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Jean-Marc Teissier Singapore

The April issue is available. The issue featured stories

Goodbye Mr. Wire Rope A tribute to Don Sayenga read the article

Lifting Ladership and Eduction The Mazzella Companies celebrates 65 years. read the article

Jim Mazzella and company with the 7-Part Sling.™

Mazzella Companies; 65 Years of Lifting Leadership and Education

Mazzella Companies is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. We interviewed CEO Tony Mazzella, to learn about his perspective on the trends in the wire rope and sling technology industry, looking back on his company’s history and forward to its future. Mazzella’s father James founded the company, and his sons Matt and Adam are prepared to pilot it well into the future. A series of strategic acquisitions have provided it with steady growth over the years and landed it a dominant position in the industry read more

A Tribute to Donald Sayenga, June 4, 1934 – February 26, 2019


Goodbye, “Mr. Wire Rope”

A Tribute to Donald Sayenga, June 4, 1934 – February 26, 2019

Over his 29-year career at Bethlehem Steel Corp., and in many leadership roles during and after, Don Sayenga was the quintessential expert on wire rope and just about everything related to it. read more


Tandem Lift of Pedestrian Bridge Succeeds Safely and Easily with Smart Sling™

Tandem Lift of Pedestrian Bridge Succeeds Safely and Easily with Smart Sling™

A tandem lift presents several opportunities for potential complications. One issue is that a tandem lift depends on both crane operators working in unison to lift both ends of the structure evenly. If one operator begins to swing the load before the other is fully clear of obstructions, the load could collide with an object causing unknown dynamic forces in the rigging and crane. Another potential issue can occur if the bridge has not been properly disconnected before lifting. When it came time to remove the Pedestrian Bridge in Leesport, Pennsylvania this past February, workers were also concerned that the bridge was bolted to concrete foundations on either end of the riverbank. If a bolt had been unintentionally left in place or if the bridge had rusted at the connection point, the rigging could be overloaded during the lift because the load would not be free to move. read more

Kirkpatrick manual stripper

Potential Accident on Global 1200 Drillship Diverted, Thanks to Kirkpatrick’s New Manual Stripper

After the contractor on the Global 1200 Drillship used Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication System’s new Manual Stripper Assembly and Groove Cleaners, they discovered that the entire 52mm crane load line needed to be replaced, avoiding a possible accident. read more

Rigging for the troops photo contest

Rigging for the Troops - Weekly Photo Contest

From April 1 – June 30, Crosby will donate a portion of every wire rope clip sale to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation to help fund a college scholarship for a child who has lost a parent in the line of duty. Show your support and help raise awareness of this worthy cause by entering our weekly photo contest. read more

wire rope assembly and the AviPack avalanche airbag system

Custom Wire Rope Assembly is Critical Part of Avalanche Airbag System Designed to Save Lives

Tyler Madison Inc., manufacturer of custom wire rope cable assemblies and push-pull controls, helped Wary engineers design a custom wire rope assembly for their AviPack avalanche airbag system. read more

CM labs aubmented reality

CM Labs at Bauma 2019
New releases include full-team training capabilities and innovative application of augmented reality

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, announced that it will be releasing a host of new training technologies at Bauma 2019. Each element is designed to work independently, or as part of a total team learning solution. read more

crane systems

Hard Hat Inventor Bullard Kicks Off 100th Anniversary Celebration

Bullard, a global leader in personal protective equipment, announced today its plans for a year-long celebration to honor the 100th anniversary of the Company’s invention of the hard hat. Headquartered in Cynthiana, Kentucky, the Company invented the Hard Boiled® Hat in 1919 and today supplies head protection products to workers worldwide.

A 121-year, fifth-generation, family-owned company, Bullard manufacturers safety products for workers in the Industrial Health and Safety and Emergency Responder markets. The Company’s innovative products have protected safety workers worldwide for more than 100 years and include thermal imagers, fire and rescue helmets, head and face protection and respiratory equipment. read more

Sign up for the Annual Suppliers Directory


Register for the Annual Suppliers Directory

Deadline extended to March 22, 2019

We’re making it easier than ever for wire rope and sling technology product and service suppliers to register for our annual Suppliers Directory.

Click here to find out more.

Jean-Marc Teissier Singapore

The February issue is available online and in the PDF - The issue featured stories

3D Printed Crane Hooks: Are They the Future? By Dennis O’Rourke Is Additive Manufacturing the wave of the future? The author weighs the pros and cons.

Specialized Library Provides Unique Collection of Resources By Jane W. Haynes A source of historic objects and information, the Arthur Lakes Library contains a wealth of material for researching ropeway technology

Why Don’t More Young People Veer Towards Jobs in Manufacturing? By Peter Hildebrandt To secure the future of the manufacturing industry, we must reach out to each new generation and teach them the “ropes.”

SPECIAL FEATURE: Our Industry Over the Past 40 Years Wire Rope News asks long-time experts to share their memories and comments. This issue features Robert Davis, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Loos & Co., Inc.

crane systems

Crane Systems

Know your center of gravity.

In the early stages of dialogue about a lift, even before the planning begins, make sure to verify the center of gravity read more


Arborist Adds SP Load Pin to Tree Felling Toolkit

Arborist Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC has added a second Straightpoint (SP) force measurement device to its inventory. Following the successful implementation of a wireless 25,000-lb. capacity Radiolink plus load cell, a 60kN capacity load pin has also proved its usefulness in tree felling applications.

SP’s range of load or shear pins is designed for use where an end of line load cell cannot be used or when an integrated solution is required in applications such as pulley or sheave axles, moorings, winches, or support blocks. In this instance, Adaptable (or Craneva, as it is known after the website name) uses the pin on a Mecanil grapple saw. Readings are taken wirelessly on a Hand Held plus, also an SP product. read more

Acco York PA

Acco Welcomes York Tech to Neighboring Manufacturing Facility

Acco Material Handling Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of material handling products, including overhead cranes and hoists, welcomed a delegation of students from nearby York County School of Technology (York Tech) to its York, Pennsylvania headquarters.

The visit, instigated by Lorin Cassidy Wolfe, President and CEO at Acco, saw 22 students participate in varied manufacturing-themed activities, all under an overarching “Gemba Day” concept. As Wolfe explained, genba, also known as gemba, is a Japanese term meaning “the actual place”. Japanese detectives call a crime scene gemba, for example, and journalists might say they’re reporting from gemba. In business, gemba refers to the place where value is created; in manufacturing the gemba is the factory floor. read more

Rigging Differently

Rigging Differently, an Awareness!

Decades ago I learned that there were serious differences in the skill necessary for employees to properly attach loads to cranes at the ports or manufacturing plants as opposed to a building site or in a paper mill’s machine shop.

It hit me in the late 70’s when I started development and presenting rigging programs for various industries which required a listing of topics and objectives for the courses. read more

Jean-Marc Teissier Singapore

Jean-Marc Teissier: Designing the Nearly Impossible

Whether designing the first amusement ride to catapult passengers into “space,” engineering the largest moving stadium roof in the world, or renovating the inclined lift of the Eiffel Tower - Jean-Marc Teissier, Managing Director/owner of DEP Engineering and President of OIPEEC, takes on projects with challenges that seem insurmountable. read more

Jean-Marc Teissier Singapore

The December issue is available online and in the PDF - The issue featured stories

The Brooklyn Bridge Experiment. By Don Sayenga The main cables are unique in the world of bridge building. So now the challenge is how to determine the effects of metal fatigue on these 140-year-old cables.

Jean-Marc Teissier: Designing the Nearly Impossible. By Barbara Spencer Whether it’s inventing new ways to use wire rope or renovating world-famous landmarks, Jean-Marc Teissier is the engineer for the job.

Forecast 2019. By Phillip M. Perry The author gives us the big picture of what the new year has in store for the economy and how it affects business and industry ... and it’s not the gloomy forecast that many expected.

Jean-Marc Teissier Singapore

Rope and Sling to Provide Glow Sling Exclusively to UK Market

Lifting and rigging equipment supplier Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has secured exclusive distribution rights in the UK for an innovative range of slings featuring reflective strips, manufactured by Miller Weblift. Exclusivity on the product, called Glow, has been granted to RSS until December 31, 2018. read more


modulift citizensM

U.S. Construction Firm Lauds Versatility of Modulift Beams

Modulift spreader beams combined with other rigging equipment in 19 different configurations to complete over 200 lifts during modular construction of the citizenM Hotel in South Lake Union, Seattle, Washington recently. read more


spreader beams

REID Davit Crane Lifts Personnel at Outdoor Activity Centre

A REID Lifting davit crane makes it possible for disabled people to participate in water sports and other activities at Calvert Trust Kielder, a specialist site for outdoor experiences, in Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland, UK read more

spreader beams

Modulift Beams Integral to Preserving Unique Southampton Heritage

Three Modulift spreader beams were used in a one-over-two configuration beneath the hook of a 350t capacity mobile crane. The bridge was successfully removed, loaded onto transportation, and taken to Solent Protective Coatings for remedial work. read more and watch the video


spreader beams

The Newest Advancements in Spreader Beams

The Caldwell Group Announces the Model 30HC, a High Capacity Modular Spreader Beam. read more


Wire Co World Group

Wire Rope – The Secret Weapon of World War One

Article by Don Sayenga. When World War One began in 1914, the German Navy realized their cruisers and battleships were no match for the Royal Navy. The British had twice as many big fighting ships as any other nation. Beginning with the launch of their modern battleship Dreadnought in 1906, “Britannia rule the waves” became much more than a popular patriotic song. The development of little short-range military aircraft had just begun. The only other available form of naval warfare was an attack from beneath the waves, so the Germans concentrated on building the world’s largest fleet of submarines. This in turn caused creation of an anti-submarine weapon by the U S Navy in a program with a lid on it so tight that no one outside a small group of naval employees ever knew about it. read more

Wire Co World Group

Columbus McKinnon now offers Expanded Options for Yale® YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ Wire Rope Hoists

The expanded electrical and mechanical options and a wider range of lifting capacities for their Yale® YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire rope hoists. And additional Magnetek IMPULSE® adjustable frequency drives for multiple motions. read more

Wire Co World Group

Launch of the Universal Plate Lifting Clamp

All Material Handling listens to customers needs and in response recently launched this Universal Plate Lifting Clamp read more

June 2018 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

OCT 2018 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

Wire Rope – The Secret Weapon of World War One By Don Sayenga. The author takes us back in time when wire rope was used in helping us defeat the enemy below the waves.

The Grande Dame of the Alps
By Peter von Bleichert, Ph.D. The world’s oldest operating passenger wire ropeway, The Predigtstuhlbahn, celebrates its 90th anniversary without showing her age.

Employee Handbooks By Phillip M. Perry. Producing a handbook for your employees can elevate efficiency in daily operations, and in turn increase profitability.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Our Industry Over the Past 40 Years Wire Rope News asks long-time experts in our field to share their memories and comments. This issue features Jean Marc Teissier, President of DEP Engineering and President of OIPEEC.

Wire Co World Group

Oldest Operating Passenger Wire Ropeway Turns 90

The world’s oldest operating passenger wire ropeway, The Predigtstuhlbahn, celebrates its 90th anniversary without showing her age. read the article "The Grande Dame of the Alps"

Wire Co World Group

WireCo WorldGroup Opens New West Coast Distribution Center

WireCo WorldGroup has announced the opening of a distribution center in Portland, Oregon. The new facility is strategically located to handle the wire rope needs of their customers across the northwestern United States. The Portland center maintains inventory to improve availability and reduce delivery time throughout the service area. Alisa Glazier is the Manager of this new location. She previously worked for WireCo at their Beaverton, Oregon facility, and was the Assistant Manager of the Houston Distribution Center. more info on www.WireCoWorldGroup.com

CM 360 hoist

Now Appearing: The 40th October Issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology

The October 2018 issue should reach your desk any day now. It’s the first issue of our 40th year.

So much has changed in the material handling industry since our first issue in 1979. As a pioneer magazine for this sector of the industrial world, we’ve been honored to have so many of you read our current event articles as well as the historic pieces that we’ve highlighted over the years.

We’d like to think that our founder, Ed Bluvias (who passed away in 2013), would be proud to see how much farther the industry has progressed, while knowing that Wire Rope News & Sling Technology has kept right in step with those changes.

Thank you all for being a part of our family for 40 years!

CM 360 hoist

CM Tornado 360 Hoist

Innovative hoist from Columbus McKinnon features unique Sidewinder™ lever handle for safer and more productive operation.

...read more



When lives are on the line

Fall Prevention: Put yourself in your worker’s shoes

We all know we should do it. But let’s face it: wearing fall protection and following safety procedures can add challenges to a job that is already tough. Support your workers and show that fall prevention is a priority in your company.

...Read more Fall Prevention safety tips

When lives are on the line

How to get in big trouble with OSHA

While few companies practice this kind of gross negligence, the case reminds us that employers need to be ever vigilant that workers follow good safety practices.

...read more

When lives are on the line

When Lives are on the Line

Article by Barbara Spencer from August Edition - U.S. Rigging Supply Takes on Ever-Changing Safety Challenges of Fall Protection

...read more


June 2018 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

AUG 2018 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

When Lives are on the Line By Barbara Spencer. U.S. Rigging Supply takes on ever-changing safety challenges of fall protection.

The Wheeling Bridge Turns 170 By Peter Hildebrant. The Suspension Bridge in Wheeling, WV, the first of it’s kind in North America, celebrates it’s 170th birthday, and yet it’s builder, Charles Ellet Jr., is almost unknown to us.

How Keep Your "A" Players By Phillip M. Perry. Keeping your key employees on board is a daunting walk on eggshells. The author gives us some pointers on how to ease this volatile relationship.

Yale Cordage Test Bed video

Yale Cordage Test Bed

SUPPLIER NEWS - New-England-based Yale Cordage Acquires One of the Largest Test Beds in Eastern US .... read more



Al Abel


Columbus McKinnon Expands Hoist Offerings - Hand Chain Hoist and Two New Electric Wire Rope Hoists

SUPPLIER NEWS - Columbus McKinnon Corporation has expanded its offering of the unique CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoist and introduces its new Yale® YK™ and Shaw-Box® SK™ electric wire rope hoists. .... read more


Al Abel


Al Abel Top Trainer Award

SUPPLIER NEWS - Al Abel of Mazzella Companies wins 2018 Corporate Top Trainer Award .... read more



Sam Moyer


ALL Tower Crane GM Appointment

SUPPLIER NEWS - Sam Moyer takes the reins from Clay Thoreson .... read more


Crane and Rigging Workshop

SUPPLIER NEWS - Registration is open for the Crane and Rigging Workshop... read more

Green Pin Tycan Lifting Chain

Tycan Lifing Chain

SUPPLIER NEWS - Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain used for first time by Mammoet... read more

June is National Safety Month: Better Safe Than Sorry!

Melanie Arnio


Safety Manager Appointment

SUPPLIER NEWS - Health & Safety Manager at G.W. Becker, Inc.... read more

June 2018 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

JUN 2018 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

Test Bed Safety 101 By Christi G. Chambers. From buying the right test bed and operating it safely, to calibration guidelines and accurate testing certificates, this author takes us through all aspects of maintaining safety standards in order to reduce liability risks.
Wilhelm Albert 2.0 By Don Sayenga and Roland Verreet. Though never listed among the greatest inventions of the 19th century, wire rope certainly ranks #1 with this publication. Here is the story of its inventor from two of the leading authorities in the industry.
How to “Up” Your Expertise Inspecting Mobile Cranes By Dennis J. O’Rourke. You can’t eliminate the biggest safety issue with mobile cranes: “you’re holding a load against the gravitational pull of the earth,” says the author, who has developed and/or presented more than 300 safety training programs..

Campbell Sling Hooks

Campbell announces their NEW Sling Hooks

SUPPLIER NEWS - Campbell's redesigned their sling hooks with a new latch assembly feature and extra-thick steel construction... read more



elebia NEO hook for lifing bell furnaces

elebia Bell Furnace Lifing Hooks - the NEO Hooks

SUPPLIER NEWS - elebia Launches the NEO Hook for Lifting Bell Furnaces ... read more


April 2018 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

APR 2018 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

Some Truths about Tariffs By Peter Hildebrandt. A hard look at the new tariff laws, how they affect steel shipments and their impact on our industry worldwide.
Wire Inventor Leaves Legacy of Engineering and Scientific Advancement By Peter Hildebrandt. The name Ichabod Washburn is not often mentioned during conversations about wire rope, but his contributions there and in many other fields of industry have made an everlasting impact
The Long and Short of Wire Rope History By Henry Vere. The author gives us a summary on how wire rope has evolved over the years.

Roland Verrett cartoon

Roland Verrett The Rope Pope

ARTICLE by Barbara Spencer - With no intention of retiring, Verreet travels worldwide as perhaps the most well-known wire rope designer, inspector, consultant and speaker. He says he was once introduced as “the man who makes wire rope sexy.” But he thinks that wire rope has always been sexy... read more

Authorized Rigging Centers

Columbus McKinnon Announces New CM Authorized Rigging Centers

SUPPLIER NEWS - Columbus McKinnon is making it easier than ever for customers to purchase, service and repair CM rigging products with its new CM Authorized Rigging Centers. ... read more

Modulift Spreader Beams

Modulift Spreader Beam Project in Poland

SUPPLIER NEWS - Modulift supplied two large spreader beams to complete a rig that will lift 20 wind farm jacket foundations onto vessels at ST3 Offshore's dock side location in Szczecin, Poland. ... read more


Campbell Swivel Hoist Hooks

Campbell announces their NEW Swivel Hoist Hooks

SUPPLIER NEWS - Campbell's new swivel hoist hooks have been redesigned with a latch assembly that features extra-thick steel construction... read more



Feb 2018 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

FEB 2018 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

A Lively Interview with Roland Verreet: “The Rope Pope” By Barbara Spencer. At 67, he says he’s past his “discard state.” But this renowned wire rope expert, who asserts that wire rope is “fascinating” and “sexy,” has no plans to retire.
Getting a Grip on the Correct Solution Helps Sea Catch get a Huge Lift By Pete Hildebrandt. A short history of elevator technology and a glimpse into the future of moving people through a building.
Elevators and Their Cables Forever Change Urban Architecture By Pete Hildebrandt. Countries throughout Europe are utilizing innovative technologies to prove the world can be supplied with clean power from turbines.

Honeywell Spectra HC1000 fiber rope

Honeywell Launches Spectra HC1000

The new Spectra HC1000 is a Spectra fiber rope that surpasses steel wire rope... read more


October Wire Rope crossword puzzle

OCT Crossword Puzzle

New crossword puzzle by Myles Mellor for Wire Rope News. Open the October Edition and go to page 74.

OCT 2017 Edition Wire Rope News PDF

OCT 2017 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

Thomas Musgrove Griffith By Don Sayenga. The author of this article sets out to change the notion that this significant American engineer is perhaps the most overlooked wire suspension bridge builder in the world.
Saxonburg Celebrated Birth of American Wire Rope By Victor Mendez. The Roeblings founded this Pennsylvania town 185 years ago, and they recently celebrated this event along with John Roebling’s historic patent for his wire rope process.
European Countries Lead the Way with Wind Power By Pete Hildebrandt. Countries throughout Europe are utilizing innovative technologies to prove the world can be supplied with clean power from turbines.

LiftEx 2017 Conference

LiftEx 2017 Conference

NOV 29-30. LiftEx conference for anyone who works within the lifting industry. Hosted by LEEA (the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) the event, features a packed exhibition floor, engaging and valuable conference content, as well as a dinner dance and plenty of opportunities to network with your peers. read more

Straightpoine COLD

Wire Rope Lifting Clamps

How to avoid accidents when using Lifting Clamps. Lifting clamps have a variety of applications, including transporting plates and hoisting lifting beams. For optimum performance and safety, read some “dos and don’ts.” read more

Straightpoine COLD

Straightpoint at Speedy Expo

Straightpoint will be showcasing the COLT, the Clamp On Line Tensionmeter, at the UK expo.


New Sales Manager at Van Beest

Celena Moses joins Van Beest.


Modulift Spreader Frame Lifts Vehicle for Filming Project

A modular spreader frame provided a solution to lift a four-wheel drive vehicle for a top-secret filming project.


Sims Crane helping FL Irma recovery efforts

Sims Crane Helping Florida Irma Recovery Efforts

Sims Crane is making cranes available to help FL with Irma recovery efforts.


APEX helps rebuild Houston with Tools and ToolBank

Hurricane Harvey Relief - APEX is Helping Rebuild Houston with Tools - ToolBank

Find out more about ToolBank and how APEX is helping with tools.

August Wire Rope News Crossword Puzzel

New Crossword Puzzle

New crossword puzzle created by Myles Mellor for Wire Rope News. Open the August Edition and go to page 73.




Aug 2017 edition available on PDF

AUG 2017 Edition available in PDF - The edition featured stories

When Lifting is Done by Helicopter - by Pete Hildebrandt, Versatile and indispensable means of lifting in situations where conventional methods aren't practical.
L. James Chant: The Legacy, Vision and Innovations of an Inventor - by Christi G. Chambers & Laura F. Chant, A tribute to the inventor, engineer and testing machine builder who passed this June 15th.
Throwing a "Ringer" with More Than Chain and Wire Rope - by Pete Hildebrant, St. Pierre Manufacturing has a long history in the wire rope industry, including working with the military. But they also make interesting recreational products.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund by CHANT

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Find out how you can support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

CHANT welcomes Nick Bruck

CHANT Welcomes Nick Bruck

New Service Manager at Chant.


aerospace pulleys and industrial sheaves

Gaylin Rigmarine Spooling

Three recent contracts awarded to the Gaylin Group of companies substantiated their collective status as a major global specialist provider for turnkey wire rope supply and installation packages.

aerospace pulleys and industrial sheaves

New Pulleys & Sheaves

Loos & Co. announces their new Aerospace Pulleys and Industrial Sheaves.


power sling shackle

New Power Sling Shackle

Green Pin announces their new Power Sling Shackle.

June Wire Rope News and Sling Technology magazine edition

JUNE 2017 - The print edition mailed to subscribers. PDF Featured stories include:

The Importance of Asking “Why?” , By Katie Mackey. The author delves into the fundamental question that should be asked when safety issues occur.

Florida Crane Company has Visible Resume – The Sunshine State’s Expanding Skyline, By Pete Hildebrandt. Sims Crane has a committed team of skilled people that have set out to change the Florida skyline using the safest means.


Cradel Grab hook supplier

New Cradel Grab Hook

Campbell announces their new cradel grab hook.

Jim Chant

Mourning Jim Chant

Mourning the loss of an industry icon.

electric chain hoist supplier

Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer Announcement

Harrington Hoists announces two new electric chain hoists.



April Wire Rope News and Sling Technology magazine edition

APRIL 2017 - The print edition mailed to subscribers. PDF Featured stories include:

Mega-Bridge Construction Overcoming Multiple Mega-challenges , By Henry Vere. The Øresund Bridge, despite natural obstacles and construction challenges, proved to be one of the world’s engineering marvels.

International Wire Rope Company Finds a Good Fit in Marine Environments , By Pete Hildebrandt. Rigmarine proves time and again that they are the company for any operations at sea.

The Burgeoning Benefits of Going Metric , By Victor Mendez. The United States may be the last country to convert to the metric system, and this article delves into the pros and cons of doing so.

traction chain supplier

Traction Chains Supplier ISO Announcement

pewag, one of the traction chains suppliers in our Supplier Directory has recently achieved ISO certifications.


wire rope sockets

Flying over Manhattan on the Roosevelt Island Tramway

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the Roosevelt Island Tramway, which extends 3,100 feet across the East River in New York City. Frequented by commuters and sightseers alike, it connects the Upper East Side to the narrow stretch of land named Roosevelt Island in Manhattan.

wire rope sockets

Choosing the Right Wire Rope Socket for the Job

When buying a wire rope clips there are some things to remember. View the top 4 tips that some suppliers of wire rope clips shared with us.

February Wire Rope News and Sling Technology magazine edition

FEB 2017 - The print edition mailed to subscribers. PDF Featured stories include:

Wire Rope Vital in Construction of One of the World’s Widest Bridges , By Peter Hildebrandt. The Tappan Zee Bridge undergoes a long overdue and much needed overhaul to bring back the days of glory it once knew, as well as ensure safe passage across the Hudson River.

The Brooklyn Bridge Splices, By Don Sayenga. Designing metal structures five or six times stronger than needed to overcome metal fatigue in one of the world’s most famous bridges.

Flying over Manhattan on the Roosevelt Island Tramway , By Barbara Spencer. Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, this favorite method of transportation, for New Yorkers and tourists alike, is the first aerial tramway used for mass transit in the United States.

Gaylin Vietnam

Four-Year Plan to Position Gaylin as Market Leader in Vietnam

Gaylin, a specialist supplier of lifting, rigging and marine equipment, has initiated a plan to reposition its Vietnam facility to address changing trends in the local oil and gas, refining and chemical plant sectors.

Famous River Thames Bridge refurbishment uses DLM load cells.

The Caldwell Group Announces AWRF Appointment

The Caldwell Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that our president, Doug Stitt, has been appointed as the new president for Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) for 2017.

Famous River Thames Bridge refurbishment uses DLM load cells.

Famous Bridge Refurbishment uses DLM Load Cell

Load Cell Supplier, Dynamic Load Monitoring, announces that a famous bridge refurbishment in the UK uses DLM load cell.


harrington hoists crains

Harrington Hoists, Inc

Harrington Hoists, Inc celebrates 150 years in business.



December Wire Rope News and Sling Technology magazine edition

DEC 2016 - The print edition mailed to subscribers. PDF Featured stories include:

New Midwest Bridge Combines Construction Styles to Create a Hybrid Structure, By Peter Hildebrandt. The building of the new St. Croix Crossing to satisfy the needs of modern day transportation.

New Lifting Hook Fits Well in Hazardous Research Environment, By Peter Hildebrandt. Elebia’s new “automatic” lifting hook takes on lifting tasks at the CERN research facility.

Cranes Depend on Wire Rope for Work in Marine Settings, By Victor Mendez. Nantucket Harbor gets a marine overhaul since the bulkhead was compromised by storms over the last few years.

Saving the Family Business, By Phillip M. Perry. Despite poor communication between family members, steps must be taken to assure the business reins get handed over without problems.

wire rope clips

Tips for using Wire Rope Clips

When buying a wire rope clips there are some things to remember. View the top 4 tips that some suppliers of wire rope clips shared with us.


Crosby Slide-Loc

The Crosby Slide Loc

The Crosby Group announces a new design of the Crosby Slide-Loc. Check out the announcement and the video.




October Wire Rope News

NOV 2016 - The digital edition available

OCT 2016 - The print edition mailed to subscribers.

Edition summary archive | PDF





August Wire Rope News

SEPT 2016 - The digital edition available

AUG 2016 - The print edition mailed to subscribers.

Edition summary archive | PDF





June Wire Rope News

JULY 2016 - The July digital edition available

JUNE 2016 - The June print edition mailed to subscribers.

Edition summary archive | PDF





April Wire Rope News

MAY 2016 - The May digital edition available

APRIL 2016 - The April print edition mailed to subscribers.

Edition summary archive | PDF






Read about Electroline End Fittings and Swivels


In this edition's classified ads section: Positions Available, Positions Wanted, Help Wanted, Professional Services, Reps Wanted, Seeking Merger, Equipment Wanted, Product Lines Wanted, For Sale, Hardware Sale, Equipment for Sale. See page 76 or the online classifieds


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