to load out
                                            Troy  Burton,  specialized  rigging  field   and transport an old, spare basket from
                                            manager at Myshak,  explained: “Our   site to make room for the installation of
                                            group is what we consider a special-  the new, larger one. Then Myshak load-
                                            ized rigging group that doesn’t focus   ed and transported the new  converter
                                            on only large complex projects but the   basket from storage to the plant to be
                                            small ones also. We try to excel in com-  filled with catalyst prior to installation
                                            ing  up  with  the  best  way  to  achieve   once the shells were switched out.
                                            our customers’ goals in the most eco-  The old converter shell complete with
                                            nomical and safe way. We shine when   basket and catalyst weighed 514,500kg
                                            a client allows us to think way outside   and was 2.7m in diameter and 32m
                                            the box to design and engineer to the   long. It was jacked up and skidded hor-
                                            needs of the project.  In this case, the   izontally in one piece more than 50m
                                            client wanted to replace the converter   to a more open area using the JLS250
                                            as efficiently as possible with minimal   skid shoes and HT300 skid track where
                                            disturbance to the surrounding piping   it was then loaded onto a self-propelled
                                            and other  equipment. We  discussed  a   modular transporter (SPMT).
         RSS used the steel structure either side of the   number of options, including changing   The  new  converter  shell  weighed
         walkway to pull against using chain slings, as   it out with a replica or increasing the   377,000kg  without the basket and
         an alternative to using live weights.  size [of the converter].”      520,200kg with it, and measured 3.0m
                                              Eventually, it was decided to replace   in diameter and 35m in length. It was
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                                            it with a bigger unit, which would re-  then skidded the same distance into
         use of live weights.
           RSS  carried  out  aforementioned as-
         signments  for  the  same customer  in
         May this year; it also completed onsite
         testing of a temporary lifting beam to
         facilitate assembly of ACC ducting two
         months later. The requirement for spe-
         cialist lifting and rigging services has
         been a constant during a long-term in-
         vestment programme into new flexible
         power plants across the country.
           Coleman concluded: “The King’s
         Lynn Power Station is another exam-
         ple  of  a  high  profile  site  committing
         to exemplary best practices related to
         lifting and rigging gear, where only ex-
         perts in the field should be sought for
         any matters involving installation, pe-
         riodic inspection, testing, maintenance,
         and other related activities.”
         Myshak Crane & Rigging
         Uses Hydra-Slide
         Equipment at Nitrogen Site
           Myshak  Crane  &  Rigging  utilized
         its entire fleet of Hydra-Slide hydrau-
         lic skidding equipment in addition to   The Hydra-Pac synchronous hydraulic unit powered six JSL250 jacking load shoes, allowing
         various  other  heavy  rigging  tools  to   even weight distribution and load compensation, even with poor ground conditions.

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2019
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