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         continued from page 36             knuckle-boom crane, while the pin pro-  tors (NCCCO) certified crane operator
         diode] that shows a percentage of the   vides valuable data during sawing ap-  and has been using cranes in arboreal
         maximum. I thought there needed to   plications. In addition to the inherent   applications for 20 years. Additionally,
         be  something  more  accurate,  if  noth-  safety advantages of recording  data,   he and the team are fully trained in
         ing more than to build the mental li-  the pin also assists in preventing un-  arborist  rigging  and technical  rescue
         brary of weights, sizes, shapes, and   necessary wear and tear to equipment.  rigging operations. Connally is also an
         tree species. Having posted pictures   SP support                     instructor at the Crane Safety Climber
         of the Radiolink plus on Instagram, I   As can be the case in niche applica-  School,  a  class  for  arborists  working
         pitched the idea of the pin in ensuing   tions,  Craneva’s successful  utilization   with cranes for tree work.
         dialog with SP.”                   of the load pin wasn’t instantaneous.
           Connally explained that both the   For example, remote control transmis-  AISI Welcomes New Steel
         load cell and pin will continue to have a   sions from the crane and grapple saw   Caucus Leadership
         purpose. The former is utilized beneath   interrupted Bluetooth connection—  Thomas J. Gibson,  President  and
         the  hook  of  the  company’s  Palfinger   only while running the grapple saw. SP   CEO of AISI, issued the following state-
                                            converted the unit to use the wireless   ment in reaction to the announcement
                                            handheld receiver instead.         that Rep. Conor  Lamb (D-PA) will  be
                                              Connally said: “SP were  extremely   the  new  Chairman  of  the  Congressio-
                                            cooperative throughout  the  process   nal Steel Caucus:
                                            and we have arrived at a solid arboreal   “I commend Congressman  Lamb’s
                                            tool. In our industry we are faced with   commitment to the steel industry and
                                            dynamic situations with rough predic-  to the nearly two million jobs our  in-
                                            tions of weight, although we still have   dustry supports, and welcome him as
                                            to follow strict load parameters. The   Chairman of the Congressional Steel
                                            load pin allows us to mentally catalog   Caucus. We look forward to working
                                            our work. Granted, once you cut a piece   with  him,  and caucus  Vice-Chairmen
                                            you own it. By using this load pin we   Reps. Mike Bost (R-IL) and Rick Craw-
                                            know  what the  last cut  weighed and   ford (R-AR), to continue  to advance
                                            can  figure  appropriately  for  the  next.   public  policies  that support American
                                            We are dealing with nature—she defies   steel and enhance manufacturing com-
                                            predictability. Every piece  of  wood is   petitiveness.  The  strong  bipartisan
                                            going to weigh different based on nu-  leadership  of  the  caucus  is  critical  to
                                            merous factors, but the key is to sup-  ensuring  Congress  supports policies
                                            port one’s experience with data and   that create jobs in  steel and promote
                                            thusly keep out of trouble.”       steel as the backbone  of manufactur-
                                              Connally  is  a National Commission
         The SP load pin provides valuable data during                         ing. AISI also thanks Congressman
         sawing applications.               for  the  Certification  of  Crane  Opera-  Pete Visclosky (D-IN) for his long-time
                                                                               leadership of the  Steel Caucus  and
                                                                               steadfast support for the industry. We
                                                                               look forward to continued collaboration
                                                                               with the distinguished leadership of
                                                                               the Congressional Steel Caucus.”
                                                                                 Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
                                                                               Steel Institute,

                                                                               Get SPRAT Certified at
                                                                               Columbus McKinnon’s Rock
                                                                               Lititz Training Center
                                                                               SPRAT Level 1, 2 and 3 training
                                                                               courses are ideal for both
                                                                               industrial and entertainment
                                                                                 Columbus McKinnon  Corporation,
                                                                               a leading designer, manufacturer and
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                                                                               for Level 1, 2 or 3 SPRAT certification.
                                                                                 “As a SPRAT member  company,
                                                                               Columbus  McKinnon  designed this
         Craneva’s Mecanil grapple saw and SP load pin combine to remove another piece of an   comprehensive  training  course  to
         unwanted tree.                                                        closely  follow  SPRAT  certification  re-

         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2019
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