Latest Tie Down Product Innovations

Photo: (DFX) DuraFold Series with a convenient, push-button activated, low profile folding handle design.

Durabilt has had many product innovations throughout its 25 Year History. The three newest ones revolve around ratchet type load binders, of which all have been accepted well by the trucking industry.

Latest Tie Down Product Innovations

The core novelty of the first two innovations encompasses an “All-Weather” enclosed ratchet gear housing, operable via a “Pull & Turn” three position pawl selector. This unique pawl selector design allows a user to selectively control the “Forward/Reverse/Neutral” direction options for tightening, releasing, or quickly setting up or releasing the securement of their load.

This “Neutral” or “Free-Spin” position of the pawl selector allows one to disengage the enclosed pawl from the enclosed gear. This allows an operator to rapidly set and adjust their chain slack or tension when needing to quickly remove a binder from operation or more rapidly set it into position, before a final tightening. Durabilt’s two superior product lines offering these new product innovations are pictured to the right.

To see their complete line of quality products go to www.durabiltusa.com.

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