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         tinued to braid wire rope slings by hand
         and eventually became foreman of a wire
         rope  shop, Frank  Morrison  &  Sons, in
         Cleveland, Ohio. He worked there for five
         years before founding his own company
         in  1954.  The  business  made  basic  lift-
         ing devices  — wire rope slings that were
         braided by hand. He also invented the
         Mazzella 7-Part™ wire rope sling, which
         improved ease of use and increased lift-
         ing performance and safety.
           James’ son  Tony  Mazzella  began
         working  in  the company at age 14 as
         a sweeper and joined the management
         team in  1977, after graduating from
         college, becoming the company’s 13th
         employee. Two of Tony’s six sons work
         with  him  in  the  company today, and
         both already have more than 15 years
         of  experience  in  the  industry.  Matt
         Mazzella is General  Manager at Pro-  Jim Mazzella and wire slings with his company storefront.
         gressive Crane and Adam Mazzella is
         the Vice President of Sheffield Metals.   minded family-oriented company simi-  lifting side includes making over-
           The company has grown organically   lar to theirs, rather than a larger, more   head cranes and the lifting appara-
         through the decades by expanding its   impersonal corporate entity. He says,   tus  between  the  crane  hook  and  its
         product offerings and entering new mar-  “We’re  a  good  fit,  compared  with  pri-  load  — which could be a sling or engi-
         kets. They focus on acquiring companies   vate equity firms, when people want to   neered  lifting  device  — and  supplying
         that are within the industry or have re-  sell but still look out for their employ-  the wire rope that goes on those mobile
         lated expertise that will help them ex-  ees. We make a good transition.”  and construction cranes. In addition,
         pand their markets in new regions.   Mazzella  says,  “the  values  that   Mazzella service divisions, with over
           The company’s long-term growth   started with my parents, Jim and   100  technicians,  provide  inspections
         strategy includes  searching  out other   Phyllis Mazzella, are ones we continue   and repair on overhead cranes, slings
         family-owned  businesses.  Mazzella   to instill and try to be unwavering as   and all overhead lifting products, as
         Companies’  success  in making these   we grow.”                      well as repair and modernizing of the
         acquisitions is said to be due to its                                 cranes themselves.
         values  and culture  as  a  family-owned   More Than 800 Employees, in  Most of the lifting business is fo-
         business. According to Tony Mazzella,   Over 30 Locations             cused  in  the  eastern  half  of  the  US.
         family  firms  in  the  industry  would   The  business’  two  main  revenue   The company is unique in providing
         often prefer to be absorbed by a like-  drivers  are  lifting  and  roofing.  The   all three elements: manufacturing the
                                                                               crane, providing slings, the lifting de-
                                                                               vice/engineered  materials  that  hang
                                                                               off the hook, and providing the servic-
                                                                                 The  roofing  side  of  the  business  fo-
                                                                               cuses on metal roofing for contractors
                                                                               and sells throughout the US and across
                                                                               30 countries. Sheffield Metals Interna-
                                                                               tional specializes in  Galvalume® and
                                                                               aluminum  for  the  architecturally  de-
                                                                               signed metal panel industry. New Tech
                                                                               Machinery is the leading manufacturer
                                                                               of portable rollforming roof panel and
                                                                               gutter machines in the world.
                                                                                 These products are used in schools,
                                                                               homes, shopping centers  and indus-
                                                                               trial buildings worldwide.  Tony Maz-
                                                                               zella says, “Metal is now 14% of roofing
                                                                               material, up from 7% in 2004. We see
                                                                               great opportunity for further growth.”
                                                                               Expanding Markets Through
                                                                                 Tony Mazzella says, “My father al-
                                                                               ways said, ‘You’re either moving for-
         Tony’s grandfather – Antonio Mazzella who patented the 3, 4, 5 and 9 part wire rope slings is
         pictured on the cover of the WireCo Sling Catalog.                                     continued on page 24
         22     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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