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         are relatively better at producing.”
           But because goods are cheaper to pro-
         duce oversees, many U.S. manufactures
         closed  down  factories  and  moved  them
         abroad, then shipped their goods back in
         the county under a relativity lower tariff.
           Air conditioning manufacturer, Car-
         rier, planned to move its factory from In-
         diana to Mexico, which would have trig-
         gered a loss of an estimated 1,000 jobs.
           “But when Trump threatened to slap
         the company with a 35% tariff, Carrier
         reversed course,” adds Agarwal. “So do-
         mestic producers who were not able to
         compete with  those  companies earlier
         might be able to get back into business
         and yes, produce some more.”
           At the Port of Virginia which employs
         6,373 workers, was also found by a Col-  Aerial view of a few Konecranes rail mounted gantry cranes.
         lege of William and Mary study to dole
         out an estimated $700 million a year in   furbished throughout the year with two   ured and equipped with 60 new rail
         salaries. China is its biggest importer   stacks complete and three underway.   mounted gantry cranes. With the proj-
         with textiles such as clothing and toys,   The expansion has doubled the ter-  ect’s completion by 2020, including the
         being the top product.             minal’s annual container throughput   first group of 12 new container stacks –
           Such  actions  would  create  a boost   capacity: VIG can now process  Phase 1 – which were delivered in Feb-
         in  jobs,  but  advances in  automation   1.2 million container lifts a year. The   ruary. Work had begun on Phase II’s six
         would mean that many of those jobs   expanded stack-yard is being combined   stacks in December, 2018; Phase III’s
         would not return and for those that do,   with four new ship-to-shore cranes, 800   work on 12 stacks began in May, 2019.
         the cost of labor associated with mak-  additional feet of berth space, four new   “The ongoing investment in The
         ing their products could be cost-prohib-  lanes at the truck gate, a new terminal   Port of Virginia puts it in the best po-
         itive, according to Argawal.       operating system and a  new,  a  com-  sition to become the US East Coast’s
           “When you needed cheap shirts for   pletely  reconfigured  on-dock  rail  yard   premiere port, a true gateway to world
         example,  you  went to  Walmart may   with nearly 20,000 feet of track served   trade and a catalyst for commerce in
         have paid about $15. Now you’re going   by four new cantilever rail mounted   Virginia,” adds Reinhart.
         to start paying $20 a shirt. And with a   gantry cranes.                Along with the wharf expansion of an
         higher tariff this would also affect the   “The project team and the operations   additional 800 feet also comes four ad-
         number of people who are employed at   team have executed and must be com-  ditional Suez-class cranes as well as a
         the port and the money that it generates   mended for their work and collabora-  stack and container yard expansion fea-
         for the Hampton Roads community.   tion,” Reinhart said. “We had construc-  turing 13 additional container stacks, 26
           “The irony here is the world is chang-  tion and container operations working   additional rail mounted gantry cranes,
         ing very fast and we need to keep on   in parallel. The teams were faced with a   and 28 stacks at completion. Their rail
         changing with the world. This includes   lot of challenges, but they overcame and   yard expansion features 19,600 feet of
         the need to look at different avenues to   kept focus. In February 2017, we start-  track at completion and four cantilever
         produce new types of jobs.”        ed work on what was a green-field site   rail mounted gantry cranes. The gate
           Despite tariff increases  introduced   – we started from scratch – and now we   expansion has four additional inbound
         under the current administration, the   are just a few months from completion.”  gate lanes, 17 inbound and 13 outbound
         Port  of  Virginia  continues  its  $320   The ship-to-shore cranes – currently   gate  lanes  when  complete,  along  with
         million expansion project. Efforts go   the largest in the Western Hemisphere   technology  improving  the  N4  terminal
         on – despite the uncertainty – to gen-  – were ready for service, as anticipated,   operating system and TRS reservation
         erate more  business  for  the  Hampton   in March, with the rail yard reaching   system for motor carriers.
         Roads economy, with work streamlined   completion in May, 2019. The VIG ex-  Now this $375 million dollar capacity
         through the use of these new, state-of-  pansion is one of two large-scale capacity   expansion  is  complete, a project  that
         the-art gantry cranes.             expansion projects that, when complete,   will expand NIT’s annual throughput
           The project made its completion target   will increase the port’s overall annual   capacity by 400,000  container units.
         for June, 2019. The end of the stack-yard   container capacity by 40 percent, or 1   “A little more than a year ago an area
         work left only two projects to be complet-  million container units, by 2020.  the size of 30 football fields was cleared
         ed before the entire $320 million dollar   In early 2018, the port began the ex-  and today we’re processing thousands
         effort came to a close in June of 2019.  pansion of the south stack container   of containers through that same space,”
           With  the  completion  of  stack  Num-  yard  at  Norfolk  International  Termi-  says Reinhart.  “We are forty-percent
         ber One, the terminal now has 13 ad-  nals (NIT). The $375 million project   of  the  way  through  construction  and
         ditional container stacks, each served   will  allow  the  port  to  create  greater   are seeing good flow at the gates and
         by two new rail mounted gantry cranes   density for cargo at South NIT and ex-  are maintaining a strong, customer-
         (RMGs). The new stacks compliment 15   pand annual capacity there by 400,000   focused effort during construction.”
         existing  stacks,  also served  by RMGs.   containers. At South NIT, the container   All of these new cranes are part of a
         Those stacks are on a schedule to be re-  stack yard will be completely reconfig-      continued on page 78

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