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         most recent, Seattle, 2019, points to the
         disassembly  crew  errors  in  the  tower
         lowering procedures.
           Manufacturers were said to have made
         manuals unavailable or unclear forcing
         crews to resort to unsanctioned methods.
         Out of business or foreign producers in-
         creased the problems of providing proper
         assembly instructions to the workman. I
         have witnessed an improvement in the
         bulletin/manual information available to
         inspectors and specific hands-on training
         available to certifiers.
           Climbing Frame:  each  manufac-
         ture’s procedures and equipment used
         to extend or take down their towers
         is  specific  for  the  model.  Think  about
         what  is  going  on  when  increasing  or
         decreasing the crane’s  height using  a
         climbing frame. The tower is separated   Fig. 8: Newer cranes offer better support, balance, and safety for workers. This design con-
         and unpinned, jacked up, and a section   nects directly to the turntable and the four corners.
         is inserted or removed. Then the top of
         the crane is lowered, and re-pinned. All   crews that were hired “presume” to be   the manufacturer’s rules of use. These
         this takes place when the operator is in   qualified based on hearsay, rather than   crew  members perform  their  duties  –
         the cab, maybe 500 feet in the air; the   documented  specific  training,  experi-  unsupervised (journeymen),  and it is
         crane is fully functioning, leaving you   ence, and licensing.        the employer’s responsibility for the
         to wonder, “What could go wrong?”    From experience, in Adult  Skills   proper job assignment.
           The newer designs offer better sup-  Training  Education, and evaluating
         port,  balance,  and  safety for  workers   material  handling  personnel,  I  find   ANSWERS FOR ACCIDENTS
         than earlier  models. Some designs   that some people should not be allowed   It looks like history is repeating itself!
         (Figure 10) connect directly to the turn-  to work unsupervised! Some lack the   The latest Seattle accident investiga-
         table and the four corners.        capacity to obtain adequate levels  of   tion may go something like this: find out
                                            performance.  An employer’s due dili-  who told or allowed the crew to take out
         WE HAVE TO ASK WHAT HAPPENED       gence will expose those unqualified for   (photos show removal) all the tower sec-
         AND WHY                            some job assignments.              tion pins before they should have been
           Accident records show that 70% (NYC   It requires a healthy, well trained,   detached, then sue them. Those that
         statistic)  of  the  people  that  caused  the   motivated  maintenance person un-  “dodged  the  bullet”  will  be  delighted
         tower crane accidents, when hired, were   afraid of  heights  to erect  or  disas-  and go on about their business. Maybe
         held to a lower level of performance than   semble a tower  crane.  These people   some meaningless regulation change
         that of a licensed hairdresser. Erection   must be mature and willing  to follow   will take place, as in New York.
                                                                                 New regulations will have little effect
                                                                               on the “unsafe act.” To learn from this
                                                                               accident,  we  must  find  out  why  they
             In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated its 50th Anniversary.   took the pins out. Maybe:
             By the time of this occasion, the company had designed and built the   1. Fatigued, easier to remove all the
             world’s record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest elevation
                                         (Argentina); Length of system over water   pins  and get to  the  ground,  so  you’re
                                         (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania);   not hanging on the tower for hours, no
                                         Highest capacity (France); Northernmost   “man basket” to suspend crew.
                                         (Norway); and, Southernmost (Chile).    2. Saw someone else do this on an-
                                                                               other job and it worked out okay, ob-
                                         Written by the great-great grandson   serving an unsafe method that did not
                                         of the company’s founder, this book   cause an incident and tried to emulate
                                         includes over 100 pictures and detailed   – a big OJT problem.
                                         engineering drawings that explore       3.  This  crane  tower  has  18"  section
                                         the legendary company’s history, and
                                         several of its record-holding systems.  sleeves  and  should  hold  without  pins
                                                                               when being dismantled compared with
                                               Available at for     towers that have only a 2" centering lug
                                               your Kindle or in paperback.    and bolts, like the last one we worked on.
                                                                                 4. Was not trained, didn’t know better.
                                                   Available at  5. Other reasons?
                                                   in paperback.
                                                                                 Once the “why” of it is learned, proper
                                               ‘Like’ it on Facebook for       corrective action can take place. Hu-
                                               relevant information and news.  mans are the cause of “unsafe acts.”
                                                                               Safety can only be improved by properly
                                                                               trained and motivated people. WRN
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