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         ward or backward. There is no such
         thing as standing still.’” This  is why
         the company continues to seek stra-
         tegic acquisitions  that will  add to its
         breadth of locations serving customers
         across the country. The challenge, and
         one that Mazzella meets very efficient-
         ly, is to blend each new company into
         the fold while helping its employees
         make a comfortable transition.
           Mazzella adds, “When I started I was
         the 13th full-time employee and we
         could communicate by yelling across
         the room. That doesn’t work when you
         have 30 different locations. Especially
         when you are making acquisitions, you
         need to communicate effectively, with
         clarity, and have processes in place to
         keep it all flowing smoothly.”

         A Mission for Confidence
         and Comfort
           “Our purpose is to instill confidence
         and comfort in every interaction.”   From left to right: Adam Mazzella (son), Pat Hyson (brother-in-law), Matt Mazzella (son), Tony
         The focus is on providing reliable   Mazzella, Gale Mazzella (wife), Steve Gansey (stepson), and Mike Gansey (stepson).
         products  and  services, a  highly  re-
         sponsive, knowledgeable team to sup-  Mazzella 7-Part™ wire rope sling, which   certification in 1994. That will continue
         port its offerings and the training to   improved safety, along with ease of use   to be the subject of re-doubled empha-
         help ensure compliance of OSHA and   and increased lifting performance.  sis. Mazzella has been a leader in safe-
         ASME standards.                      In 1973, Mazzella became a CM re-  ty training with all of its lifting special-
                                            pair facility, and in 1996 Mazzella re-  ists being certified to teach OSHA and
         A Priority for Safety and Quality  ceived ISO Certification.          ASME standards. It is fully compliant
           Product quality and operating safety   This   quality-first   manufacturing   with CMAA, NEC, OSHA and ASME
         go  hand-in-hand.  James Mazzella  rec-  mind-set led the company to being one   standards. More  than 90 employees
         ognized this when he also invented the   of the only rigging shops with ISO 9002   are certified rigging inspectors, with a
                                                                               dozen certified as specialized trainers.
                                                                               Two of Mazzella Companies’ employ-
                                                                               ees have received “Trainer of the Year”
                                                                               awards. The company partners with
                                                                               customers to ensure the peace of mind
                                                                               that safety compliance brings.

                                                                               Reliance on Customer Support
                                                                                 Educating the company’s customers
                                                                               is just as important as educating its
                                                                               workers because safety  is  a  top pri-
                                                                               ority  for  everyone,  and  Mazzella  has
                                                                               been a leader for rigging shops for 30
                                                                               years in training customers. Employ-
                                                                               ees dedicate significant time to teach-
                                                                               ing people how to use the equipment
                                                                               to help ensure they are using it cor-
                                                                               rectly, as misuse is a major factor in
                                                                               accidents. In a business where things
                                                                               are at risk, with people lifting prod-
                                                                               ucts over people’s heads, Mazzella em-
                                                                               phasizes its role in providing expertise
                                                                               and training. Crane Hotline Magazine
                                                                               has recognized two Mazzella employ-
                                                                               ees recently for training excellence.
                                                                               In 2018 Lifting Specialist Al Abel was
                                                                               designated the top trainer in the coun-
                                                                               try in the corporate category.
                                                                                 The company holds regular  open
         Training is one of Mazzella’s keys to success, both for employees and for customers.   continued on page 26

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