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Crosby to Mark 100 Years of
         Premier Stamping
           The  Crosby Group,  LLC, the global
         leader in lifting, rigging, and material
         handling hardware, celebrates a centu-
         ry of metal forging at Crosby Premier
         Stampings Ltd. in the heart of the UK’s
         Black Country.
           Premier Stampings, a Crosby Group
         company, hosted Crosby distributors,
         end users and other customers from
         all over the world at its Cradley Heath,
         West  Midlands,  facility on  October 3,
         2019.  Celebrations concluded at the
         nearby Black Country Living Museum
         in  Dudley, where  dinner  followed a
         heritage tour that walked attendees
         through the story of one of the first in-
         dustrialized landscapes in Britain.
           Jason Colwell, Managing Director of
         Crosby Europe,  Middle  East and Af-
         rica  (EMEA), said: “While  the event   Crosby Premier Stampings’ facility spans 63,000 square feet and employs 80 people, who play
                                            a role in forging and machining lifting and rigging products that are shipped across the world.
         celebrates 100 years of forging in a re-
         gion steeped in history, we are equally   ability supporting safe, effective and   low the hook’ lifting equipment, that
         using the occasion to mark a point in   efficient lifting at job sites, plants and   is  used globally across  sectors  includ-
         time from which to continue to shape   rigs around the world.”        ing wind energy, nuclear, construction,
         the future.”                                                          and the oil and gas industries.
           Anthony Thomas, General Manager  Modulift Spreader Beams            Modulift Standard Modular Beam
         of Crosby Premier Stampings and a 30-  go to New Depths               – now for use in subsea
         year veteran of the company, said: “We   As part of their innovative new prod-  Due to the efficient shape and weights
         are the last remaining volume-lifting   uct development strategy, and to meet   of their spreader beams, Modulift’s En-
         component  manufacturer  in  the  UK.   customer  demands within  the  subsea   gineering Department have been able to
         We can finish components from 0.1 to   industry, Modulift, the global engi-  improve the integrity of their beams so
         55kg in gross weight from start to fin-  neering  company have made changes   that they can now withstand pressures
         ish.  We  make  products  for  operations   to their standard range of Modular   in water up to a depth of 150 mtrs.
         where safety is a primary consideration   Spreader Beams so that they can now   With this clever adaptation to their
         and our customers recognise  that we   be used in water up to a depth of 150   product, which still has the modular de-
         are offering a high quality, high value   mtrs, at no extra cost.     sign that Modulift spreader beams are
         service from a region that has forging   Alongside offering specialist techni-  known for, this new application means
         in its DNA.”                       cal expertise, the UK-based company   that products now in production can be
           He said: “We have UK-based distribu-  manufactures lifting and spreader   used onshore, offshore and subsea, mak-
         tors that have been with us for 40 years,   beams, spreader frames and other ‘be-      continued on page 34
         since before we were part of the Crosby
         portfolio. Many of them toured our facil-
         ity and the museum for the first time.
         It was fascinating for them to note that
         forging hasn’t really changed that much
         over the years; what has evolved is the
         equipment and technology that we use.
         We have historical references to forging
         lifting  components  as  far  back  as  the
         1930s at our original home in Masters
         Lane, Blackheath, for what was then
         a local B2B customer base. The world
         has  changed  a  great  deal  since,  but
         we’ve  managed  to  thrive  during  many
         chapters of history and are very excited
         about forging the future.”
           Robert Desel,  Crosby CEO, said:
         “This plant, the people that work here
         and the products it manufactures  are
         another example  of Crosby’s commit-
         ment to safety, innovation, and reli-  Modulift Spreader Beam, one beam, multiple applications
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