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Why Don’t More Young

                     People Veer Towards Jobs

                                in Manufacturing?

                                                 by Peter Hildebrandt
         “Our country manufactures just under 20% of the world’s goods, yet our
         culture often gives the impression that we aren’t a manufacturing populace and
         manufacturing isn’t important,” says Terry Iverson, author of a new book, Finding
         America’s Greatest Champion. “It’s time for us to wake up. We need – our culture
         needs - to be engaged in where things are made, how things are made, and why it
         is important for us to care.”

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           Another big issue is that of careers.   filled  and  the  vast  majority  of  them   and CEO of Iverson & Company, a ma-
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         longer, there are too few of them, the   training while workers are already be-  used his ideas to author Finding Amer-
         competition for those makes them un-  ing paid. So what exactly is the prob-  ica’s Greatest Champion.
                                                                                 His new book dares us to change the
                                                                               perception of manufacturing – how we
                                                                               consider the art of manufacturing, how
                                                                               we see workers who think of themselves
                                                                               as craftsmen and how we instruct those
                                                                               who will pick up the mantle of work and
                                                                               development  in  the  coming  decades.
                                                                               Iverson’s book features interviews with
                                                                               corporate giants, athletes, politicians,
                                                                               TV personalities and more.
                                                                                 According to the National Association
                                                                               of Manufacturers’ website, manufactur-
                                                                               ers added 2.25 trillion dollars to the U.S.
                                                                               Economy in 2016, up from 1.7 trillion
                                                                               in 2009. Also, in 2016, manufacturing
                                                                               made up 11.7% of the GDP. For every
                                                                               dollar spent in manufacturing, another
                                                                               $1.89 is added to the economy.
                                                                                 “Along those lines,” writes Iverson, “it
                                                                               is also estimated that the total multipli-
                                                                               er effect for manufacturing is $3.60 for
                                                                               each dollar of value-added output, with
                                                                               one manufacturing employee generat-
                                                                               ing another 3.4 workers elsewhere.”
                                                                                 Also, despite media focus on GM and
                                                                               other  traditional  former  titans  of  in-
                                                                               dustry, much of today’s manufacturing
                                                                               takes  place  in  small  firms.  Manufac-
                                                                               turing workers in 2016 averaged some
                                                                               $82,000 annually  compared to other
                                                                               workers  in non-farm industries earn-
                                                                               ing just over $64,000.
         “The future of manufacturing in the United States depends on us to bring change,” says Terry   Iverson’s list of 20 manufacturing
         Iverson, author of Finding America’s Greatest Champion.” Photo © JJR Marketing         continued on page 28
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