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Rope and Sling Provides
         Rigging Gear for
         Attenborough Antarctic
           Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has
         provided lifting and rigging products
         to BAM Nuttall Limited (BAM), which
         will utilize the equipment during the
         landmark modernization of the Rothera
         Research Station in the Antarctic.
           BAM is working in partnership with
         the British Antarctic Survey (BAS),
         part of the Natural Environment Re-
         search Council (NERC), to deliver civil
         engineering projects associated with
         the RRS Sir David Attenborough, the
         UK’s new polar research vessel, com-
         missioned by NERC and operated by
         BAS for scientific research and logis-
         tics projects.
           Over the next decade Rothera Re-
         search Station will undergo a com-
         prehensive  modernization program to   RSS Provides Rigging Gear for Attenborough Antarctic Project. The rigging gear is being used
                                            with two 300t capacity crawler cranes and an 80t capacity mobile crane.
         ensure  that its facilities continue to
         enable world-leading research.  A new   season,  the  existing  wharf  will  be re-  attached during the second year.
         wharf is scheduled to be built over two   moved, and temporary cargo unloading   RSS has supplied a variety of equip-
         Antarctic seasons, starting in Novem-  and boat launch facilities will be oper-  ment, including polyester roundslings,
         ber 2018, in order to accommodate the   ated from South Cove. The rear section   webbing slings, chain slings, shackles,
         Sir David Attenborough, and improve   of the new wharf will be constructed in   chain  blocks,  jacks,  and safety har-
         boating  operations.  During  the  first   the first season, then the front section   nesses. It has also provided a Modulift
                                                                               MOD 34 spreader beam  with a safe
                                                                               working load (SWL) of 10t at 8.5m (28
              Note from the Editor                                             ft.) in length. The MOD 34 offers up to
                                                                               34t at 6m (19 ft.) and up to 10m (32 ft.)
                                                                               at a lower capacity.
               The passing of our good friend and colleague, Don Sayenga,        Martha McGowan, Project Manager
              was a sudden shock — upsetting news that reverberated around     at BAM, explained that the below-the-
              the globe. In sadness, yet with the great pleasure and respect of   hook equipment would be used with
              having known him, we find ourselves publishing a tribute issue   two 300t  capacity  crawler cranes and
                                                                               an 80t capacity mobile crane. She add-
              to this remarkable man ... known to many as “Mr. Wire Rope.”     ed that loads will weigh up to 20t dur-
               Our founder, Ed Bluvias, always said that Don was his go-to guy   ing dismantling of the existing wharf
              for anything “wire rope.” They would be in steady contact with   and up to 35t as the steelwork frames
              comments on articles we would publish, or thoughts on a new      to create the new wharf are installed.
              lifting technology, or just simply to shoot the breeze.            McGowan said: “The [RSS] equipment
               A few weeks prior to his passing Don and I discussed a new      will be used over two seasons, each last-
              article he was writing. Without revealing what it was, his       ing  five  to  six  months  starting  in  No-
              excitement for this new story was enough to make him stop        vember 2018 and 2019 respectively. We
              working on a prior story that was nearly finished. Unfortunately,   can  expect  to  be  working  in  tempera-
                                                                               tures of approx. 0°C with a -20°C wind
              that was the last contact we had with each other and neither of   chill. A lifting equipment cabin will pro-
              the unfinished works ever reached our desks here at Wire Rope    tect the items from the elements while
              News. However, we’ve been privileged to showcase dozens of       in storage between usages.”
              his insightful essays since our publication started 40 years ago.  Steve Hutin,  managing director
               Everyone I spoke to admired Don Sayenga and conveyed a          at RSS,  said:  “It’s always rewarding
              feeling that he left us too soon. This is evident in the many    to source  and manufacture product
              tributes peppered throughout Barbara Spencer’s dedication to     for the world’s most interesting and
              him (on page 8).                                                 meaningful  projects.  Sir  David  Atten-
               We will certainly remember and honor                            borough is a household name and the
              Mr. Wire Rope for years to come.                                 vessel named after him will help man-
                                                                               kind  to achieve amazing things.  That
                                                                               we’ve played a small part in  prepar-
                                                                                                continued on page 38

         36     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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