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         continued from page 34             plications where this brake is utilized a   ing,  permanently  loaded  applications.
         fering  a  lifting  height  of  over  420 ft.,   tachometer/encoder is also required; we   Shock load testing confirmed that peak
         and dual-fuel engines.             provide provisions for such mounting.”  loads were one-half that of steel.
           Mike Sparks, Regional Sales Manag-                                    A detailed inspection of the pendants
         er at Pintsch Bubenzer USA LLC, said:  Arizona Copper Mine Sees       was recently  completed after nine
         “All industries are trying to get larger   Benefits of Shock Damping   months of operation. The inner strands
         to be  more  cost  effective  and  we  need   Fiber Pendants          in the bend zone and overall termina-
         to  align  our  manufacturing  capability   A copper mining company in Arizona   tion system remains in the same condi-
         and technologies with that trend. André   recently installed a Shock Damping Fi-  tion as when it left the factory.
         Neth [global manager for this product]   ber Pendant set on its 4100 shovel. The   “The mine reports a noticeable reduc-
         and his team are pioneering the brakes   fiber  pendants  were  part  of  a  recent   tion in machine vibration, fatigue and
         marketplace  accordingly.  The  port  in-  shovel refurbishment.      welding repairs.  The  shovel  operators
         dustry continues to grow and the reason   The overhaul was done by Elko Wire   are  thrilled  with  the  shock  damping
         that this vessel was created was due to   Rope  and involved complete undeck-  benefits of the pendants; one recently
         larger rig platforms being designed. The   ing of the electric shovel that included   stated that it was the smoothest shov-
         cranes were also made large to increase   replacement of all undercarriage parts   el they have ever been on,” says Paul
         the amount of deck space available on   and replacement of the steel wire pen-  Badeau, VP Sales for Applied Fiber.
         the vessel since they are able to conduct   dants with the new shock damping fiber   Watch a video of the shovel with the
         the work that is usually done by three   pendants. The pendants were developed   pendants installed at the following link
         or more cranes.”                   by Applied Fiber in collaboration with
           As Neth acknowledged, the product   WireCo WorldGroup and DSM.      ing/shovel-pendants/video/
         was primarily launched to gain access   “Mining is tough on these machines;   For more information about WireCo
         to offshore projects where larger torque   the shovel often requires considerable   WorldGroup go to
         is required in a small package. It took   repair from regular shock  loading,”
         six months to develop the brake based   says Ed Gower, Vice President of Tech-  July Steel Shipments up 5.1
         on customer requirements, which cen-  nical Services for WireCo WorldGroup.  percent from Prior Month
         tered on a need for a high torque so-  “The boom is jacked or rocks fall into   The American  Iron and Steel In-
         lution  to mount  onto  a smaller  than   the dipper, significant forces are trans-  stitute (AISI) reported that for the
         typical  motor  flange  for  this  torque   ferred  into  the  entire  machine  which   month of July 2019,  U.S. steel mills
         requirement.  The  TS800 can  be sup-  damages the  boom  and  many  inte-  shipped 8,115,103 net tons, a 5.1 per-
         plied for a standard A660-1 or an A800   grated components. Fiber pendants   cent increase  from the 7,718,499 net
         flange; as well as be adapted to the ap-  substantially reduce the shock  loads   tons shipped in  the previous  month,
         propriate NEMA flange.             resulting  in  less  fatigue cracking  and   June 2019, and a 2.6 percent increase
           Sparks added: “The [Twin Safe] brake   less downtime. The pendants can help   from the 7,911,228  net tons shipped
         is  suitable  for  a  multitude  of  offshore   extend the life of the shovel.”  in  July 2018. Shipments year-to-date
         and port systems due to the IP67 rating,   Synthetic fiber absorbs impact energy   in 2019 are 56,338,348 net tons, a 2.0
         as well as general high speed applica-  better than  steel with over  12 times   percent increase vs. 2018 shipments of
         tions, dynamic braking applications in   the damping, and provides a fatigue   55,215,285 net tons for seven months.
         general industry, and applications that   life that is twice that of steel wire. The   A  comparison  of  July  shipments  to
         have  high  torque  requirements  with   fiber  pendants  were  made  with  Lank-  the previous month of June shows the
         limited space. It would mount either   horst Ropes and use Dyneema® DM20   following changes: cold rolled sheets,
         directly onto the non-drive end of a mo-  fiber, which combines the strength and   up  9  percent,  hot rolled  sheets,  up  6
         tor or onto an accessory port of a gear-  weight advantages of Dyneema® and is   percent, and hot dipped  galvanized
         box. We also see that in most of the ap-                              sheets and strip, no change.
                                            specifically designed for use in long last-
                                                                                 Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
                                                                               Steel Institute,
                                                                               Steel Imports Down 14%
                                                                               Year-To-Date Through
                                                                               Finished Import Market Share
                                                                               YTD at 20%
                                                                                 Based on  preliminary  Census  Bu-
                                                                               reau data, the American Iron and Steel
                                                                               Institute (AISI) reported that the U.S.
                                                                               imported a total of 2,000,000 net tons
                                                                               (NT) of steel in August 2019, including
                                                                               1,783,000 net tons (NT) of finished steel
                                                                               (down 34.0% and 3.4%, respectively, vs.
                                                                               July final data). Through the first eight
                                                                               months of 2019, total and finished steel
                                                                               imports are 20,668,000 and 15,321,000
                                                                               net tons (NT), down 13.6% and 15.9%,
                                                                               respectively, vs. the same period in
                                                                               2018.  Annualized  total  and  finished
         Shovel - 4100 with Applied Fiber Boom Pendants                                         continued on page 40
         38     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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