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continued from page 22             chorage load of 166 tons. The machine   Walking along the main peak trail
         their unique gondolas ‘Pavilion’.  room houses the traction motor, water   for some 15 minutes, passengers reach
         Stations                           heater, generator, and electrical works,   the  rustic  Schlegelmulde  Alpine Hut,
           Both the Valley and Mountain Sta-  and the operators control  room over-  which offers a sun terrace, deckchairs,
         tions are designed in the style of   looks the gondola bay.           and warming room. Here, passengers
         “New Objectivity” (Neuen Sachlich-   Ninety-five  percent  of  the  control   can enjoy regional delicacies and Ba-
         keit), an interwar neo-realistic school   room’s equipment is original, and in-  varian ambiance, absorbing the snow-
         of architecture that broke with Art   cludes  markers  that indicate  gondola   covered winter landscape, the colorful
         Nouveau and sought modern func-    positions on the ropeway, an important   flora of spring, the bright sunshine of
         tional  design.  Further,  the  station   feature in fog, as well as a line speed   summer,  or the crisp chilly  autumn
         design was influenced by Heimatstil;   shift with  ten positions.  Telephone   breeze. From the hut, passengers can
         ‘Swiss chalet style’.              calls and gondola commands are trans-  set off to discover more challenging
           The Valley Station houses the sys-  mitted through the ropes.       trails that crisscross  the Predigtstuhl
         tem’s  tensioning  system  that  consists   Once  at the  Mountain  Station,  pas-  and surrounding peaks.
         of two 57-ton steel encased concrete   sengers step outside to a sweeping   Anniversary
         weights suspended in 40-foot deep   Alpine panorama and clean mountain   The 90th Anniversary of the Pre-
         shafts. These weights maintain tension   air.  An  open-air  café  terrace  invites   digtstuhlbahn was celebrated on July
         on the system’s looped carrying ropes   one to lounge on sofas and chairs while   1, 2018, with events at both the Valley
         and minimize slack in the traction rope.  aromas waft from the restaurant, hint-  and Mountain Stations, and a guest
           The  Mountain  Station anchors  the   ing at local delicacies served on white   list that included local and national
         spring-cushioned flywheels of the car-  linens and china. For the adventurous,   administrators, businesspeople, poli-
         rying and traction ropes, a total an-  trailheads beckon.                              continued on page 74

                                                                          A gondola takes the long decent into the valley.

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