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         facts  continues  with  more  eye-open-
         ing statistics.
           The top five states for manufacturing
         are Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ten-
         nessee, and South Carolina. Iverson
         stresses that other states need to get
         on board with the fact that thousands
         of workers retire daily while far fewer
         enter the manufacturing field to replace
         them. The hundreds of thousands need-
         ed to fill those jobs will grow to millions
         within perhaps the next decade or so.
           The book contains a lot of information
         of value to anyone in this country, backed
         up by the most recent statistics and anal-
         ysis. This is a key point to keep in mind:
         how people use technologies available to
         change their lives – as well as how we
         view our careers – may be vastly differ-
         ent from what we’ve imagined.

         Four pillars for business success  Students from Frank H. Peterson Academy videotape a CNC turning operation during last sum-
           For  previous  generations,  a college   mer’s CHAMPION Now CNC Rocks Summer Camp. Photo courtesy of Terry Iverson, ChampionNow
         degree was usually a path to a better   to paycheck. Is there a way for us to es-  First  in  importance is  possessing  a
         life. For those without family support,   cape this bleak state of affairs?  business model – one that fits a market
         summer jobs or work during the school   Terry Iverson thinks that there   and exploits an opportunity.
         year meant it was possible to graduate   most assuredly is a way to turn things   Second  is  the  critical  need  for  part-
         from  college  relatively  unscathed  fi-  around. Manufacturing in the United   nering between the private and public
         nancially. But now student loan debt is   States may not sound like the answer to   sectors.
         well over a trillion dollars in this coun-  getting us out of the mess we are in, but   Third,  we  need  to  insure  access
         try, worsening all the time because of   a paradigm shift needs to take place.  to needed capital. Tax cuts to the
         defaults on those high-interest loans.  Illinois Congressman Brad Schneider   wealthy, according to economic ex-
           Someone graduating now may be    asked Iverson to speak before the Small   perts, is the least efficient way to get
         looking  at the prospect of paying off   Business Committee of the House of   needed funds to those best poised to
         tens of thousands of dollars in loans,   Representatives  about  the  difficulties   grow the economy.
         working  jobs paying minimum wages   involved with finding workers for small   “The fourth pillar,” says Schneider, “is
         to start. Never mind a starter home –   businesses. Schneider himself sees four   really on the shoulders of policymakers
         many now can barely get by paycheck   key pillars for business success.   of government: local, state, and federal.
                                                                               We need to work and do a much better
                      Caldwell Finds Ways to Connect with Welders              job of creating a stable business environ-
             Because welders are in tremendous demand, Caldwell Lifting Solutions,   ment to give entrepreneurs and business
           LLC in Rockford, Illinois initiated a proactive day program as a strategy to   owners the confidence to invest, and to
           attract new workers. Welding is the firm’s major concentration, and attract-  give  workers  the  confidence  to  expand
           ing welders is critical.                                            their learning and take on new opportu-
             The company invites students to experience what it is like to be an employee   nities – trying to clear the path.”
           at Caldwell. This includes an overview of various manufacturing processes,    The U.S. ought to be striving to
           as well as the opportunity to create a welded product outside of a classroom   insure we are a nation where we in-
           environment. They go home with free literature, as well as a cap and tee shirt.  vent things, make things here and
             Despite the fact that the market for welders is wide open, Caldwell has   ship  them  worldwide  -  promoting
           achieved some success. They’ve offered the program for a few years, and some   innovation and creativity, as well
           of those students have joined the company.                          as  protecting  intellectual  property.
             “This is how we are solving our problem,” explains a company spokesper-  “Manufacturing is a great career full
           son. “We know we’ll get quality people after they go through a class like this.  of opportunities,” asserts Schneider
             “Once our people get hired and are out on the floor, there is a lot we can   as  he  echoes  Terry  Iverson’s  mes-
           do for them education-wise. This complements their training through their   sage. “You need to understand math,
           union’s classes. Individuals must constantly update their skills, leading to   science, and the arts. A well-rounded
           more responsibility and the ability to move up the company ladder. There is   education helps you succeed in a man-
           always room for a promotion.”                                       ufacturing environment.
             While Caldwell’s human resource department brings in quality applicants   “I also make a point in chapter eight
           through  the school  program, the company feels that its technological  ad-  of  the book  that Wisconsin  is  what  a
           vances make jobs more attractive to workers. Robotic arms assist with the   prototypical manufacturing  employ-
           welding done at various stations so that the welders themselves can perform   ment model should look  like,” adds
           more specialized tasks – at the same time avoiding the repetitive ones. “Our   Iverson.  “This  is  probably a  good op-
           welders get to diversify. We leave the more repetitious chores to the robots.”   portunity to mention Wisconsin.
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