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         houses,  and welcomes  customer  visits  — its employees are
         known for demonstrating a commitment to “doing it right”
         with energy and enthusiasm.

         Valuing Employees
           Employee turnover is low because the Mazzella Compa-
         nies are committed to training and providing opportunities
         for employees. Even with high-paced growth,  the average
         tenure for an employee has been ten years, and the company
         is working to increase that by providing a secure career path
         through training and education. The company looks to man-
         age its growth and the development of its people as indus-
         try leaders. Mazzella says, “An employee is not stuck in one
         spot. If they want to grow, they don’t have to leave. They can
         stay here and take advantage of an opportunity.”
           Company culture includes many company events that en-
         courage employees to get to know each other, have fun, sup-
         port their community and be involved. An employee says,
         “You’re not a number. People know  your name.” Manage-
         ment is known to walk around and ask people, “How’s your
         day?” The company promotes this approach with an “Em-
         ployee Biography” video page on their website.
           Marketing Manager Mike Minissale says, “When I started
         here more than 20 years ago, Tony’s dad Jim was retired but
         still involved in the company. He was the one who handed
         you your paycheck every week.” Minissale is a typical ex-
         ample of an employee who has grown and stayed with the
         Mazzella Companies. He began in inside sales, has worked
         in purchasing, at several branches and now in the market-
         ing group. He has had chances to increase his skills, for ex-
         ample, when he took Project Management classes available
         through the apprenticeship program.
           Mazzella says, “It’s important to find a way to have some
         level of personal contact with employees. We strive to keep
         the family atmosphere and feel that it helps contribute to
         the longevity of our employees  — they stay with us because   Some of the Mazzella family who have been involved in the company:
         they like the way they are treated and because we provide   Tony, Jim and Jim, Jr. in front of a company sign.
         opportunities to grow if they want to.” He adds that another
         piece of this is, “instilling in people the confidence that we   in the US. The program teaches product knowledge and
         know what we are doing, we are doing the things that will   inspection skills. It also focuses on developing leadership
         allow us to stay in business, and we can offer them opportu-  skills and teaches managers how to embrace and promote
         nities to grow with us.”                             the company culture.
                                                               The  apprenticeship program demonstrates  Mazzella’s
         Meeting Challenges                                   core value of striving for lifelong learning. The program is
           “Our biggest challenge has been to grow efficiently into the   open to any employee in any department. Employees in the
         size we have reached,” says Mazzella. This has meant do-  rigging side of the business can grow in the job and earn
         ing things differently at each level, utilizing different talents   higher wages, too.
         and skill sets.”                                      Recently, the company  developed  a national apprentice-
           For many companies, finding new employees can be a chal-  ship program in crane service. The program was developed
         lenge, says Mazzella, “We have to keep a strong focus and be   internally and is led by an employee manager in their crane
         conscious of that. We want to be an employer of choice, we   service business.
         want people to want to come here. We view it as attracting
         them rather than recruiting them, even though some recruit-  The Importance of Associations
         ment will always be necessary.” One of the ways Mazzella   Over the years Mazzella has taken on leadership roles in
         Companies attracts employees is  its  excellent  reputation   many industry associations. Three Mazzella executives have
         in the industry, and another is its robust referral program.   served as president of the Associated Wire Rope Fabrica-
         This rewards existing employees for helping find talent that   tors (AWRF). Tony Mazzella has also served for nearly 35
         fits the company’s needs.                            years on the Technical Committee and is currently the last
                                                              original member of that committee. The company is also in-
         Apprenticeship Program in Lifting Technologies       volved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
           Since 2015, Mazzella Companies has worked in partner-  (ASME) with one of their ten engineers sitting on the B30.20
         ship with a local college to develop MazzU, an internal ap-  sub-committee, the Association for Iron and Steel Technol-
         prenticeship program in lifting technologies. Employees   ogy (AIST), the Crane Certification Association of America
         have the opportunity to obtain an actual degree in “Lifting   (CCAA), the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA),
         Technologies,” a program believed to be the first of its kind                          continued on page 28

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