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         continued from previous page       in length above the pair of shorter, 2m   8m-long, 20t capacity and 3m-long, 5t
         is provided in a timely fashion and it   (6.5 ft.)-long MOD 12s, which were uti-  capacity roundslings, which combined
         meets the requirements of the lift. Un-  lized at either end of the spreader at a   to attach the rig to the hook of the crane
         derstanding the load and detailed plan-  90-degree angle to the top beam. A MOD   and wrap beneath the footbridge.
         ning are prerequisites to success  in   70 offers up to 70t at 10.5m (33 ft.) and   The unique bridge, which provides a
         such  circumstances,”  said Karl  Chap-  up to 14m (45 ft.) at a lower capacity,   link between part of the city’s historic
         ple, hire and sales manager at Safety-  while a MOD 12 offers up to 12t at 4.75m   walls for pedestrians, was successfully                    (15 ft.) and up to 6.5m (21 ft.) at a lower   removed during a 10pm to 6am road clo-
           The MOD 70 was used at 12m (39 ft.)   capacity. provided   sure. The structure was taken to Solent

         I&I Sling Hosted Crane                                                  A new product for SlingMax is a syn-
         Certification Association of                                          thetic sling with an Over-load indicator
         America, in Philadelphia                                              in the sling. Experimentation is being

           CCAA visited I&I Sling during its An-                               done and the slings  are being tested.
         nual Conference in Philadelphia. I&I                                  We witnessed a test and the remote wi-
         Sling, located in Aston, PA, presented                                fi read-out. The strain gauge and com-
         training  and  educational  sessions  at                              puter is built onto the sling. We know
         our Annual conference in pasted years.                                of smart phones that inform you of
         When we scheduled this year’s meeting                                 messages and of smart cars that inform
         in Philly, we asked if they would partici-                            you when you’re out of your lane, now
         pate. They offered an invitation to host                              we have Smart-Slings that inform you
         a plant visit, one-hour training session,                             that your sling is being over-loaded!
         new products review, and a factory tour                               There is a load sensor and wi-fi sending
         followed  with  lunch  –  we  responded                               unit embedded in the sling that reads
         (with no hesitation), “Great!”                                        out on a laptop. Wow, what next!
           Many  of  the members of CCAA are                                     Scott’s dad, Dennis St. Germain, I&I
         long-time customers  of I&I having                                    Sling founder and Dennis  O’Rourke,
         business  relationships  and  first-hand   Dennis O’Rourke, CSP, CCAA thanks Scott St.   past President of National Crane Ser-
                                            Germain, President of I&I Sling, for the visit.
         product knowledge. However, few of                                    vices, Orlando had meetings and con-
         the  members  ever  visited their  plant,   Next, we viewed the fabrication of   versations discussing the use of syn-
         along with recent rigging incidents and   the  famed  “SlingMax”  Twin-Path  fiber   thetic slings at Cape Kennedy. NCS’s
         new  products  to be marketed were  of   slings. We witnessed load testing of vari-  test bed in  Orlando  used  many I&I
         interest to all.                   ous types of slings to 150% of their ca-  slings due to their handling ease, flex-
           The “Rigging Institute, LLC” (wholly   pacity. As a special treat, we were shown   ibility, and strength. Many years ago
         owned) presented a rigging awareness   a very damaged fiber sling and asked to   the advantages of lifting the Aerospace
         program in their well-equipped training   predict it’s actual breaking strength. We   cargo with these slings were obvious –
         room. The content showed poor methods   all guessed: most were close. What was   and the rest is history. Now these two
         of attaching loads to cranes and hoists   interesting, even in its damaged visual   old guys relax in “somewhat” retire-
         by  employees from the  diverse indus-  condition, it broke at twice its capacity.  ment. That’ll be the day!
         tries throughout the USA. The “CCAA
         students” with years of experience eas-
         ily recognized what the problems were
         with the poor practices; the meaning-                                                  continued on page 42
         ful decisions lead to asking why was it
         performed so incorrectly? These discus-
         sions lead by an experienced and skilled
         instructor developed into a worthwhile
         learning experience for all in attendance.
           I&I Sling separated our members into
         groups of twelve for our tour. Based on
         previous technical groups of this type,
         they could respond to the numerous
         questions they knew would be coming
         their way, and as good hosts, they want-
         ed to respond. Our journey through the
         manufacturing activities at the plant
         was guided by various department su-
         pervisors. (no photos allowed). It started
         at the wire rope sling fabrication area.
         Here we witnessed sling fabricated with
         “Flemish eye” splices. Also, in this area,
         four-leg bridle slings with hooks and,
         using thimbles, were spliced to form the
         four-way bridles ... tricky!       John Davis, PE, President of CCAA and Eric Perry, Training Director of the Training Institute.

         40     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   December 2018
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