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         years allowing many people to research
         uses for the 3D printing process. There-
         fore,  new  ideas and products  arose.
         Now materials ranging from plastics to
         cement, and even to the hardest steels
         are being used to manufacture struc-
         tural components or gadgets at or be-
         low current prices.
           Scanning:  With 3D capabilities, a
         designer  can  create a virtual  digital
         document of a drawing or object by lo-
         cating precise points along its X, Y and
         Z axis, thus creating the digital copy
         of a solid object in a document file that
         can be distributed anywhere! A CAD
         file using a 3D-modeling program will
         create this file.
           Digital slicing: This digital docu-
         ment  file  is  downloaded  into  a  com-  Fig. 7. Robotic printing machine making a wrench right on the spot! Photo © 8vFanI | iStockphoto
         puter  with  programs  that  turn  the
         data into what could be thousands of   tom-up. The liquid instantly hardens,   ject. AM is desirable because it is only
         thin cross-section digital layers. When   forming a solid layer. The next layers   using  the  material  you  need,  as  op-
         the layers are stacked upon each oth-  are placed on top, layer on layer, until   posed to “subtractive manufacturing”
         er, they will form the 3D replica that   the object is duplicated per the instruc-  (if I can name it that) which involves
         you’re manufacturing. Then this digi-  tions. (fig. 7).               cutting away what is not needed from
         tal  message  is loaded in  an external                               a large casting. This latter method can
         output device that prints, welds, cuts,   New name, new methods       result in as much as a 55% loss of ma-
         sprays,  molds  -  whatever  it  takes  to   The term “3D Printing” is being re-  terial - costly.
         make your object.                  placed currently by “Additive Manu-  In 2010 the American Society for
           Output devices: The “sliced digital”   facturing”  (AM)  which starts with  a   Testing and Materials (ASTM) de-
         computer file then guides a machine’s   flat surface and adds to the object layer   fined  seven  categories  of  additive
         robotic arm or power table as it lays on   on layer. Developers feel this process   manufacturing. These methods of
         a liquid material in the prescribed pat-  of  “adding”  material  more  accurately   spraying or welding to build up ma-
         tern on a “product bed,” from the bot-  defines the process of building an ob-         continued on page 14

                                                       In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated
                                                       its 50th Anniversary. By the time of this occasion,
                                                       the company had designed and built the world’s
                                                       record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest
                                                       elevation (Argentina); Length of system over water
                                                       (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest
                                                       capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway); and,
                                                       Southernmost (Chile).

                                                       Written by the great-great grandson of the
                                                       company’s founder, this book includes over 100
                                                       pictures and detailed engineering drawings that
                                                       explore the legendary company’s history, and
                                                       several of its record-holding systems.

                                                                      Available at for your
                                                                      Kindle or in paperback.

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                                                                          in paperback.
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