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         a few years. The bridge rail continued
         to be used within the mine itself due to
         the ease of changing its location as the
         work faces moved.
           Rope grips for the overrope tramway
         were  also  being  introduced,  the  old
         chain and hook method having “seen
         off” many fingers.
         The Scenic Railway
           A $30 million AUD overhaul in 2013
         won  multiple awards for commercial
         redevelopment, steel, construction,
         tourism,  infrastructure,  innovation
         and engineering.
           The enclosed cars have a glass ceiling
         so visitors can enjoy the scenery above
         them and the custom designed adjust-
         able seating can be changed up to 20
         degrees. This allows visitors to choose   This Scenic Railway winder was superseded in 2013.
         the  adventurous  “cliffhanger”  angled   part of the incline is 52.2 degrees (for   The twin Scenic Railway Haul Ropes
         ride at a steep 64-degree incline, or less   US readers, 128%). Passengers can dis-  are Casar brand, 28mm Turboplast left-
                                            embark at the bottom station to access   hand Lang’s Lay. The minimum break-
                                            the Scenic Walkway and stroll through   ing load is 629 kN. Each is 540m long.
                                            2.4 kilometers of Jurassic rainforest.   They were installed in 2013 and to May
                                            The  Scenic  Walkway  is  an  elevated   2019 have run for 220,000 cycles. They
                                            boardwalk  designed for  minimal  im-  were cropped and repositioned on the
                                            pact on  the environment.  It offers  a   winch and train ends in June this year,
                                            glimpse of the valley’s coal mining   after 140,000  cycles,  when  the entire
                                            history,  with  the  mine  entrance,  rep-  installation underwent a major service.
                                            lica miners’ hut and a talking bronze   The ropes are terminated at the train
                                            sculpture of a miner and his pit pony.   by two friction drums 687mm in diam-
                                            Visitors can sample pure Blue Moun-  eter. Movement of either drum triggers
                                            tains water straight from Marrangaroo   an Estop of the winder through the fail-
                                            Spring. Local fauna includes the Su-  safe loop communication system.
                                            perb Lyrebird,  Whipbird and colorful
                                            parrots. Various walks  ranging from   THE PARENT COMPANY: HAMMONS
                                            10 minutes to a full hour and provide   HOLDINGS
                                            a wheelchair  accessible  link  between   Scenic  World’s parent company is
                                            the bottom of the Scenic Cableway and   Hammons Holdings, a cornerstone in-
                                            Scenic Railway stations.                            continued on page 78

                                                             The Doppelmayr / Garaventa Group
                                                As a quality, technology and mar-  material handling systems, and ca-
                                               ket leader in ropeway construction,   ble cars for preventative avalanche
                                               Doppelmayr/Garaventa  operates   release,  convince  with  efficiency
                                               production sites as well as sales and   and  performance.  Seasonal  overall
                                               service offices in more than 40 coun-  usage concepts complete the com-
                                               tries around the world. To date, the   prehensive offer.
                                               company has built more than 15,000
         2 types of single strand track rope used on the   ropeway systems for customers in 96   Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
         Bleichert 1883 aerial ropeway.  12-6-1 and 13-  nations.  With  flexibility,  know-how   Konrad-Doppelmayr-Straße 1
         12-6-1, which was installed to bring oil shale   and pioneering spirit, the group has   6922 Wolfurt, AUSTRIA
         2km from the mines to the bankhead.   grown to meet all challenges in tra-     T +43 5574 604
                                               ditional and new markets.          Email:
         adventurous “laid  back” options. The   Doppelmayr/Garaventa  sets  new
         “original” angle would  be 52 degrees.   standards  with  innovative  trans-  Information according to ECG
         The train’s  capacity is 84 passengers   port  systems: maximum  comfort   Garaventa AG Birkenstr. 47
         and departs every 10 minutes.         and  safety  are  defined  by  our  sys-  6343 Rotkreuz, SWITZERLAND
           The train descends 310 meters       tems - both in summer and winter       T +41 41 859 1111
         of track  through  a cliff-side  tunnel,   tourism areas  as well as in  urban   F +41 41 859 1100
         emerging into the ancient rainforest at   passenger transport. Likewise, our   Email:
         the Jamison Valley floor. The steepest

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