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Original Order No. 3013.
                                            world,  the Predigtstuhlbahn (WRN,   ‘Rectangular’ cabins to travel between
                                            Oct.  2018). Related to its formation,   a Lower Station and an Upper Station.
                                            Bleichert’s passenger division had also   Made of  corrugated  iron  sheet  panels
                                            entered into an alliance with Italian   and iron frame and hanger, the cabins
                                            engineer-industrialist Luis Zuegg.  had a maximum capacity of 24 passen-
                                              The  resultant Bleichert-Zuegg Sys-  gers and 1 conductor each. With a line
                                            tem permitted  sweeping rope spans   speed of 11.2 miles per hour, the cab-
                                            between support towers,  as well  as   ins moved at 16.4 feet per second, and
                                            increased  cabin weights  and speed of   could climb Table Mountain in under 5
                                            travel. The basic Bleichert-Zuegg Sys-  minutes. Communication with the con-
                                            tem comprised two passenger cabins   trol room is by telephone signal trans-
                                            supported by a looped track  rope and   mitted via the hauling rope.
                                            secured to each other by a looped haul-  There  is  a  3,960  foot/0.75-mile  rope
                                            ing rope. The system counterbalanced   span between stations with no support
                                            the cabins, with one at the lower sta-  towers.  Bleichert delivered its spiral
                                            tion when the other was at the upper   track and locked hauling  wire ropes
                                            station. The  weight of a descending   which weighed some 18 tons combined.
         Bleichert ‘Rectangular’ cabin at Table Moun-  cabin maximized ascension energy for
         tain, 1929.                        its counterpart and eased the burden   STATIONS
         continued from page 8              on the ropeway’s drive motor. The sys-  Local  architects  Walgate &  Ells-
         diversify and grow, a dedicated passen-  tem included an auxiliary hauling rope   worth  under  specifications  outlined
         ger division was formed in 1924 called   that could take over from the primary   by Bleichert  designed the  Lower  and
         Adolf Bleichert & Co. Drahtseilbahn-  hauling rope when needed, though oth-  Upper Stations.  Construction  of the
         bau GmbH.                          erwise remained parked.            station buildings was subcontracted to
           Bleichert’s  passenger  division went   For Table Mountain  Aerial Cable-  local industry, with Bleichert manu-
         on to build many iconic passenger sys-  way, Bleichert delivered two of its   facturing all system components at its
         tems including the Zugspitz-                                          German  factories,  and shipping  them
         bahn (WRN, Oct. 2009),  the                                           to South Africa. In order to move mate-
         Port Vell Aerial Tramway, the                                         rials and workforce, Bleichert installed
         Aeri de Montserrat, and, the                                          a temporary ropeway at the Lower Sta-
         oldest original  operating pas-                                       tion worksite and up to Africa Ledge,
         senger  wire  ropeway in  the                                         location of the Upper Station. When
                                                                               the buildings were done, Bleichert’s
                                                                               technicians installed and tested all the
                                                                               cableway’s equipment. Generally, both
                                                                               stations housed cableway components,
                                                                               electricity generators, cabin platforms,
                                                                               and other  customer  and engineering
                                                                               support facilities.
                                                                                 The Lower Station is at 1,190 feet
                                                                               above sea level. It is located on Tafel-
                                                                               berg (Table Mountain)  Road inside
                                                                               Table Mountain National Park in the
                                                                               Garden neighborhood of Cape Town,
                                                                               some 15-minutes from the city’s down-
                                                                               town and waterfront.  The Lower Sta-
                                                                               tion  houses  dual cabin  platforms,
                                                                               sheave wheels, and two 149-ton rope-
                                                                               tensioning  counterweights  slung  in
                                                                               40-foot-deep  shafts. The building also
                                                                               has administrative and facility spaces,
                                                                               as well as a visitor center and a shop.
                  Photos and illustrations courtesy of
              Peter von Bleichert unless otherwise noted.                                       continued on page 12
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