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         1972. Slightly more than half the money
         went to pay obligations to the city and
         terminal; the remainder was dedicated
         to purchasing a fourth container crane,
         extending the container berth, and im-
         proving support structures.
           The Port of Virginia received four
         new ship-to-shore (STS) cranes in early
         2019 as the latest step in its $320 mil-
         lion capacity  expansion project was
         completed in June. The ribbon-cutting
         ceremony for the new cranes and proj-
         ect took place on July 23, 2019.
           Once operational, these 170-foot-tall
         cranes will be the largest on the U.S.
         East Coast and will be able to service
         the ultra large container vessels (UL-  John F. Reinhart speaks at the VIG ceremony.
         CVs) calling at Virginia International   percent, or 1 million container units, by   During the 1980s, NIT attracted the
         Gateway (VIG) for decades to come, the   2020, according to port officials.  business  of  such  firms  as  the  Nissan
         Norfolk, Va.-based port said.        “These cranes are the biggest of the   Motor Corporation and Evergreen. The
           This  delivery marks the completion   big - the largest ZPMC has ever deliv-  Virginia Ports Authority even dredged
         of the port’s 2017 approval of a $44.8   ered to this country,” says Virginia Port   deeper channels, added a fourth berth,
         million dollar order from Shanghai,   Authority (VPA) Board Chairman John   built  a  32,000-square-foot warehouse,
         China-based Zhenhua  Heavy Indus-  G. Milliken,  this, following the port’s   purchased  three high-speed gantry
         tries Co. Ltd. (ZPMC). Under terms   approval of  the  crane  order.  “What  is   cranes,  and  paved another  container
         of the contract, ZPMC provided the   unique about these cranes is their out-  storage area.
         cranes,  parts, delivery, and installa-  reach; they will be able to reach across   Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the
         tion, including arrival aboard ZPMC’s   a vessel that is 26 containers wide,   VPA continued to expand the facilities,
         Zhen Hua 27 ship in January, 2019.  which is three-to-four containers wider   replace old cranes, and add new ones,
           The expansion comes just weeks after   than most cranes.            until it reached its present capacity.
         the port said it had set a new record for   “We anticipated needing this capac-  On  July 16, 2008, the three  newest,
         the amount of cargo volume handled in   ity (of the cranes) for the ships that will   and largest, cranes  were  delivered to
         a single month, processing more than   be coming  to Virginia  10 years from   the terminal.
         270,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent   now. When that day comes The Port of   The 15th of November, 2016, saw the
         units) in November.                Virginia will be ready.”           Board of Commissioners of the Virginia
           The remainder of the expansion proj-   Overall, the Virginia Port Authority   Port Authority approving the deal to
         ect includes upgrades to the facility’s   (VPA) and its subsidiary Virginia In-  Konecranes for 86 Automated Stacking
         berth,  rail  operation, and stack  yard   ternational Terminals LLC (VIT) own   Cranes  (ASCs) in  two  contracts.  The
         and will  bring  its  annual  container   and operate four general cargo facili-  signing of those documents took place
         throughput capacity  to 1.2 million   ties:  Norfolk  International  Terminals,   on the 17th of November.
         units.  Combined with another expan-  Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Newport   The award covers the provision of
         sion, the work will increase the port’s   News Marine Terminal and the Virgin-  86  ASCs  in  two  contracts,  the  first
         overall annual container capacity by 40   ia Inland Port in Warren County.  for 60 ASCs for Norfolk International
                                                                               Terminals and the second for 26 ASCs
                                                                               for  Virginia  International  Gateway.
                                                                               Deliveries are scheduled in phases for
                                                                               2018-2020. The value of the contracts
                                                                               exceeds EUR 200 million, making this
                                                                               the largest deal ever won by Kone-
                                                                               cranes in the firm’s history.
                                                                                 The Virginia Port Authority, market-
                                                                               ed as The Port of Virginia, is the fifth
                                                                               largest port in the USA, and is one of
                                                                               the largest economic engines for the
                                                                               Commonwealth of Virginia. The port
                                                                               has experienced record growth over the
                                                                               past two  years  and  is  in  the  midst of
                                                                               two large-scale infrastructure projects
                                                                               at its largest container terminals.
                                                                                 “Once the construction is done and
                                                                               these cranes are in place and operation-
                                                                               al, our port will have the capacity to pro-
                                                                               cess an additional 1 million containers
                                                                               annually,” explains Virginia Governor
         Konecranes cantilever rail mounted gantry (CRMG) cranes.                               continued on page 32

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