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Jean Marc Teissier, Managing Director/Owner of
                        DEP Engineering and President of OIPEEC
             “We were working together on a his-  ruary  19,  was  written  with  a  very
           torical paper I wrote about the inven-  large script: ‘Jean Marc…very sud-
           tion of wire rope, for a ‘Cahier du Pat-  den  downturn…no  chance  to gather
           rimoine,’ which will be published by a   wire rope files for you.’
           section of the French Ministry of Cul-  “Don was much more than a friend.
           ture — ‘The history of wire rope’s in-  He  was  one  year  younger  than  my
           vention, the decisive, but unfortunate-  father.  I learned so  much  exchang-
           ly transitory, role of French engineers   ing with him, that he could also have
           among them: Ferdinand Arnodin, his   been my teacher. He was a marvelous
           wire rope, his closing machinery.’  and generous  storyteller (conteur  in
             “I had translated it into English and   French).
           submitted it to Don, in order to get his   “In 2011, my wife  and I had the
           feelings about it. When we reached   huge privilege of having him as a pri-
           the middle of the paper, suddenly I re-  vate guide for a road trip from Tucson
           ceived no answers from him.      AZ to College Station TX, with plenty
             “Then I received an email inform-  of unforgettable moments.
           ing me of a sudden downturn. The   “We are now confronted with one
           last email I received from him, Feb-  end of the story, but not the final end.”

         continued from page 10             international.  Charge a fair  price  for
         the nail business was a small, rapidly   a good product and good services. And
         declining enterprise, very much out of   if you can’t achieve a profit by making
         the mainstream at Bethlehem Steel. I   the item, stop making it and buy from
         found it to be a good case history from   someone else.
         which  to forecast the future,  but de-  “But, alas, I was working for a com-
         spite my perception (Bethlehem later   pany that could only ‘think big.’ In fact,   Don at Yellowstone National Park in 1998.
         abandoned the nail business)  I failed   my postures and predictions made me
         in trying to lead others in the company   (to a degree) a sort  of business  leper,   David Bishop
         to the same conclusions I had reached.   an outsider,  among the people in-  Retired, former CEO and owner
         I was  mentally tuned  to this  philoso-  volved  with  flat-roller  steel,  the  main   of Bishop Lifting Products.
         phy: think  small, think  lean, think               continued on page 14
                                                                                  “I have many memories of Don
                                                                                Sayenga — all of them good.
                                                                                  “They begin in 1970 when he, as As-
                                                                                sistant  Manager  of  Bethlehem  Wire
                                                                                Rope Division, met with Robert Ash-
                                                                                ley, Bob Westerman and me as we
                                                                                were forming Superior Rope & Slings
                                                                                in Atlanta, and we talked about dis-
                                                                                tributing Bethlehem Wire Rope.
                                                                                  “Don met with me again in 1983
                                                                                about assuming the Bethlehem
                                                                                Steel warehouse in  Houston  as I
                                                                                was  forming  Bishop  Lifting  Prod-
                                                                                ucts.  He played a very important
                                                                                part in my life!
                                                                                  “Our  AWRF life  together  began
                                                                                when he became Executive Direc-
                                                                                tor.  He brought a degree of profes-
                                                                                sionalism  to  the  organization  that
                                                                                enabled  the  AWRF  to  flourish  in
                                                                                membership numbers and quality.
                                                                                  “Our fourth area together was at
                                                                                the American Society of Mechani-
                                                                                cal  Engineers  (ASME)  where  we
                                                                                served  together  for  over  25 years.
                                                                                His  knowledge  and  memory of
                                                                                things  mechanical — actually  of
                                                                                ALL things — was incredible.
                                                                                  “Through all of these experiences
                                                                                and years we became very good
                                                                                friends.  My life was enriched by
                                                                                Don, and he is very missed.”
         Don inspects wire rope with friend Jean Marc Teissier. Photo courtesy Jean Marc Teissier.
         12     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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