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Custom Caldwell Beam Lifts  tion would have added time and com-       were used at the recommended 45-de-
         Electricity Cable Reels            plexity to each lift.              gree angle to achieve the most efficient,
           A 26,000-lb. (13-ton) capacity custom   Joey Detrick, inside sales at Western   safest lift. They were sourced from the
         lifting beam  from Caldwell is being   Sling,  said:  “The  bottom hook  dimen-  Western Sling rigging store.
         used to lift reels of electrical cable off   sions  were  the  key  here.  Beyond the   The  beam  and  rigging  configuration
         flatbed trailers.                  adjustability of the solution, we always   also  saves  the  high  voltage  electrical
           The adjustable beam, which spans 48   enjoy providing Caldwell solutions be-  transmission contractor time because
         in. to 87 in., was recently delivered to a   cause the products are backed by his-  only one rigger is required in addition to
         high voltage electrical transmission con-  tory, quality, and safety. Further, we   the crane operator. Detrick outlined the
         tractor by Caldwell distributor Western   know the equipment will be delivered   step-by-step rigging process: the crane
         Sling. The provider of lifting and rigging   with all the relevant paperwork needed   hook lowers the wire rope slings that
         equipment has facilities in Denver, Col-  to satisfy buying decision makers and   are already attached to the beam down
         orado and Casper, Wyoming.         supervisors at the modern-day jobsite.”  to the reel. The rigger then utilizes the
           The end user was seeking a solution   In a recent case study (pictured), the   handle on the side of the adjustable por-
         for repeated offload of reels of electrical   beam was used beneath the hook of a   tion of the beam and aligns it with a lip
         line that arrive by semi-trailer, where   National Crane boom truck. However,   as it sets over the flange of the reel.
         the weight and dimensions  can  vary   it can be rigged with any crane that   Detrick reported that this application
         with each lift, depending on the type,   suits the requirements of the site, reels,   is indicative of current trends  that  see
         size,  and length  of cable.  The  custom   and specifics of the project. Detrick ex-  a  slowing  of  coal  and  oilfield  work.  He
         reel lifter met the specifications where   plained that in this instance, 28,000-lb.   said: “Business remains steady because
         a standard, fixed below-the-hook solu-  capacity, 10 ft.-long wire rope slings   we are actively diversifying and moving
                                                                               into the electrical and wind farm sectors.
                                                                               Construction and re-power jobs are also
                                                                               driving demand; we continue to service
                                                                               oil and coal projects as the need arises.”
                                                                               AISI Urges Administration
                                                                               to Designate Steel as
                                                                               Essential Industry
                                                                                 On March 20, The American Iron and
                                                                               Steel Institute (AISI) urged the Trump
                                                                               administration to identify the steel
                                                                               manufacturing  sector  and its  work-
                                                                               ers as “essential” when  drafting and
                                                                               enforcing  shelter-in-place  orders  and
                                                                               other directives in response to the CO-
                                                                               VID-19 pandemic.
                                                                                 In a  letter  to Vice  President  Pence,
                                                                               Thomas J. Gibson, President and CEO,
                                                                               said, “As the Secretary of Commerce
                                                                               determined in 2018, steel is important
                                                                               to national security well beyond obvi-
                                                                               ous defense applications to encompass
                                                                               critical infrastructure and transporta-
                                                                               tion, electric power and energy genera-
                                                                               tion systems, as well as water systems.
                                                                               Without  access  to  a  reliable  source  of
                                                                               steel production during this crisis, our
                                                                               national and economic security will be
                                                                               severely impacted.
                                                                                 “We appreciate the efforts of the ad-
                                                                               ministration to limit the spread and
                                                                               impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As
                                                                               businesses across the nation have been
                                                                               ordered by many state and local govern-
                                                                               ments to limit or cease operations in
                                                                               recent days, several states have specifi-
                                                                               cally exempted industrial manufactur-
                                                                               ing  as  ‘essential.’  We  urge  the  Trump
                                                                               administration  to  provide consistent
                                                                               nationwide  guidance  by  formally  rec-
                                                                               ognizing critical manufacturing sectors
         The crane hook lowers the wire rope slings and beam down to the reel.  that are essential to our country’s criti-

         32     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2020
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