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         tains tourism industry grew by 9.3% in
         overnight stays over 2017, and Scenic
         World’s visitation has increased by 25%
         between 2014 and 2017. Managing di-
         rector Anthea Hammon says, “Investing
         in new infrastructure today will help to
         drive our visitor economy tomorrow and
         position the Blue Mountains as a must
         see destination for travelers from near
         and far.” She adds, “We recognize the
         importance of having technology and in-
         frastructure that meets the ever-chang-
         ing needs of our guests.”
         The Steepest and Largest Aerial
         Cable Car in the Southern
           The Scenic Cableway was installed
         in  2000  to  open  up  access  to  the
         Jamison  Valley,  descending  510  me-  Inserting the pin to anchor the 2" 6/36 Flattened strand track rope of the Skyway in 1958.
         ters to the valley floor and providing
         a link to the Scenic Walkway, then re-  and  a  dedicated standby alternator   645,528 cycles and 27,490 hours of run
         turns visitors to the top of the escarp-  was installed.              time.  Maximum LMS  (loss of  metal-
         ment. Built by Garaventa, a world    The first replacement Scenic Cable-  lic  area)  was  only  1.1%.  This  haulage
         leading  ropeway-engineering  compa-  way haul rope was installed in 2018   rope on this single reversible cable car
         ny, it and the Skyway are the highest   and is Fatzer brand, 35mm, 6x19   was replaced in 2018 after 18 years op-
         capacity aerial cable cars in the South-  Seale, polypropylene fibre core, Lang’s   erating on an average 8-minute cycle,
         ern Hemisphere, and the Cableway is   Lay  RH,  with  a  minimum  breaking   8 hours a day. The rope path has five
         the steepest at 53 degrees.        load of 819kN. The length is 1,170m   180-degree  bends  and  four  90-degree
           A $4 million AUD upgrade in 2018   and since installation has been   bends,  plus  saddle  rollers  at  each  end
         provided a more spacious cabin, stream-  stretching at a rate of 1m per month.   and the cliff edge tower. Both ends of
         lined loading and larger windows,  as   This  stretch  will  reduce  to  near  zero   the haul rope are terminated at the cab-
         well as free Wi-Fi. It can accommodate   within 6 months.             in, with mechanical cone sockets. The
         84 passengers and is wheelchair acces-  The old haul rope was Fatzer brand,   uphill one was re-socketed four times to
         sible. The fully enclosed cabin provides   35mm, 6x19 Seale, polypropylene fibre   accommodate the rope stretch. The rope
         a unique vantage point for viewing the   core, Lang’s Lay RH, with a minimum   sag from the cabin is monitored, and if
         Three Sisters,  Orphan Rock, Mount   breaking load of 808kN. The length is   it exceeds the limit an Estop is triggered
         Solitary and Katoomba  Falls. The   1,177m. Installed in 2000, the old haul   and  the  Cabin  Track  Rope  brakes  are
         drive  was  changed  from  DC  to  VFD   rope was decommissioned in 2018 after   applied. Hence the concern for control-
                                                                               ling the rope stretch. The possibility of
         The Scenic Cableway traverses the Jamison Valley.                     the tension sheave reaching its travel
                                                                               limits is also to be avoided!
                                                                                 The  twin  Scenic  Cableway track
                                                                               ropes are Fatzer  brand, 57mm, fully
                                                                               locked coil, with a minimum breaking
                                                                               load of 3,438kN. The length of 607m
                                                                               was installed in 2000 and repositioned
                                                                               in 2012 with a 12 meter downhill shift.
                                                                               This moves the rope that has been slid-
                                                                               ing back and forth across the tower
                                                                               saddle out into the main span. There is
                                                                               rope on the reserve spool for two more
                                                                               shifts like this. The ropes are termi-
                                                                               nated at the top station with  friction
                                                                               hubs  5M in  diameter and whitemetal
                                                                               sockets at the bottom.

                                                                               THE SCENIC SKYWAY
                                                                               Australia’s Highest Suspended
                                                                               Cable Car Glides 270 Meters Above
                                                                               Jamison Valley
                                                                                 Celebrating its 60th anniversary
                                                                               last year, the Skyway was built in
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