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Caldwell Custom Lifting
         Device for Cryomodule
           Rockford-based The Caldwell Group
         Inc.  has  manufactured a customized
         lifting device that is being used during
         assembly of cryomodules at the Fermi
         National Accelerator Laboratory (Fer-
         milab) in Batavia, in its home state of
         Illinois, U.S. The project was awarded
         to Caldwell distributor John Sakash
         Company Inc., also of Illinois.
           The process requires  precision  as-
         sembly apparatus, as Fermilab builds
         SSR1 cryomodules (sections of modern
         particle accelerators) for its Proton
         Improvement  Plan-II (PIP-II), an es-
         sential upgrade to the Fermilab accel-
         erator  complex.  The  Caldwell system,
         specified  red  in  color,  offers  multiple
         configurations  and  can  be  raised  and
         lowered with  surgical  accuracy  by   Cream City Scale completed load-testing onsite.
         hand-wheel,  an operational require-
         ment of the end user.
           The  centerpiece  of  the solution,
         which meets the ASME B30.20 BTH-1
         standard, is a 6,000-lb. capacity main
         beam, while two 1,500-lb.  extension
         beams can be added at either end. All
         three beams span 371 in. (9,423.4 mm)
         but it will be adapted  to suit various
         assembly processes.  Cryomodules  are
         positioned on a track directly beneath
         the beam/s and tooling is utilized to ac-
         curately  position  components  beneath
         various lifting points.
           Pete Sakash, of John Sakash Com-
         pany,  said:  “Fermilab  provided  very
         detailed  specifications  for  the  lifting
         device, with the principle challenges for
         the contractor being low headroom, un-
         even flooring, and critical stability. Our
         system provides a ft. or so of adjustabil-
         ity but in use they’re only really going to
         need to utilize about 6 in. of that.”  The centerpiece of the device is a 6,000-lb. capacity main beam.
           Dan Mongan,  special application
         support, new product development spe-  cer, led a site visit to shoot elevations of   and help scientists search for rare par-
         cialist at Caldwell, said: “The project   the floor compared to the elevation of the   ticle  physics  processes.  These  investi-
         is notable for the accuracy of assembly   floor-mounted track system. Cream City   gations will require intense beams of
         that we had to accommodate. Fermilab   Scale,  also  of  Illinois,  was  then  tasked   protons, which  will produce gushers
         is a facility at the sharpest point of sci-  with completing load tests utilizing test   of  other  neutrinos  that scientists  can
         entific  investigation.  Using  threaded   brackets, slings, and test weights. The   then study in greater detail.
         rods, the hand-wheel can position the   process involved turning the hand-wheel   At the heart of the PIP-II accelera-
         beams to millimeter accuracy. Only the   to  raise  all  weights  off  of  supports  to   tor is a technology that provides for a
         columns  remain  rigid as  the  system   maximum height, holding them for two   highly efficient way to accelerate par-
         provides Sakash’s customer with every   minutes, before lowering them down   ticle beams. Superconducting radio-fre-
         possible lifting point cryomodule as-  again. Two sizes of test weight—1,000-  quency (SRF) cavities make it possible
         sembly will require.”              lb. and 500-lb.—were used to complete   to accelerate intense  proton beams to
           American Rigging & Millwright Ser-  three testing procedures.       higher energies in relatively short dis-
         vices accepted a scope of work to collect   PIP-II  will provide powerful, high-  tances. A string comprising several of
         the  lifting  system  from  Caldwell  and   intensity proton beams to the laborato-  these cavities nestles in a cryomodule,
         complete installation onsite. Previously,   ry’s experiments. PIP-II will enable the   which  bathes them in liquid helium
         Scott Anderson, its chief operating offi-  world’s  most intense  neutrino  beam       continued on page 40

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