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         continued from page 40             OEM products for safety conformance.
         dustrial workplace and provide a safer   This is a natural extension of our ser-  ALL Family of Companies Deepens
                                                                                 Investment in Manitowoc’s
         work environment.                  vices to focus on assessing  the safety   Capacity-Boosting Technology
           Workplace injuries or deaths can have   of factory production machinery. We
         a devastating effect not only on the in-  provide the asset owner,  EHS Man-
         dividual and their family, but also on   ager, and those responsible for safety
         the company and employer through   management  with an unbiased, inde-
         lost production, fines for violations, and   pendent assessment of their industrial
         damages to reputation and brand.   machines which can be integrated into
           UL’s Machine Risk Assessment ser-  safety programs and be acted upon to
         vices provide an unbiased assessment   create a safer work environment.”
         of the safety of industrial manufac-  UL’s Machine Risk Assessment ser-
         turing  machinery.  The  services  are   vices  add to  UL’s  portfolio  of  services
         based on OSHA, ANSI B11, ISO 12100,   and products designed to help create a
         NFPA, RIA, and other applicable stan-  safer work environment and an on-site
         dards. The on-site risk  assessments   safety culture.  In addition to the ma-
         can be conducted across industries and   chine risk assessment services, other
         a wide range of machine types, for a   solutions available include online and
         single machine or an entire factory.  classroom  training,  advisory services,
           Industrial  machines  are  evolving   and safety and occupational  health
         and becoming more and more auto-   manager software.
         mated. Many factories today contain   To learn more about UL’s unbiased risk
         a mix of legacy equipment purchased   assessment of factory machinery, contact
         decades ago that sit alongside more   UL at For more
         modern, fully automated robotic sys-  information and to view our video, visit:
         tems. The legacy systems often fail to
         meet today’s minimal safety require-
         ments creating a substantial risk to   ALL Family of Companies
         users.  These failures  occur due to   Deepens Investment in
         gaps  in  general  maintenance,  fail-                                facturer  Manitowoc,  three  with  its
         ure to install or replace guards, user   Manitowoc’s Capacity-        exclusive Variable Position Counter-
         shortcuts, and a myriad of other con-  Boosting Technology            weight™ (VPC™) technology taking
         tributing factors.                 Crawlers equipped with Variable    center stage. The purchase includes
           “We have extended our  safety ex-  Position Counterweight™          one MLC650 VPC (716 USt) crawler,
         pertise to the factory floor,” said Tony   highlight package purchase  two MLC650 VPC-MAX™ attachments
         Robertson,  Business  Development    The  ALL  Family  of  Companies  is   to boost capacity, and two MLC300
         Manager for UL’s Energy and Power   once  again  expanding  its  fleet  with   VPC (330 USt) crawlers. Other equip-
         Technologies division. “UL experts are   a major crawler  package comprising   ment in the deal includes three 999 Se-
         in facilities today  already assessing   eight cranes from respected manu-  ries 3 (275 USt) and two 14000 Series 3
                                                                               (220 USt) crawlers, one luffing jib, and
                                                                               one wind attachment.
              Note from the Editor                                             heavily in Manitowoc cranes equipped
                                                                                 ALL Crane has already invested
                                                                               with VPC technology. This most re-
               As Wire Rope News & Sling Technology continues to               cent package purchase deepens that
              celebrate 40 years publishing for the industry, this is our first   commitment.
              issue under “new” management. We are happy to announce             “VPC enhances versatility and lift-
              that the new management is still yours truly. The Edward         ing  capability,”  said  Rick  Mikut,
              Bluvias estate saw it fitting to transfer ownership of the       Crawler Crane Division Manager.
              magazine to me, as I’ve been at the helm since the passing of    “Because of this technology, no coun-
              their father (our founder) in 2013.                              terweight  needs  to  be  added  to  the
               Since then my ongoing aim is to improve the magazine, while     crane’s  carbody,  minimizing  its  foot-
              keeping the familiar style which our readers have come to know.   print and impact on the ground. Mat-
              We welcome your suggestions for articles you’d like to see in our   ting is minimal, and transport weight
              pages as we move into this new phase of the magazine.            is reduced.”
               This June issue, recognizing National Safety Month, starts off    The addition  of VPC-MAX  attach-
              with our cover story about the Bullard Company’s celebration     ments to the equipment package was
              of 100 years since their invention of the hard hat (page 8). Next   no small move either, explained Mikut.
              is an article about Dennis O’Rourke’s field observations and     “The attachment dramatically increas-
              solutions concerning unsafe tower crane erection in the world’s   es the options we deliver to a job site
              ever-skyscraping cities (page 18).                               with a single crane.”
               Thank you for reading and celebrating                             VPC-MAX  provides capacities simi-
              the past 40 years with us. We look                               lar to wagon- or tray-mounted attach-
              forward to the next 40!                                          ments, but requires significantly fewer
                                                                               components  and assembly steps,  thus
                                                                               reducing  setup  time and transporta-

         44     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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