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continued from page 14             ball game, supplying 10,000 hard hats
         Kentucky, where research and develop-  to  fans  attending  the  UK/Vanderbilt
         ment, new product development, mar-  game to break the record for the largest
         keting, and global shared resources   gathering of people wearing safety hel-
         collaborate to develop the next genera-  mets at an event. A Guinness World Re-
         tion of Bullard products and services.   cord representative attended the game
         Bullard  has  offices  in  Singapore  and   to verify the record-breaking event.
         Germany,  as  well,  to service  custom-  Nearly 7,500 of those in attendance
         ers around the world. Bullard remains   wore  Bullard  hard  hats.  This  event
         a global leader in personal protective   achieved the distinction of having the
         equipment and systems designed to   most people wearing the hard hat at
         help save lives.                   a single event and it was a great way
           The 1890s were not a time we recall   to help the nearby community have an
         as years in which the focus was on   awareness of the company’s presence –
         safety, benefits or rights for workers.   as well as being focused on the impor-
         But with its founding in 1898, Bullard   tance of worker safety as well, accord-
         pioneered the protection of workers in   ing to Bullard.
         the nascent areas of Industrial Health
         and  Safety  as  well  as  work-related   HEADING INTO THE FUTURE
         emergencies.                         The company has always been in
           In the ensuing decades, though pre-  California before their moved in 1970
         ceding construction of the Golden Gate   to Kentucky. “This move to Kentucky
         Bridge, there was some local area de-  enabled us to be closer to more of our
         bate about the wisdom of a building a   customers and to take advantage of
         bridge at the Golden Gate Strait – es-  the fact that both FedEx and UPS
         pecially from the area’s local ferry boat   are located in the Blue Grass State
         operators. But the use of hard hats at   too,” adds Bullard. “Our factory, built
         this challenging work  site and count-  in Kentucky in 1993, pushed us to
         less others ever since has probably   move our headquarters to the state.
         never been questioned. Head  protec-  All engineering and senior leadership
         tion  has  always been  an idea whose   moved to Cynthiana – a bit northeast
         time has come.                     of Lexington and south of Cincinnati –
           Bullard planned activities throughout   in 1993 too.”
         the year to celebrate its centennial an-  The plant now employs more than
         niversary of the invention of the hard   200 people who quickly realized there   Edward  W. Bullard redesigned  the Hard
                                                                               Boiled® mining helmet into a durable indus-
         hat. On Saturday, January 12, 2019,   were  lots of opportunities for career   trial hard hat for  workers  constructing  the
         the company broke a Guinness World   growth with the company. Longstand-  Golden Gate Bridge.
         Record during halftime of the Univer-  ing  employees now  help  to  leverage
         sity of Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt basket-  automation and  technology  in  concert   with employees and the job, according
                                                                               to Wells  Bullard. “New technology is
                                                                               not a threat to employment opportuni-
                                                                               ties but a chance to construct products
                                                                               more efficiently and of higher quality.
                                                                                 “At the same time we eliminate ergo-
                                                                               nomic challenges to increase capacity
                                                                               and then to redeploy our capital to in-
                                                                               crease value-added functions through-
                                                                               out the organization. We are grateful
                                                                               and proud to have longtime employees
                                                                               – such as one woman now celebrating
                                                                               her  46th  anniversary  with  Bullard
                                                                               and a half dozen people still working
                                                                               with us who’ve not retired. These in-
                                                                               dividuals are in our 40-Year-Club. We
                                                                               also have generations of family talent
                                                                               working at our plant. Daughters-in-
                                                                               law, aunts, uncles, and a number of
                                                                               families spanning three generations
                                                                               work at Bullard. Our employees make
                                                                               Bullard an awesome company. I’m
                                                                               humbled  to  have  the  opportunity  to
                                                                               lead this company into the next gen-
                                                                               eration,” said Bullard. WRN
                                                                               For more information about The E.D. Bullard
                                                                               Company  and all of their  other  protective
         Wells Bullard inspects hard hats in the manufacturing plant.          gear products, please visit

         16     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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