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Two of Maurice Levy’s in-depth calculations for the Saint Ilpize Bridge system.
         continued from page 22             beam, and the the articulated railing.  quickly showed signs of weakness.
         bridge system. (See Fig. 2 and 3 above)  The  commission  based  its  works,  on   For the Newport Transporter Bridge,
           For  the  suspension  ropes,  engineer   the one hand on the feedback data from   Ferdinand  Arnodin  was  assisted by
         Jollois  followed  the  specifics  of  the   site works which were mainly docu-  Georges  Camille Imbault, an “Art et
         Malézieux report. This report indicates   mented by the reports published in the   Métier”  engineer  who  had started his
         that these ropes were made of multi-  Annales des Ponts et Chaussées, and on   career  in  1895 at Arnodin’s company.
         strand ropes. This is a mistake. Roebling   the other hand on an important work   In 1901, Georges Camille Imbault  re-
         used his multi-strand ropes only for the   of  calculations  performed  by  Maurice   signed from his  position,  and moved
         suspenders and the inclined ropes.  Lévy. It was published in 1886 in a book   to England to work as well as improve
           The suspension cables used by Roe-  entitled Mémoire sur le calcul des ponts   his English. He also worked abroad for
         bling were like Seguin’s, and were pro-  suspendus rigide, or Report on the cal-  English companies, contructing bridges
         duced “in place” with  a method iden-  culation of stiff suspension bridges.  such as the Harbour Bridge in Sidney.
         tical to that described by Louis Vicat   The  conclusions  of  this  commission   Ferdinand Arnodin and Georges Ca-
         in  1831. So,  engineer  Jollois  selected   were published in July 1889. The prin-  mille  Imbault  always  had  a  good  rela-
         multi-strand ropes for the whole sus-  ciple of removability as well as the rope   tionship. It was the absolute opposite
         pension system.                    with alternate directions of lay were   with Gaston Leinekugel Le Cocq, the
           Ferdinand Arnodin’s company had   unanimously approved.  Some limits   son in law of the Ferdinand Arnodin. We
         been in charge of the construction  of   were established regarding the use of   must keep in mind that Georges Camille
         the Saint Ilpize Bridge, as well as the   stiffening  guy ropes (French  suspen-  Imbault decided to resign and to leave
         construction  of  all  the  other  suspen-  sion system), and the articulated rail-  France just after Gaston Leinekugel
         sion bridges which were erected at that   ing was unanimously rejected.  Le Cocq married Aline, the daughter of
         time, including Chilhac and Lamothe,   Like other great men, including John   Ferdinand Arnodin. Probably Imbault’s
         and also the renovation of the Tonnay-  August Roebling, Ferdinand Arnodin   interest in moving abroad had less to do
         Charente  Bridge.  The  Saint  Ilpize   rejected any reconsideration. So, he con-  with learning English and more to do
         Bridge, which was the first French sus-  tinued using guy ropes that were too in-  with hiding a deceitful love affair.
         pension bridge after the “Basse-Chain”   clined and using his articulated railing.  Although he was not living in France,
         period, was completed in 1879.       A few years later Ferdinand Arnodin   Georges Camille Imbault had been the
           The use of multi-strand ropes as sus-  crossed paths with Alberto de Palacio.   brain of Basile Baudin since the creation
         pension ropes was not successful. Fer-  In 1893 these two men built the very   of  the  Basile  Baudin  company  (1919).
         dinand Arnodin was very aware of the   first transporter bridge in Bilbao. For   When Ferdinand Arnodin died (1925),
         problems related to Seguin’s ropes. He   the transporter bridges Ferdinand Ar-  Baudin and Imbault decided to capture
         was now discovering the disadvantages   nodin used the techniques of the sus-  the position of the Arnodin’s company,
         of the multi-strand ropes, which had not   pension bridges.           which was still the premier company
         been designed for such an application.   From March 1898 to July 1900, Ferdi-  in the field of suspension bridges. They
         This is when he invented his rope with   nand Arnodin built the Martrou Trans-  produced  a  new  closing  machine  for
         alternate directions of lay, which in fact   porter Bridge, using the same design as   the  fabrication  of  rope  with  alternate
         is a combination of the two other ropes.  for  those  of  Bizerte/Brest  and  Rouen,   directions of lay. In 1932, when Basile
           As a result of a request by Ferdinand   i.e. a deck with his articulated railing,   Baudin suffered a stroke, Georges Ca-
         Arnodin, a special commission was es-  and with guy ropes too inclined. He also   mille Imbault went back to France and
         tablished August 27, 1885 with the mis-  used his rope with the alternate direc-  became the director of the Basile Bau-
         sion  of studying questions  in relation   tions of lay. By contrast, for the New-  din  company.  The  Basile  Baudin  com-
         to the suspension bridges, and more   port Transporter Bridge (1906), the deck   pany (Georges Camille Imbault) and
         specifically the evolution and improve-  was not fitted with articulated railing,   the Ferdinand Arnodin company (Gas-
         ments of the modern suspension bridg-  but rather had a geometry which pro-  ton Leinekugel Le Cocq) entered into a
         es, compared to those built before 1850.  vides a huge stiffness. Also, the inclina-  vicious war, until one of the two compa-
           At that time Ferdinand Arnodin,   tion of the guy ropes was in accordance   nies collapsed, to the detriment of the
         who  was  the  expert in  the  construc-  with the conclusions of the special com-  memory of Ferdinand Arnodin. WRN
         tion of suspension bridges, was either   mission  which  was  published  in  1889.
         the  originator,  or  the  first  to  imple-  This bridge is still in operation with   CONTINUED IN NEXT ISSUE!
         ment these evolutions: the principle of   its original deck, whereas the decks of   Part 2: The Legacy of
         removability, the  rope  with  alternate   the transporter bridge of Martrou and   Ferdinand Arnodin: His Rope,
         directions of lay, the French stiffening   Rouen had to be replaced because they   His Closing Machine
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