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An operator from Conewago Enterprises practicing a crane certification exam on a CM Labs simulator. Photo courtesy of CM Labs
         continued from page 8              Terminals;  Railways;  Manufacturing,   crane and being evaluated by other
         nology of making the virtual believably   Construction and Infrastructure; Mili-  qualified  individuals.  OSHA  makes
         real  is  improving safety,  increasing   tary; Oil, Gas, Petrochemical; Mining;   crane  operator  certification  manda-
         productivity, and decreasing  cost and   Excavation; Off-Shore;  Nuclear;  Wind   tory. In addition, OSHA requires that
         damages in crane operations.       Power.                             employers  evaluate  the  qualifications
                                              In each of these industries, crane op-  of crane operators. What’s more, opera-
         UPWARD MOTION CONTINUES            erators work within unique, specialized   tors need to take refresher courses and
           Cranes and their loads continue to get   and specific requirements with various   advanced skills training to stay at the
         bigger  and  heavier  every  year.  Today’s   types of crane equipment. Yet with all   top of their game. Training takes time
         cranes are lifting unbelievably heavy   that herculean crane power on steroids,   and can be expensive.
         objects of all shapes, applying some of   the mightiest cranes in the world are   Modern cranes are operated by indi-
         the  most  spectacular  technologies.  And   powerless without a skilled operator.   viduals who not only carry loads, but
         the more integrated the technology be-  Just  as  those  who  trained  elephants   also life and death responsibilities ev-
         comes, the more adept the operator must   and other strong animals to lift and   ery time they sit in the cab and place
         be, especially considering the potential   move objects, it’s the skill and proficien-  their hands on the controls.  Mistakes
         damage to  life and materials  that  are   cy of the crane operator that makes all   don’t just damage goods and set back
         involved in  any industry  dependent  on   the difference in controlling the power.   schedules; they can endanger the lives
         cranes. Consider the expertise involved   This  was  certainly  the  case  when  the   of people around them. As in every
         in  this  example:  the  lifting  and  place-  Pharaohs called for their  architects to   industry,  attrition is a reality. Crane
         ment of the CVBH (Containment Vessel   build  pyramids  and  temples  that  still   operators retire and new  recruits  are
         Bottom Head) a bowl-shaped steel rein-  rival any modern structure. They need-  trained to be proficient. However, even
         forced concrete structure enclosing a nu-  ed equipment to do the lifting, but more   experienced crane  operators must
         clear reactor base which in an emergency   importantly  they  needed  individuals   train for new requirements, enhanced
         is designed to contain escape of radia-  who were trained and skilled in making   and advancing technological  equip-
         tion and serves as the final barrier. On   the equipment perform.     ment capabilities. Training on the ac-
         May 9, 2014 Georgia Power completed                                   tual equipment requires that the crane
         a milestone in the construction of Plant   A HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY     be taken off line, wasting expensive
         Vogtle. The project team hoisted and   According to,   fuel. The trainee is also not producing,
         positioned the CVBH, weighing more   the  global crane  market  has  been  es-  which adds up to high cost and lost pro-
         than 900 tons, nearly 38 feet tall and 130   timated  to grow with approximately   ductivity. Plus there has to be a way
         feet wide. It was lifted into place using   5.99% CAGR from 2018 to 2026. The   for operators to have experiential ref-
         a 560-foot tall heavy lift derrick, one of   need to lift and hoist isn’t slowing down   erence points before they perform a lift
         the largest cranes in the world, and took   any time soon.  The  crane  operators   cold-turkey in real time!
         approximately four hours to complete. In   who run cranes are required to be cer-
         this type of situation, both the crane and   tified and qualified by OSHA, in varied   A SOLUTION: TRAINING ON THE JOB
         the human factor must be functioning at   degrees depending on the state and in-  WITHOUT BEING ON THE JOB
         the top of the excellence scale.   dustry. Certification covers the basics;   So  what  is  the  solution  to  the  train-
           Cranes vary in size, capacity and use   set up, understanding load charts, run-  ing  requirements  for  crane  operators?
         and are found at work in a multitude   ning the equipment and so on. Quali-  Virtual Reality Simulators (VRS)! Over
         of industries, including: Ports and Ship   fication  requires  testing  on  an  actual   continued on page 12

         10     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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