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NEW Davit Cranes

PHOTO: Davit Crane from Patterson Manufacturing

Patterson Manufacturing Launches New Davit Cranes to Give Industrial Operators a Lift.

With over 160 years of experience in the marine, construction, and mining markets, Patterson Manufacturing is a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, and fittings.

From inventing the first river ratchet in 1871, to patenting the revolutionary YoYo winch in 2009, Patterson has been innovating and solving problems for industry leaders for over a century.

Their newest product line, the Patterson Davit Cranes, will continue to deliver the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier, and faster – to both improve operator safety and positively impact customers’ bottom lines.

According to Patterson’s President, Taylor Grapes, the davit crane line was a natural extension to their existing catalog as they have proven experience making custom products for lifting applications. However, while the decision to move forward with the line was a “no brainer,” Grapes remarks on the very thoughtful and extensive testing measures that Patterson employs on all innovation development–

“Patterson rigorously tests all new designs, both digitally and physically. Using ANSYS for digital finite element analysis, we can see where problems may surface due to focused stress–in a part or assembly–before we ever physically build something. Once a prototype had been made, we perform thousands of loaded cycle tests at various loads and positions, and other conditions depending on the product. Lastly, all products are tested to yield and to failure, either in-house on a hydraulic test bed, or by a certified third party. Patterson is very cautious in our go to market strategy. While most companies do their best to put out a good product, I think the lengths we go to are a bit unique. We go to great lengths to bring a concept to fruition and maturity internally, as opposed to using customers as guinea pigs.”

The Patterson Davit Cranes exhibit the company’s hallmark safety, simplicity, and durability with key features such as:

  • Reliable Brake with Long Life and Readily Available Parts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized/Saltwater Ready
  • No Plastic Sheaves or Pulleys
  • Made in the USA

The cranes are available in 1/2-ton and 1-ton capacities.

For more information about Patterson Manufacturing, visit their website at

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