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         1958 by founder Harry Hammon
         with an original bright pink plywood
         cabin. An upgrade in 2004 installed a
         new cable system and AC drive with
         a new signature yellow cabin with the
         world’s  first  switching  glass  floor.  It
         is the largest aerial cable car in the
         Southern Hemisphere.
           This unique cable car offers 360-degree
         views  of  the  Three  Sisters,  Katoomba
         Falls and the Jamison Valley stretch-
         ing to the horizon on its journey 270 me-
         ters above the Jamison Valley. Imagine
         watching the ancient rainforest beneath
         your feet through the electrosceniglass
         cabin  floor.  Seating  and  solid  flooring
         are also available for visitors who seek a
         slightly less thrilling ride.
           The rope span is 406M with a 22M   Two track rope tensioning blocks on the original installation.
         fall from West to East.
                                              The Scenic Skyway haul rope is   is the 5th generation passenger train to
         SKYWAY HISTORY:                    Fatzer brand, 25mm, 6x19 Seale,    ride the tracks, and carries more than
           The original 63mm flattened strand   polypropylene  fibre  core,  Lang’s  Lay   1 million passengers each year, totaling
         track rope was installed by hand, uti-  RH,  with  a minimum  breaking  load   25 million since its inception.
         lizing  trucks  for  rope end towing  and   of 417kN. The length is 980 m and it
         a tractor  and 8 fall  block  for  tension-  was installed in 2004. By 2018 it had   HISTORY: FROM COAL MINERS TO
         ing to 36 tons. The span was originated   completed  225,000  cycles. Both ends   TOURISTS
         by manually guiding ex Scenic Railway   are terminated at the cabin with cone   In 1883 a Sydney based entrepre-
         haul ropes down each side of the gorge   sockets and a tension monitoring sys-  neur called John Britty North took
         while being braked by trucks at the top   tem to operate the track rope brakes. It   out a mining  lease on  a large section
         end. The ropes were clipped together   is a horizontal span and there is a ten-  of  land at Katoomba to include  many
         at the creek and then the trucks pulled   sion sheave at the non-drive end, and a   miles of cliff faces below which coal
         and tightened the ropes to above the   pick-up roller at midspan clipped to the   outcropped. A convenient slot in a gully
         trees. This had to be done twice as the   track ropes, and unusually, return roll-  which opened out to a gorge 10 meters
         haul rope had a separate return track.   ers on the cabin to pass the return haul   wide, enabled, with a daring feat of in-
         These ropes were then used to pull the   rope through the cabin hangers.  cline tunneling through the sandstone,
         haul rope across and back and through   The twin Scenic Skyway track ropes   a 12ft wide and 8ft high tunnel to be
         the  winder.  The  winder  and  trucks   are Fatzer, 42mm, fully locked coil with   built  at  45 degrees  to carry  two  2ft
         were then used to pull the track rope   a minimum breaking load of 1,896kN.   gauge tramlines 1350ft down to below
         across the gorge.                  The length  is  503m,  installed in 2004   the level of the coal outcrop — A verti-
           A $3 million AUD upgrade in 2017   and repositioned in 2017. Because of the   cal drop of 650ft. This twin reversible
         increased capacity by 30% from 65   nearly horizontal span, these ropes are   tramway was to serve the mine for the
         to 84 passengers,  lengthened and re-  tensioned by a 58 ton tension weight at         continued on page 24
         configured the cabin for more stream-  the Eastern end, which was increased
         lined loading and unloading to reduce   by 5.6 tons for the upgraded load and
         queuing times during peak periods.   still remain inside the safety factor for
         Free  Wi-Fi  was installed in  response   the ropes. The ropes are terminated
         to feedback from international visitors.   with whitemetal sockets at the Eastern
         The Skyway’s East station offers access   end  and  a  2.8m  diameter  friction  hub
         to lookouts over the valley along with   at the Western end. There are spools
         bush trails to Echo Point.         of spare rope attached to the hubs for
                                            shifting. Because of the short distance
                SCENIC SKYWAY SPECS         between the saddle and the hub, there
            The  haul rope is  Fatzer brand,   is very little sliding of the rope across
           25mm, 6x19 Seale, polypropylene   the saddle, only bending, but a shift of
           fibre  core,  Lang’s  Lay  RH,  with  a   8M was deemed necessary at this up-
           minimum breaking load of 417kN.   grade. An extra 400 kg was added to the
           The length is 980m and it was in-  haul rope tension block to provide extra
           stalled in 2004.                 friction at the drive sheave.
            The track ropes are Fatzer,     THE SCENIC RAILWAY
           42mm, fully locked coil with a mini-  Steepest  Railway/Funicular  in  the
           mum breaking load of 1,896kN. The   World at 52 Degrees or 128% Incline
           length is 503m, installed in 2004
           and repositioned in 2017.          The Scenic Railway dates back to the   Norman  Selfe, consulting  engineer for  the
                                            1800s coal-mining era. The current train   mine project.
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