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ALL Crane Buys Eight-Crane         Other features of the G Series include  Arborist Adds SP Load Pin
         Package from Kobelco               a larger cab design, LMI touchscreen,  to Tree Felling Toolkit
         Authorized dealer strengthens      counterweight  detection device,  im-  Arborist Adaptable Aerial Solutions
         rental fleet so more customers can   proved counterweight  self-installation   LLC has added a second Straightpoint
         try G Series                       mechanism,  and improved, shorter   (SP) force measurement device to its
           The ALL Family of Companies, one   control levers.                  inventory. Following the successful im-
         of the largest privately  held crane   “Customers love these cranes  be-  plementation of a wireless 25,000-lb. ca-
         rental companies in North America,   cause  they  are  efficient  and  easy  to   pacity Radiolink plus load cell, a 60kN
         has purchased eight new Kobelco CK-  use, and operators love them because   capacity  load  pin  has  also  proved  its
         class G Series hydraulic lattice-boom   of the roomy cabs, intuitive technol-  usefulness in tree felling applications.
         crawler cranes for its rental fleet. ALL   ogy, and enhanced  safety features,”   SP’s range of load or shear pins is de-
         Crane is an authorized Kobelco dealer,   said Michael  L. Liptak, President of   signed for use where an end of line load
         and the purchase, which will increase   ALL Crane. “We became a Kobelco au-  cell cannot be used or when an integrat-
         the number of Kobelco cranes available   thorized dealer last year because  we   ed  solution  is  required  in  applications
         to its  rental  customers,  demonstrates   believe in what their cranes bring to a   such as pulley or sheave axles, moor-
         the company’s confidence in the cranes’   jobsite. Now we’re expanding our own-  ings, winches, or support blocks. In this
         value and performance.             ership of these machines so our rental   instance, Adaptable (or Craneva, as it is
           Included in the deal are four new   customers can experience the Kobelco   known after the website name) uses the
         CK800G-2 units (80 USt, 200 ft.    difference for themselves.”        pin on a Mecanil grapple saw. Readings
         max boom) and two each of the new    The cranes represented in the pack-  are  taken  wirelessly  on  a  Hand  Held
         CK1100G-2 (110 USt, 200 ft. max    age are ideal sizes and capacities for   plus, also an SP product.
         boom) and CK1600G-2 (160 USt,  250   bread-and-butter jobs  like  road con-  Steve Connally, of Craneva, said:
         ft. max  boom). Delivery is scheduled   struction, bridge work, and urban con-  “I can check the total weight on the
         for spring 2019.                   struction, where maximum power in a   grapple’s mount or I can adjust it to
           All units in  the G Series  are de-  smaller package is always welcome.  tare [unladen] weight and measure
         signed from the ground up for reliable   ALL Crane’s sales territory for Ko-  what each particular piece weighs. I
         operation, convenient  maintenance,   belco cranes covers Ohio, West Vir-  had always felt there was a need for
         and easy transport. They have EPA-  ginia, and western  Pennsylvania,  in-  a load-sensing module for the applica-
         compliant, clean-running engines, plus   cluding Pittsburgh. Upon delivery, this   tion of grapple saw work. The cranes
         energy-saving assist systems known   new package of cranes will be distrib-  themselves don’t show a number read-
         as “G Modes,” which  can achieve up   uted among ALL Crane rental fleets in   ing; they have an LED [light-emitting
         to a 30% savings in fuel consumption.   specifically throughout this region.           continued on page 38

                                                                            ALL Buys Eight-Crane Package from Kobelco

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