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         continued from page 40             ment Medal for his response to an acci-  the opposite direction. I was operating
         from  the  largest  lifting,  rigging,  and   dent after a soldier overturned a 30-ton   cranes  for  the  operating engineers  20
         material handling hardware company   capacity crane at a heliport in Taji. In   years prior to this incident so I felt well
         in the world.                      a separate incident, an Iraqi armored   equipped to respond under pressure.”
           Good causes, particularly those with   personnel carrier fell off a trailer and   Since,  as safety manager for cranes
         military links,  are close  to Glinski’s   severely injured a number of soldiers.   and rigging at the Tappan Zee Bridge
         heart, having been medically  retired   Glinski  devised and  implemented a   project, a position he held for nearly
         from the U.S. Air Force in April 2006   plan to upright the crane and the per-  five  years,  Glinski  oversaw  100%  im-
         after 14 years of service.  He was in-  sonnel carrier.               plementation of  Crosby  equipment.
         jured on active duty in Taji, Iraq a year   The achievements listed and citation   He is in the process of doing the same
         earlier  during  Operation  Iraqi Free-  given by superiors stated: “His exper-  on the Purple Line site in Maryland, a
         dom, where  Glinski  was in  the 201st   tise with crane operations was critical   16.2-mile light rail infrastructure proj-
         Red Horse Squadron, Pennsylvania Air   in recovering an Iraqi armored person-  ect. Glinski estimates that CTS’s train-
         National Guard out of Ft. Indiantown   nel carrier involved in an injury acci-  ing  content—courses  include  NCCCO
         Gap. There, he served as crane opera-  dent… For meritorious service while   Rigger I, NCCCO Rigger II, articulat-
         tor in a heavy construction unit.  serving as a construction  equipment   ing crane operator, and lift director—is
           Glinski  said: “I recognize  that I am   operator.  Technical  sergeant  Glinski   “75% Crosby based”.
         uniquely  placed to provide testimony   was invaluable for crane operations, as   Crosby’s wire rope clips range in size
                                                                            Looking for a product or service
         for Crosby’s commitment to the Fallen   his efforts safely recovered thousands   from 1/8” to 3 ½”. These wire rope end
         Patriots charity. As a veteran both of   of dollars worth of equipment and ex-  termination fittings are used in a vari-
         the forces and as a purveyor of the com-  pedited crane requirements. [His] out- related to wire rope and slings?
                                                                               ety of applications to form eyes in the
         pany’s world-class rigging gear, I com-  standing achievements and devotion to
         mend the endeavor to align sales of the   duty are in keeping with the highest
         wire rope clips with a very important   traditional of military service…”
         cause. I have seen and experienced the   Glinski  recalled: “The operator
         impact military service can have on an   flipped  the  crane  over  while  assem-
         individual  and  his  or  her  family,  and   bling a new hanger on the airfield. The
         actively support any charitable or oth-  plan involved the use of two HEMTTs
         er initiatives that provide for the price   [Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical
         that is sometimes paid for serving one’s   Trucks], with one winch pulling to up-
         beloved country.”                  right the crane and another holding
           Glinski  received  the  Army Achieve-  the crane back so it didn’t flip over in

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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