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         continued from page 32             aboard a giant semi-submersible crane   struction vessel is over 700 ft. long and
         ing the latest products multi-functional.  vessel (SSCV) that has recently com-  is  designed to  work  on  large  offshore
           The main benefits are:           pleted its maiden voyage. The Sleipnir,   projects such as installing and remov-
           • Multi-purpose application for use   part  of  Heerema  Marine  Contractors’   ing jackets, topsides, deep-water foun-
         onshore,  offshore  and subsea,  so  no   fleet, is self-propelled with a minimum   dations, moorings  and other  offshore
         need for additional  Spreader Beams   service speed of 10 knots. It is named af-  structures, such as windmills. It boasts
         being purchased, saving money.     ter Norse god Odin’s eight-legged horse.  a hulking pair of revolving cranes, of-
           • Available in a series of four: MOD   The  heavy-lift and deep-water con-           continued on page 38
         70, MOD 110, MOD 250 and MOD 400.
           • There  are three applications per
         product: 50m, 100m and 150m.
           All new products will be issued with
         a Declaration of Conformity which con-
         firms  their  subsea  capability,  so  that
         customers know that they meet the
         standard required.
           Modulift’s  technical  director,  Sue
         Spencer said: “Our standard spreader
         beam is highly efficient owing to their
         shape. This makes them perfect for
         subsea  application as circular  shape
         minimizes  the  water  drag and maxi-
         mizes the buoyancy which is an ideal
         Pintsch Bubenzer Brakes
         for Giant Semi-Submersible
         Crane Vessel
           Pintsch Bubenzer installed a series
         of  Twin  Safe  TS800  brakes  on  two
         10,000-metric  ton  (22  million  pound)   Pintsch Bubenzer installed Twin Safe TS800 brakes on the main and auxiliary hoisting drive
         capacity cranes and auxiliary hoists   systems on the SSCV.
         34     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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