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         continued from page 30             out of life. There should be a match be-  mess up or do something wrong.
         end of the day, is it really bad? No, it’s   tween what they are earning, what they   “You are not doing them any favors by
         not bad  because if we hadn’t become   want to spend, and the quality of life   enabling them. When I was growing up
         more automated we would have elimi-  they want to have ahead of them.  my father told me that if I got into trou-
         nated five low-paying jobs.          Unfortunately, in the United States   ble and went to jail, I’d better figure out
                                            our culture is such that  we like to   a way to get out. He said, ‘Don’t call me.’”
         Advice for young people            “cushion” our children.              The indicators we use on our stu-
           What Iverson in turn tries to put forth   This  idea  finds  a  discussion  in  Iver-  dents often consist of tests such as the
         in his new book is that if your children   son’s book. It is ok if we let our kids un-  SAT. This is one test, indicative most
         want to get a four year degree that’s   derstand what failure is and let them un-  likely of the ability to score well on
         fine. But just make sure that they know   derstand what success is as well. “Hold   that test, just a measurement tool and
         this is what they want and that they   them accountable for their failures and   only one measurement too. The people
         know they have a good paying job com-  successes. Quit trying to be their best   who want  to work and learn will do
         mensurate with what they expect to get   friend and bailing them out when they   fine no matter what.
                                                                                 Millennials truly need to develop the
                                                                               so-called soft skills, Iverson points out,
              Loos & Co.: State of the Art Equipment Attracts Young People
             For more than 50 years, Loos & Co. has thrived, producing wire and wire   showing up on time, staying late, put-
                                                                               ting in extra time to learn something.
           rope for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, military and   He tells people when he gives his talks
           commercial.                                                         to show up early, stay late, and tell the
             “We need to invest our capital into the latest and greatest equipment and   truth; you will go farther in life than you
           take a long-term approach to returns,”  says Robert Davis, vice president,   ever imagined that you would go.” WRN
           sales and marketing for Loos & Co., Inc. “There are two reasons that I feel
           this way. The first is that the latest equipment today also uses the latest in
                                                                                 ChampionNow!  is a  501C3 founded  by
           computing and programing. Young people, in hearing that, will in turn want   Terry M. Iverson. The name is an acronym for
           to work on such equipment and in facilities such as ours.”          Change How American Manufacturing’s Per-
             “In addition, I think that short-sighted returns make for short-sighted   ceived In Our Nation.
           decisions. We won’t have sustainable profits and sustainable productivity   The book “Finding America’s Greatest
           (i.e. returns) for the years to come, if we’re more worried about an extra   Champion”  can  be  found on www.
                                                                      (hardback or paperback
           2% return in the next 90 days. Invest more in the newest technologies and   sets) or on Amazon (paperback or e-book).
           invest a lot for the long term. That should be the bottom line for Loos and   All books from the site
           indeed perhaps for us all.”                                         will be signed.

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