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NEWS > APR 2020

Interflon USA introduces Fin Super

Caldwell Adjustable Spreader Beam

Interflon USA introduces Fin Super, an all-purpose lubricant and protective coating with MicPol technology, to the North American market.

Fin Super is an aerosol spray that adheres to surfaces by virtue of the polarization of lubricant particles. It creates a smooth, dry, clear film upon application. This film possesses a coefficient of friction of 0.04, is impervious to water, and repels particle adhesion. It is dielectric, and resists high-pressure water spray or harsh chemical cleaning regimes. Once dry, it has no sticky residue.

Fin Super is ideal for use in multiple applications throughout many industrial processes and applications, including on wire rope and related machinery. It’s colorless, largely odorless, and will not stain clothing.

Established in Holland in 1980, Interflon products are well known in Europe, but are relatively new in the United States. Learn more about Interflon USA products at www.interflon.com.


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