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         thick  smoke. Their  headgear protects
         the  most critical  technological  seer
         circuitry  there is, the human brain.
         Thermal imaging allows determination
         of what is colder or warmer than their
            “It’s an awesome responsibility to be
         protecting people’s breathing zones,”
         said Bullard. “Respirators can be used
         in  power  painting and pharmaceuti-
         cal manufacturing. We protect a lot of
         painters and abrasive blasters with our
         respiratory products.”
           “Much of our success over the years
         can be attributed to how we watch and
         listen to our customers. That is how
         we’ve remained relevant for over five
         generations and we try to understand
         what safety concerns workers are fac-
         ing. Our vision is to advance human
         safety, maintaining productive lives
         through innovative solutions. To do
         that you need to understand what
         dangers your – our – customers or cli-
         ents are facing.”

           During  the Great Depression  years,
         the Golden  Gate Bridge construction   The hard hat is one of the most recognized safety products in the world and is responsible for
         site  was  America’s  first  designated   saving thousands of lives during the last 100 years.
         “Hard Hat Area.”  The  project’s  chief   “One of the things I’m most proud of is   the hats. OSHA regulations went into
         engineer,  Joseph B. Strauss,  shared   the fact that we were a safety company   place in 1971 with more coming on line
         a  vision  with  Bullard  that the  bridge   before safety was on everyone’s mind,”   throughout the rest of the decade.
         construction  site  could  be a safer  en-  says Bullard. “Our company was wor-  Besides hard hats and supplied-air
         vironment for the worker. Falling riv-  ried about safety in 1898, working  to   respirators, Bullard manufactures fire
         ets,  which  could cause  serious  injury,   protect workers in hazardous environ-  and rescue helmets and powered air-
         were a grave concern, so Bullard trans-  ments even before it was mandatory.  purifying respirators. In 1998, Bullard
         formed the mining helmet into a dura-  “Joseph Strauss didn’t have to have   added a new product line: thermal im-
         ble industrial hard hat.           hard hats on his bridge project; he   aging cameras. Bullard’s Thermal Im-
           The  project  faced a second  problem   didn’t have to think that way in terms   aging  Cameras  help  firefighters  find
         with  the steel coming by train from   of protecting his  workers.  But he  be-  victims, identify hot spots, and locate
         Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  The steel   lieved in safety and, in partnering with   exits by allowing them to “see through
         had oxidized and needed to be sand-                                   smoke” with infrared technology. Du-
         blasted before being painted. Bullard                                 rability,  comfort,  safety, quality and
         designed a simple sand-blast respira-   We are proud of the           innovation are hallmarks of every Bul-
         tor  helmet,  which  consisted  of  a  hard   role Bullard has played   lard product line. After operating for
         hat with a bag over it. There was a win-  in revolutionizing          more than  a century,  Bullard is  com-
         dow in front to see through, and fresh                                mitted to excellence in the eyes of our
         air was pumped into it.                  the safety industry          customers and proud to produce prod-
           Today, the Golden Gate Bridge still      – Wells Bullard            ucts that are widely known among us-
         protects its workers with Bullard                                     ers to be the “best in class.”
         hard hats and respiratory protec-
         tion equipment and protects work-  my great-grandfather  and using Bul-  FANTASTIC PLASTIC
         ers around the world with innovative   lard’s safety equipment, protected his   After hard hats made from alumi-
         safety products (including hard hats,   workers. That is a great story.”  num and fiberglass, plastic became the
         respiratory  protection,  fire  and  res-  Though the Golden Gate Bridge proj-  standard material used in  their  con-
         cue helmets, and thermal imaging   ect was not the first to use hard hats   struction. Bullard was one of the first
         cameras). Bullard’s worldwide head-  onsite, it was the first to require them   manufacturers  to inject  thermoplastic
         quarters, from which its products are   and to be designated a hard hat area.   into a mold to produce a hard hat. In
         designed, engineered, manufactured,   After the use of canvas and aluminum,   1982,  the standard  hard hat changed
         and marketed, is in Cynthiana, Ken-  in the 1940s hard hats came to be made   again. The director of safety at Bechtel
         tucky. The company is family-owned,   from fiberglass. In the 1950s were the   Corporation,  one  of  Bullard’s major
         and  the  fifth  generation  (great-great   first plastic hard hats. In the 1960s and   clients, felt that hard hats didn’t have
         granddaughter of the founder), Wells   1970s plastics became better and this   the proper suspension for field work. In
         Bullard, is now Bullard’s CEO.     material was commonplace for use in                 continued on page 12

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