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Jackson Hole aerial tram leaving terminal, 1966.

                                   Transporting the wounded using cableway, 1910-1919.

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                                                                               ropeways and is interested in a career
                                                                               in the field. The model features a 3-4”
                                                                               pulley and 2-3”  high paper  gondolas.
                                                                               Watch future issues of Wire Rope News
                                                                               and Sling Technology for a photo of the
                                                                               finished model.
                                                                               Access Resources Digitally
                                                                               or In-Person
                                                                                 The Ropeway Center Reading Room
                                                                               is open to the public by appointment.
                                                                                 Through its for-fee document deliv-
                                                                               ery service, the Center will digitize ma-
                                                                               terials as copyrights permit and send
                                                                               material internationally, “to anyone,
                                                                               anywhere,”  according  to Dunn.  Visi-
                                                                               tors  to  the  site  include  lawyers,  engi-
                                                                               neers  and government agencies,  be-
                                                                               cause it provides access to information
                                                                               and tools they need for their work. The
                                                                               Center’s for-fee digitization service can
                                                                               be accessed at

                                                                               The Information Center for
                                                                               Ropeway Studies Website Offers
                                                                               Many Informative Options
                                                                                 Explore the Center’s website for the
                                                                               following resources:
                                                                                 • The  Ropeway  Database, a com-
                                                                               prehensive  collection  of  information
                                                                               relative to history, theory, design and
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