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New Gantry Cranes for the

                          Virginia Port Authority

                                                 by Peter Hildebrandt
         In the midst of questions on how U.S. international trade will fare in coming years, four
         Cantilever Rail Mounted Gantry (CRMG) cranes will soon be delivered to Virginia International
         Gateway (VIG) terminal as part of its expansion. The first two cranes were delivered in the
         spring of 2018. The last two were delivered in the first part of this year, 2019.
         These are new Konecranes, CRMGs which are part of the expansion of the VIG’s intermodal
         yard, served by Norfolk Southern and CSX through an operating agreement with the
         Commonwealth Railway. The new CRMGs will load and unload trains and terminal trucks
         with containers in the VIG’s intermodal yard. They will be dedicated intermodal handling
         cranes covering four rail lines, with the truck slots being perpendicular to the rail lines.

                                                              Aerial view showing the finished installation of the gantry cranes.  Photography courtesy of Konecranes

            n  February  2017, Konecranes  and   area of 648 acres, the terminal also has   NIT was  originally  a surplus  army
            the Virginia Port Authority in the   fifty-foot-deep entrance channels at the   base the City of Norfolk purchased in
         IUSA signed a contract for the de-  north and south ends. The terminal is   1965. The city outfitted the base with
         livery of four cantilever rail mounted   serviced by 89,300 feet of rail track and   a container crane and put a one-berth
         gantry (CRMG) cranes.  This  follows   11 Suez-class container cranes.   container  facility in service  in addi-
         upon the signing of contracts between   A marginal wharf,  nearly one mile   tion to the breakbulk capacity already
         the Virginia Port Authority and Kone-  long provides five berth for ships trans-  available. A second container berth
         cranes for the delivery of 86 Automated   porting containerized,  breakbulk,  and   and two more container cranes  were
         Stacking  Cranes,  which  took  place  in   roll-on/roll-off cargoes. NIT provides a   added in the early 1970s.
         November of 2016.                  vast amount of container storage space;   The Virginia Port Authority used a
           Norfolk  International  Terminals  is   2,340,000 square  feet total of covered   $12 million appropriation from the Gen-
         the largest of the four port facilities in   pier, dry, and cold storage space; and   eral Assembly to acquire NIT on July 1,
         the Norfolk, Virginia area. With a land   space for 702 stacked trucks.                continued on page 30

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