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continued from page 10                                                Introducing new synthetic
           Since U.S. Rigging Supply has been   To see a time-lapse video showing  steel rope
                                                Kyle and other members of the
         in  the fall protection market for so   “raising gang” as they build some of   “Replacement of wire rope with syn-
         many years, they have formulated new   the steel skeleton of Providence’s new   thetic rope is becoming more and more
         products for  clients,  and clients  have   Residence Inn, go to the Wire Rope   common,”  says  Walker.  “You’d  be  re-
         created their own lines as well.      News website:  ally surprised. A lot of the folks we deal
           “For instance,” says Walker, “we have                               with  are  unaware  of  all the  changes
         been  heavily  involved  with  carabiners.   cupational  Safety  and  Health  Admin-  that have taken place in  this  area in
         We offer several different types, includ-  istration  (OSHA),  if  you  are  working   the last few years.”
         ing those with a non-locking paddle gate,   above six feet, you have to be tied off.  U.S.  Rigging  Supply’s  line  of  ropes
         and double locking carabiners with a   “For many years there were a lot of   includes those manufactured with
         push and release mechanism. Arbor-  ‘cowboys’ out there (roofers and opera-  Kevlar®,  Technora®,  Spectra®,  and
         ists require triple locking devices (three   tors without protection), but more and   Dyneema®.  These  are stronger  than
         movements to open). They use mostly   more you are seeing people  tied  off   steel pound for pound, and can serve as
         aluminum connectors for securing their   with  a  roofer’s  kit  –  vertical  lifeline,   replacements for wire rope under cer-
         lanyard, rope or harness to themselves.”  carabiner,  harness  and  lanyard  –  all   tain circumstances. Of course, they all
           But despite adhering to high safety   to ensure there are no more falls from   have different characteristics.
         standards, performing 100% product   the roof. There were so many injuries   “We make ropes from Kevlar® – the
         proof-testing, and teaching workers   and deaths at one point that they really   same product used for bullet-proof
         good  safety practices, companies like   ramped up the need for fall protection.”      continued on page 14
         U.S. Rigging Supply know there is al-
         ways room for improvement. Especially
         for those working at heights, the threat
         of an accident is constant.
           Kyle Coulombe relates his own ex-
         perience: “I was standing up, being an
         idiot, trying to pry something in, and my
         bar just slipped. I was dangling there,
         probably 12 feet between my feet and the
         ground. Sprained my ankle when I hit.”
           Another concern,  says Walker,  is
         competitors who don’t manufacture to
         safety standards. “We‘ve discovered
         that there were some companies not
         following ethical practices. People were
         buying carabiners, bringing them from
         overseas, uncertified, and selling them
         in the fall protection market. The safe-
         ty industry needs to be aware of situa-
         tions like that.”
           But, according to Walker, in the last
         decade  or two, safety has been much
         more at the forefront for people work-
         ing at heights. “According to the Oc-

         Working with Honeywell,  the manufacturer
         of Spectra® fiber, U.S. Rigging just released
         a new product: Synthetic Stainless Rope.™
         It doesn’t rust, stays tight, and is enhanced   Replacing wire rope with synthetic rope in fall protection gear is becoming more common,
         with an S-12 synthetic stainless coating.  according to Terry Walker, CEO of U.S. Rigging Supply. Photo © FabV Photography | iStockphoto

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