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With CM Labs’ Expanded Crew Training Capability, More Operators Can Train Together on the Same Virtual Job Site

CM Lab crew
Photo: With CM Labs’ Expanded Crew Training Capability, More Operators Can Train Together on the Same Virtual Job Site

New feature prepares operators for the teamwork requirements of the real work site

At CONEXPO 2020 CM Labs Simulations showcased an expanded crew training capability that enables multiple operators to complete a collaborative task within the same virtual worksite, from connected simulators.

With the launch of a new crew training exercise that focuses on earthmoving equipment, CM Labs adds to its roster of collaborative learning options. The exercise enables an excavator operator to learn how to safely and efficiently fill an articulated dump truck, while another trainee learns how to operate the truck, interact with the excavator, and drive on various types of terrain.

While these two operators are training within the same environment, another can provide guidance from CM Labs’ unique Signalperson Training Station. To round out the team, a fourth trainee can work from an Instructor Operating Station to monitor and direct operations. CM Labs’ simulators track all operating metrics during the collaborative training exercise, and roll them up into a single score for the team, which updates in real time.

CM Labs’ catalogue of crew training capabilities also includes the industry’s only simulation-based tandem lift exercises for mobile crane and crawler crane.

This type of collaborative training can be difficult and dangerous to reproduce with real equipment, especially for new trainees, due to the potentially hazardous interactions between equipment and personnel.

CM Labs’ crew training capability is embedded with Smart Training TechnologyTM, which ensures the highest level of transferable skills available outside the real equipment. “This crew training capability is unique to the industry,” says Julien Richer-Lanciault, “in that it is the only training solution that simulates critical machine reactions, such as the precise motion of the truck when dirt hits the trailer or when it is struck by the bucket. This allows operators to develop the sense of feel that is so critical to efficient operations.”

In helping to develop communication skills between operators and other personnel on the worksite, CM Labs’ crew training capability enables organizations to graduate operators that are better prepared for real-world productivity.

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