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         moved to Kentucky as well. Bullard is
         proud to manufacture right here in the
         U.S.A. and is a global exporter of safety
           Now,  Bullard – still  a global leader
         in personal protective equipment – an-
         nounced recently its plans for a year-
         long celebration to honor the 100th an-
         niversary of the company’s invention of
         the  hard  hat.  This  company invented
         the Hard Boiled® Hat in 1919 and to-
         day supplies head protection products
         to workers worldwide.
           A 121-year, fifth-generation, family-
         owned company, Bullard manufac-
         turers  safety products  for  workers  in
         the Industrial  Health and Safety and
         Emergency  Responder markets.  The
         company’s innovative products have
         protected safety workers worldwide for
         more than 100 years and include ther-
         mal imagers, fire and rescue helmets,
         head and face protection and respira-
         tory equipment.
           “We are proud of the role Bullard has
         played in revolutionizing the safety in-  Dangerous falling tools or building material can strike at any time from out of the workers
         dustry,” says Bullard. “Our vision to   point of view. Wearing a hard hat is the first line of defense.
         advance  human  safety  to  enable  long,   product. A huge thank you to our most   LEARNING FROM THE PAST
         healthy, productive lives through inno-  valued customers, employees, distribu-  The company is growing and recently
         vative  solutions  is  our  commitment  to   tors,  and  suppliers  for  supporting  us   added the Bullard Center in Lexington,
         every customer who chooses a Bullard   throughout the years and in the future.”        continued on page 16

                                          How Often To Replace A Hard Hat

           A hard hat is required in any work   ibly damaged should be discarded and   Replacement
         environment where exists the poten-  replaced with a new one.           Many manufacturers suggest replac-
         tial risk of head injury. At what point   Labels and Paint            ing them every 5 years, despite if it ap-
         should your hard hat be replaced?    Proper consideration should be taken   pears to be safe. Replacement every 2
         Since there is no specific rule or stan-  when decals and paint are applied to   years  is  suggested for  hard hats that
         dard as to when hard hats should be   hard hats that have already been on the   are exposed to higher  temperatures,
         discarded for a new one, the wearer   job. If stickers are applied, they may cov-  extreme sunlight,  harsh  chemicals  or
         should make their own evaluation   er damaged areas and make them hard-  other adverse conditions.  Hard hats
         and determination themselves. This   er to detect. Certain types of paint can   are typically made of two components,
         should  be  based  on  the  work  condi-                              the  outer  shell  and  the  inner  suspen-
         tions,  the  job’s  specific  hard  hat  re-                          sion, so regular inspection of both these
         quirements, and the physical condi-                                   components  is  necessary  to  ensure
         tion of the hard hat itself.                                          compliance. If either part is damaged,
           Job sites where there is more ex-                                   the hard hat needs to be replaced.
         posure to intense conditions, such                                      Individual workers must keep care-
         as heat and sunlight, extreme cold,                                   ful watch of the condition of their hard
         water pressure, or construction sites                                 hats since, ultimately, it is their safety
         where there is much dust and grime,                                   on the line and their decision to opt for
         will  subject  their  hard  hats  to  more                            a new one. Visual inspections should be
         wear. Hats such as these will need                                    done on a daily basis. Hard hats are on
         to be replaced more often than the              Illustration ©wildpixel - iStockphoto.  the top of the list relating to job safety,
         gear worn by workers who are inside   degrade the plastic quicker, especially   yet, if damaged, they may fail to protect
         and in cleaner, less rigorous condi-  if worn outside or often. Try to limit the   you. Sure, that hard hat has seen you
         tions. Sun and heat exposure will dry   amount of decals applied to the hard hat,   through some memorable projects ...
         out the plastic of the hat, causing it   and consult with the manufacturer of the   and that awesome sticker is one of your
         to crack. Some hard hats are rated   hard hat before painting to assure it will   favorites ... but if in doubt about wheth-
         based on how they withstand a certain   not affect the integrity of the hard hat’s   er or not to replace it: don’t give it a sec-
         number  of  volts  of  electrical  charge.   safety rating. When stickers are present,   ond thought, just say “goodbye”. June is
         If cracked, they will not withstand as   carefully inspect the entire hat to make   National Safety Month, but year round
         much charge. Hard hats that are vis-  sure it is free of any cracks.  you should be thinking: Safety First! n

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