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         quirements,” said Paul Smielecki,   for a variety of industries and applica-  Rope Access Worker, Level 2: Rope Ac-
         Marketing  and Training  Manager  –   tions, including wind energy, construc-  cess Lead Technician or Level 3: Rope
         Industrial Equipment Group,  North   tion,  high-rise  building  maintenance   Access Supervisor.
         America. “Each training session,   and bridge inspection, as well as the-  Aside  from  training  and  certifica-
         taught by our  professional  trainers,   atrical, arena, circus and outdoor live-  tion sessions,  we also offer free rope
         consists  of four days of training and   event productions.           access  workshops  where  technicians
         evaluation  on  the  fifth  day.  Then,  we   SPRAT  certification  earned  at  the   can sharpen their skills or work on ad-
         utilize independent evaluators for the   completion of the course will allow stu-  vanced techniques,  without  the  pres-
         certification process.”            dents to perform rope access work ap-  sure  of evaluation. These workshops
           Rope access is a vital skill required   propriate to one of three levels: Level 1:   are offered two days a month. The only
                                                                               requirement is a valid SPRAT or IRA-
                                                                               TA certification.
                                                                                 To learn more about Columbus McK-
                                                                               innon’s SPRAT certification course, or
                                                                               any of the company’s training classes,
                                                                               visit or call 716-
                                                                               SC&RA’s Annual
                                                                               Conference to Feature
                                                                               World-Renowned Speakers
                                                                               on Business and Leadership
                                                                                 The Specialized Carriers & Rigging
                                                                               Association’s  (SC&RA)  2019  Annual
                                                                               Conference will be held April 23-27 at
                                                                               the Omni La Costa Resort in Carls-
                                                                               bad, CA. Registration for the Associa-
                                                                               tion’s premier event is now open, with
                                                                               early-bird pricing available through
                                                                               January 25.
                                                                                 This year, the award-winning Omni
         Get SPRAT Certified at Columbus McKinnon’s Rock Lititz Training Center                continued on next page

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