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Marr Twin Tower Crane
                                                                               Solution for Sydney
                                                                               Infrastructure Project
                                                                                 Two tower cranes, supplied by Aus-
                                                                               tralian heavy lifting specialist Marr
                                                                               Contracting Pty Ltd (The  Men  From
                                                                               Marr’s),  were  preferred to traditional
                                                                               crawlers as a key phase of the Sydney
                                                                               Metro was completed recently.
                                                                                 With 16 construction sites on the open-
                                                                               ing Northwest stage alone and an overall
                                                                               project value of over AUD20 billion, the
                                                                               Sydney Metro public transport project is
                                                                               notable for its scale and complexity. The
                                                                               Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) consor-
                                                                               tium, comprising of Australia’s John Hol-
                                                                               land, CPB Contractors and UGL Rail,
                                                                               with  MTR  Corporation  of  Hong  Kong,
                                                                               was awarded the operations, trains, and
                                                                               systems contract for this facet of the proj-
                                                                               ect. A variety of tasks included building
         Using custom Modulift beams, The Southern Railway U Class 31806 needed to be lifted free   eight new railway stations.
         of its wheels.
                                                                                 Marr  Contracting  was  awarded  a
         Custom Modulift Beams Lift         at Swanage Railway, said: “This is   scope of work by NRT at the Castle Hill
         Steam Locomotive                   the  first  time  this  locomotive,  which   Station, covering installation, operation,
           Specialist Lifting Engineering com-  we  brought  into  the  workshop  on  a   and removal of cranes, including exten-
         pany Modulift were recently engaged   low-loader, has been lifted this way;   sive methodologies and lift plans. A pre-
         by Swanage Railway to assist with a   all other lifts would have been done   viously considered solution was based on
         project to safely lift an old steam loco-  from above. The loco will do approx.   crawler cranes travelling along the edge
         motive. The Southern Railway U Class   10,000 miles a year. It can run for 28   of a 200m x 30m cut-and-cover station
         31806 needed to be lifted free  of  its   days at a time, at which point it would   box in order to complete the required
         wheels in a workshop to allow replace-  be due a boiler exam. It is also able to   lifts,  but  Marr’s  heavy-lift,  luffing  jib
         ment of the main bearings that had be-  undertake mainline work all over the   crane solution centred on both cranes
         come worn over time. The 1926 train,   country, if and when required. There   sitting  alongside  the  box  and  provided
         a showpiece at the Dorset-based tour-  are only a small number of locos that   lifting capacity across the entire site.
         ist attraction, is 40 ft. long, and 12.6   can do this. Modulift’s management   Marr Contracting Managing Director,
         ft. high; its working weight with a full   of  the  whole  project  was  first  rate   Simon Marr, said, “The site was congest-
         boiler and tender (or coal-car) is 100t.  from start to finish.”      ed and landlocked between two exist-
           Jordan Sibley, Mechanical  Design   Modulift design, manufacture and   ing roads. The crawlers proposed would
         Engineer at Modulift, said: “There were   supply  fully  certified  custom  lifting   have placed a large surge load against
         no ideal points for the [20t capacity]   beams, frames and attachments with   the station box walls, which meant that
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         jacks to lift from directly so we chose to   working load limits from 100kg to 5000t.
         bridge the buffers with a lifting beam.
         The sloped bases of the jacks prevent-
         ed them from getting close to the loco.
         Further, the jaws of the jack were sig-
         nificantly  off  the  ground,  which  pre-
         vented us from sitting a beam directly
         on top of them as the height would be
         too great to fit under the buffers.”
           The 3.5m-long beams offered a 2.8m
         operating span and weighed 585kg each.
         They were single part weldments so no
         assembly was required. The end plates,
         with an inverted L-shape, allowed the
         beam to sit upon the locomotive jacks
         in a dropped position. This ensured that
         the beam could still get underneath the
         buffers when the jacks were in their
         lowest position, while offering enough   A birds-eye view of the congested site showing the position of the M1680D (foreground) and
         stroke to lift the locomotive to the re-  M2480D (background) in relation to the station box. Designed to meet the geotechnical con-
         quired height for access underneath.  siderations of the site, the position the crane foundations adjacent to the station box allowed
           Graham Froud, Workshop Manager   the cranes to carry out lifts on both sides of the construction area.
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