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Historic Destination Depends

               on Wire Rope for Spectacular

                    Views of Natural Wonders

                                                    by Jane Haynes
         Scenic World in the Blue Mountains of Katoomba, Australia provides spectacular
         views of a dramatic mountain cliff, waterfall, valley, historic mine site, and Jurassic
         rainforest through three wire rope driven rides: a railway, skyway and cableway
         with scenic vistas and access to a nature walkway.

                                                      The Scenic Skyway offers panoramic views.
                                                      Inset: In 1958, passengers disembark from the original Skyway cabin, capacity 28.

              he Scenic Skyway provides spec-  Information on the mining operations   sure optimal performance and safety.
              tacular  views  of  beautiful  sand-  may be obtained at www.burningmist-  Manufacturer  Garaventa designed
         Tstone cliffs, the famous Three Sis-                  all the current Scenic  World rides.
         ters rock formation, and Katoomba Falls.  The Scenic Railway is now up to its   (They also designed the Swiss Schwyz-
           The Scenic Railway or the Cableway   5th generation winder with changes   Stoos funicular written up in the June
         take you into the Jamison Valley with   from steam to electric in 1932 and many   2018 issue of this publication.)
         its Jurassic rainforest and access to a   changes  of rope type and rope rollers   Since 2012 Scenic World has invested
         2.4  kilometer  walkway  through  the   over  the  years,  all  well  documented.   $30 million AUD in infrastructure, in-
         natural preserve. All the rides depend   Operated by the Hammon family since   cluding overhaul of the iconic Scenic
         upon wire rope machinery to provide a   1945, Scenic World has constantly up-  Railway, site improvements such as
         safe journey for visitors. The funicular   dated and improved the equipment to   new ticketing and groups booking sys-
         was  originally  built  in  1883 by John   maximize safety and enhance the rid-  tems, site recycling, and organic waste
         Britty North to access a coal mine and   ing/viewing experience. Regular main-  management systems. The Blue Moun-
         has been carrying tourists since 1932.   tenance and inspections are done to en-       continued on page 20
         18     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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