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continued from page 14             simulation for winch lines, load, and   equipment to move and lift enormous
         on  their  simulator,  they  are  able  to   multiple rigging operations.  weights. Ancient or not, we have to ad-
         pass the exam the next time they take   “Total immersion  VRS delivers the   mit that old Pharaoh Cheops remains
         it. Simulators are also an ideal way   seat-of-your-pants feel that translates   unrivaled in his  pyramid building
         for operators who may lack confidence   into a vastly reduced learning curve   achievement.  Humans  have an insa-
         (whether they are coming back from an   when you get into an actual crane,” Da-  tiable appetite to build big, go higher,
         injury or a long layoff) to “shake off the   vid emphasized. Of course the bottom   and stretch further. That means more
         rust” before getting back into the seat.   line for VRS is the time and cost sav-  cranes  with  greater technology  and
                                            ings of the actual training for the com-  higher  capacity will  be engineered.  It
         A MENU OF VIRTUAL REALITY          pany, and the productivity and efficien-  also means that crane  operators  will
         TRAINING                           cy of a well prepared operator. David   depend more and more on technical
           Generally speaking there are table   cited a real-world example. One of their   skills  and top notch critical training.
         top style VRS training programs and   clients, Conewago Enterprises, a lead-  Perhaps  there  is  a key  ingredient  to
         goggle-based immersion systems. They   ing design-build general contractor has   all  this.  Consider  how  we  wonder  at
         are both useful, and fit into different   reduced on site crane training with CM   technology  advances  while  completely
         stages in the training cycle. Table-top   Labs’ Vortex simulator. They have re-  overlooking the wonder of the human
         mounted systems can be invaluable   duced on site crane training time from   minds that created that technology. No
         for becoming familiar with crane con-  6 months to 7 weeks, and training costs   matter what the advances are, it takes
         trols,  and  gaining  an  understanding   from $40,000 to $15,000. This kind of   human involvement to make technol-
         of the physics of the crane, and how   result makes the point that simulators   ogy operate. Training,  preparedness
         loads react under variable conditions.   can make a real, direct impact on busi-  and no shortage of good old “boldness”
         CM Labs simulators include actual   ness productivity and bottom line.  is what changes the world for the bet-
         on-board  crane  computers,  load  mo-                                ter. Virtual Reality Simulation train-
         ment indicators, varied boom configu-  BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER         ing will continue to play a key role in
         ration, realistic simulation of crane   The ancient Greeks  and Romans   preparing these professionals for the
         behavior  and  cable  physical  property   led the way in developing crane-like   ongoing quest to go up, up, up. WRN

               CIS Demo Event Attendees Praise Benefits of Training with CM Labs Simulator
           Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS),   tio, and does not require job site super-  understanding the particular crane’s op-
         Carrollton, GA, recently took delivery   visors or rigging crews for the training   erations. “But the big system, that gives
         of a Vortex Edge Plus  portable crane   exercise, or valuable equipment time.  you the seat simulation, the movement
         training simulator produced by CM    Mark Templeton, Business Manager   and the motion, is dead on to what you’re
         Labs Simulations. To welcome the ar-  for the IUOE Local 926 in Rex, GA, says   going to get in the cab of a crane.”
         rival of the new simulator, CIS hosted   training  on  the  simulator  is  a  realistic   A crane operator would pick up skills
         a demonstration event with CM Labs   experience. “The motion, the seat moving   more quickly with a simulator, believes
         at the CIS Centered on Safety facility                                Templeton. “There are more things he
         in Carrollton, GA. The portable crane                                 can be aware of, and different skills that
         operations simulator garnered a lot of                                can be taught, in that situation,” he says,
         attention during the event, reports LD                                noting he’s spent 20 years in crane op-
         Stutes of CM Labs and Debbie Dickin-                                  erations  in  the  field  and  has  worked
         son, CEO of Crane Industry Services.                                  around cranes of all types. “Your initial
           Since  2016,  CIS  has  used  a  full-size                          fears of being in a crane and the risks in-
         simulator which is the forerunner to the                              volved in operating heavy machinery—
         Vortex Advantage. “The desktop-style                                  you take that risk factor out when you
         simulator is portable, making it easier                               practice using a simulator, and you avoid
         for training organizations to bring simu-                             the chance of damaging the equipment.”
         lator training to their clients’ locations,”                            Illustrating  that  point  exactly,  CIS
         said David Clark, Content Manager, CM                                 reported that shortly after the CM Labs
         Labs Simulators. “It is equipped to run                               demo event, a customer utilized the cab-
         any CM Labs training module, which in-                                style simulator to prepare for a rough-
         cludes mobile cranes, tower cranes, fork-                             terrain crane practical exam for crane
         lifts, and earthmoving equipment.”                                    operator certification. The operator had
           The self-guided programs are pro-                                   several months of job-related experience
         gressive in nature, and capture op-  Vortex Edge Plus portable crane training   before starting the training. After spend-
         erator metrics, for valuable feedback,   simulator from CM Labs Simulations.  ing about 40 hours on the Vortex simula-
         explains Clark. CIS sends a simulator   around, giving you the effect of a real-life   tor and 10 hours on an actual crane in
         technician,  who  is  also  a  certified  in-  crane cab experience impressed me,” he   the yard, the operator was able to pass
         structor and certified crane operator, to   said. “I’m a crane operator myself and   the practical exam on the first try.
         set up the portable simulator in differ-  the effect was realistic. We have a CM   Crane Industry Services is WBE-cer-
         ent locations. The instructor  handles   Labs simulator at the IUOE interna-  tified  and  NCCER-accredited  to  train
         the technical side of the machine and   tional training site and I’ve been able to   and provide OSHA-recognized,  ANSI-
         can simultaneously coach the trainees.   get on it.” He believes the tabletop mod-  accredited crane operator certification
         The  simulator-based training  reduces   els are good for learning a crane’s func-  testing  or
         the man hours to train to a 3: or 4:1 ra-  tions, such as LMI readings, and better   (770)-783-9292.

         16     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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