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continued from page 26             delivery. It means that we want to   invested in training. Our goal is to be
         and the Specialized Carriers and Rig-  speed up delivery times for our custom-  the  knowledge  experts out  there.  If a
         ging Association (SC&RA).          ers.” Having multiple locations means   customer or potential  customer has a
                                            that Mazzella has the ability to get   question,  we  put  significant  time  and
         Future Plans                       product to a customer’s site faster.  energy into it. We offer a lot of research
           “Synthetics are becoming more im-  Mazzella sees the company continu-  and information on our  website, blog
         portant with  the  potential to replace   ing on its current path, saying, “We   articles and videos.”
         metal in slings and on cranes in combi-  are in a unique position, selling it all:   The  Mazzella  Companies aim to
         nations with metal or other materials,”   cranes, service and rigging. We have a   maintain their position as leaders in
         says Mazzella.  He adds, “Synthetics   significant footprint and offer one-stop   the industry and to continue to develop
         are part of an evolving plan. We con-  shopping for  customers,  especially if   its people as leaders as well.  WRN
         tinue to evolve with the industry.”  they have multiple locations.” He adds,
           Another trend that Mazzella notes   “We’re in a better position to do it than   Editor: The Mazzella Companies’ web-
         is that, “people are being groomed and   anyone. We stay on top of industry   site offers a wealth of information and
         developed by Amazon to expect instant   trends. We are proud of our people and   resources:

                            Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies, remembers Don Sayenga
             “Timing is everything and Don Say-  at stake knowing that from a leader-  direction  of  the  AWRF  over  the  next
           enga came along in my life and in the   ship  side,  the association  had pla-  decade plus.
           life of AWRF at the perfect time! Don’s   teaued and I didn’t want to be associ-  “Fortunately for me and the organi-
           positive impact on both me personally   ated or stuck with that reality.   zation, Don quickly became the face
           and the AWRF is something I have al-  “David and Duane knew Don previ-  and the  personality of  the  organiza-
           ways been grateful for. He taught me   ously and both had a level of comfort  tion with his presence in our bi-annu-
           a lot! At the young age of 34 and mov-  with him. It wasn’t long into the in-  al meetings and the four board meet-
           ing into the AWRF’s role of president,   terview process that I felt Don could  ings. Prior to Don, it was the current
           I really needed Don’s maturity and en-  make a difference with his knowledge  president’s role to be the main face
           thusiasm. Thinking back,                                                    and  the  driver  of  AWRF.
           we made a great team.                                                       As  the  organization  grew,
           We both had a can-do at-                                                    this was not a sustainable
           titude. Don brought a lot                                                   model  as it required too
           of  industry  experience.                                                   much personal time for the
           I brought a lot of AWRF                                                     president and didn’t sup-
           history and the AWRF                                                        port the longer term vision
           rigging shop perspective.                                                   that was necessary to grow
           Together we both had an                                                     AWRF.  Don  also  worked
           interest in the technical                                                   very  closely  with  Frank
           side and brought a vision                                                   Becker who was the Chair-
           of where AWRF could go.                                                     man of AWRF’s Technical
           Don  become  a  mentor                                                      Committee and eventually
           and I feel very fortunate                                                   represented AWRF on the
           our paths crossed at that                                                   ASME B30 committee for
           time.                                                                       many years. All this helped
             “The  first  time  I  met                                                 make AWRF become rec-
           Don  was  the  spring  of                                                   ognized internationally.
           1998  in St. Petersburg                                                       “Don was a person  of
           Beach,  Florida.  While              Tony Mazzella and Don Sayenga          many   dimensions  and
           Don was with Bethlehem                                                      careers  where  anyone  of
           Steel’s wire rope division for many   and passion  for the industry along  them individually would be deemed a
           years, our paths had never crossed   with his interest in the technical side  success!
           and I had only heard his name from   of the lifting business. My impression   • a family man.
           being in the wire rope business. As a   was so right!                • a wire rope salesperson.
           six-year board member of AWRF and   “Don’s newly formed organization   • a legend and historian in the
           the soon-to-be new president of the   Cardon (Carlene and Don) was hired   sport of wrestling.
           organization, I and two of the past   almost immediately as an independent   • a wire rope historian with a
           presidents,  Duane  Kaminski  of  ASC   contractor to be the new executive di-  particular focus on wire rope and
           Industries and David Bishop of Bish-  rector and leader of AWRF. While Car-  building of suspension bridges.
           op Lifting Products, were assigned to   lene originally started as an assistant   • executive director of AWRF.
           the search committee and the task of   to Don, as the organization grew she   • member of ASME B 30.
           finding a new AWRF Executive Direc-  became  a  more  important  and  active   • AWRF historian.
           tor. Our assignment was to find some-  part of the team well beyond expecta-  “Don has left a great legacy in both
           one who could take the organization   tions. Don, who turned out to be known  the world of wire rope and the sport
           to the next level, which would allow   as the wire rope industries’ great his-  of wrestling. I know myself and many
           us to continue  to grow and prosper.   torian, was too humble to honestly re-  of my friends in the lifting business
           As the incoming president in just five   cord the tremendous positive impact  are better off because of Don’s many
           more days, personally I felt I had a lot   he and Carlene had on the growth and  contributions.”

         28     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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