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Wire Rope News & Sling Technology MAGAZINE – October 2020 Issue

COVER PHOTO: A 250-ton American Portal crane located at a Jacksonville, FL shipyard. The OSHA jurisdiction Part 1919 requires a 110% overload test performed upon initial erection and every four years after that. Photograph courtesy of Dennis O’Rourke.

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Featured Articles:

Dangers in Crane Testing: Expect the Unexpected

by Dennis J. O’Rourke CSP. Certifying cranes requires a fine tuned accuracy and expertise in assuring that all precautions are in place to circumvent catastrophe.

Recent crane accidents prompted this article. I have certified cranes for various agencies and companies since the 1960’s and know the requirements of the work. I find these accidents have peculiar circumstances in both causes and the number of injured and deaths (33.) Couldn’t this have been prevented? …read more in the October issue.

The Disinfecting of Synthetic Slings and Tie Downs

Reprinted from the Web Sling & Tie Down Association, WSTDA. Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 among riggers is an uphill battle, but a few simple rules may be the best advice to follow.

Numerous parties have contacted WSTDA asking for advice on how to disinfect synthetic slings and tie-downs to prevent the transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. …read more in the October issue.

Training and Engineering Expertise in the Rigging Industry

by Peter Hildebrandt. Safety has been the professional focus for Don Pellow when training crane operators in this special Wire Rope News profile.

Cranes are a marvel of engineering, and an essential component of many industries including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, and more. Operating these towering machines takes extensive training, and following set standards to ensure both the crane operator, and those in the surrounding area, are safe. Rigging safety is an important component of overall workplace safety, and Don Pellow assures that future crane operators know the ropes. …read more the in October issue.

Employee Poaching

by Phillip M. Perry. Tips to avoid litigation and loss of trade secrets when workers leave for employment elsewhere.

When employees leave for positions elsewhere, valuable trade secrets can go out the door with them. Employers can protect their customer lists, marketing plans and pricing data from ending up in the hands of competitors by having key individuals sign restrictive covenants. Employers also need to avoid lawsuits for violating restrictive covenants when poaching top performers from competitors. …read more in the October issue.

Steel Demand Begins to Sprout

by Sam Kusic, reprinted from Association for Iron & Steel Technology, AIST. An encouraging interview with AISI interim president and chief executive Kevin Dempsey on the current state of global steel demand.

The global pandemic has caused an unprecedented collapse in steel demand, but there are signs a recovery is underway. And with the proper national policies, it could flourish, says AISI interim president and chief executive Kevin Dempsey. … read more in the October issue.


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    • ALL Tower Crane Adds Three to Fleet
    • AISI Releases Annual Statistical Report for 2019
    • (AMH) Meeting the COVID Challange?
    • CIS Now Offers WIOA-Approved Crane & Rigging Certification Program
    • Sarens Uses Crosby | SP Load Cell to Weigh Christmas Trees
    • Steel Imports Down 21% Year-To-Date Through August
    • New Airpes Americas Backshop Supports Dealers, End users
    • CM Labs Helps Manitowoc Capture Market Share with Simulation Solutions
    • ALL Crane to Take Delivery of New Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1
    • The Crosby Group Confirms Support to AQUAA Act to Advance American Aquaculture
    • LEEA Holds 2020 AGM on Zoom
    • At ALL Crane, Collaboration Reigns
    • SC&RA Presents 2020 Crane & Rigging Safety Awards
    • AISI Comments on Announcement Regarding Steel Negotiations with Brazil and Mexico
    • Crane Industry Services offers Virtual Training Courses
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