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continued from page 30             wealth of Virginia.”               Gantry Crane, which they’ve delivered,
         Terry R. McAuliffe. “The site will also   “I  am  proud  of  the  great  confidence   and with a lifting capacity of 2,000 tons
         have the channel depth to handle the   that The Port of Virginia has placed in   combined with a 210-meter rail span in
         biggest ships in the Atlantic trade and   us,” says Panu Routila, President and   a single crane.
         double-stack rail service offered by Nor-  CEO of Konecranes.  “We will make   Looking  beyond the nuts and bolts,
         folk Southern and CSX to some of the   sure  that  we  deserve  their  confidence   cargo moving through the Port of Vir-
         nation’s most important markets.”  as these projects move forward and the   ginia  facility is  transported from  and
           The agreement between Konecranes   new terminals go online.”        to markets around the globe, carrying
         and the VPA covers two projects. The   This Virginia concept is the bench-  the goods and supplies that manufac-
         first  is  redevelopment  of  container   mark,  according  to  Mika  Mahlberg,   turers,  corporations,  and individual
         handling  operations  at Norfolk  Inter-  senior vice president and head of   consumers  use  in  their  daily lives all
         national Terminals (NIT). The second   BU Port Cranes, Konecranes. “Kone-  the time. This cargo is moved by way
         is expansion at Virginia International   cranes  also supplied  the  Port  of  Vir-  of these six terminals on 1,864  acres
         Gateway (VIG). Konecranes  supplied   ginia’s current automated stacking   at berth of up to 50 feet in depth. The
         the Automated Stacking Crane system   crane system in 2007. The concept we   place also has 30 miles of on-dock rail
         currently working at Virginia Interna-  developed with the Port of Virginia at   to do the work.
         tional Gateway.  It has been working,   the time, the ‘Virginia  Concept’,  has   This deep water harbor–the deep-
         reliably and productively, for ten years.  established itself as the benchmark   est on the US East Coast–shelters the
           Both projects involve the formation   around the world. Since 2007, every   world’s largest naval base; a thriving
         of  new  automated container  handling   new automated stacking crane con-  shipbuilding  and repair industry;  ro-
         operations.  Konecranes  supplies  the   tainer terminal has used the Virginia   bust export coal trade and the sixth
         automated  stacking cranes  (ASCs)   Concept to a greater or lesser degree.”  largest containerized cargo complex in
         based on automated rail mounted gan-  The United States is a strategic coun-  the United States.
         try  cranes  (ARMGs).  Sixty  ASCs  will   try for Konecranes across many indus-  The port offers 50-foot channels, in-
         be  delivered to  NIT.  They  will  stack   tries, including container handling. The   bound and outbound, and is the only
         containers  one-over-five,  and  then  in   Americas  headquarters  in  Springfield,   US East Coast port with Congressional
         turn nine containers wide. Twenty-six   Ohio, has over 2,100 employees in the   authorization to dredge to 55 feet. In an
         ASCs will be delivered to VIG. They   USA and branch offices in 44 states that   era where container ships are carrying
         will  stack  containers  one-over-five,   carry out sales and service activities.  tens of thousands of twenty-foot equiv-
         eight containers wide. Globally, Kone-  Konecranes will work  dependably  in   alent units per voyage, deep water and
         cranes has delivered 174 ASCs of the   the weather conditions that prevail at a   the absence of overhead restrictions is
         same type in 11 projects.          shipyard.  The  company  has  even  deliv-  a significant competitive advantage.
           “Konecranes is able to take complete   ered cranes to the Arctic north, where   According  to an  economic  impact
         responsibility for this type of very large   they typically withstand extreme sub-  study conducted by the Mason School
         delivery because the company has ex-  zero temperatures.  Konecranes  have   of  Business  at the  College  of  William
         tensive  crane  knowledge  and experi-  been sent to desert environments as well,   & Mary, 374,000 Virginia jobs – nearly
         ence from similar large projects,” adds   where they endure dust storms and ex-  ten percent of the state’s resident work-
         John F. Reinhart, CEO and executive   treme heat. And everything in between   force – are linked to port activity across
         director of the Port of Virginia. “The   has been experienced by these cranes too.  our six terminals. Those jobs generate
         product is field-proven, the delivery is   They function  well in every kind of   $17.5 billion  in  annual  compensation
         on-time and ultimately, on-budget.   climate and they come in  all shapes   and $1.4 billion in state and local taxes.
           “We are looking forward to putting   and sizes. Konecranes shipyard lifting   The Port of Virginia is a hub port;
         them into use. And this in turn should   equipment ranges from small chain   an  important distinction  for  the  ship-
         further increase our ability to serve as   hoists that can raise a few dozen kilos,   ping public.  Nearly 30 international
         an economic engine for the Common-  all the way up to the enormous Goliath   shipping lines offer direct, dedicated
                                                                               service to and from Virginia, with con-
         Konecranes gantry crane being put to the test at The Port of Virginia.
                                                                               nections to 200+ countries around the
                                                                               world. In an average week, more than
                                                                               40  international container, breakbulk
                                                                               and roll-on / roll-off vessels are serviced
                                                                               at our marine terminals.
                                                                                 The current U.S. President has stat-
                                                                               ed he would hit Mexican and China
                                                                               with tariffs of 35% tariff and 45%, re-
                                                                               spectively – China is also the biggest
                                                                               importer to the Port of Virginia. “But
                                                                               almost every piece of clothing you have
                                                                               on you is made oversees,” explains Pro-
                                                                               fessor  Vinod Agarwal an economics
                                                                               professor  at Old Dominion  University
                                                                               who’s analyzed potential effects of the
                                                                               political climate on Hampton Roads.
                                                                               “When we participate in international
                                                                               trade, the basic principle is countries
                                                                               will specialize in commodities that they
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