How is All Material Handling Meeting the COVID Challenge?

How is All Material Handling Meeting the COVID Challenge?

At All Material Handling Inc, Chicago, IL (AMH) we acknowledge that our industries sales are down about 25% and fewer new contracts are being awarded during this period.

We know that rigging houses react to fiscally challenging times in different ways. Some lay off workers, some others cut their workers’ hours. Most are much more careful about committing cash to inventory.

AMH responds to customer needs in tough business climate.

Regardless of today’s climate, contractors’ expectations of prompt supply have not changed.

Therefore, at AMH we have learned that when we maintain high inventory levels, we are more prepared to support our customers with “quick delivery” or “quick drop-ship” to their customers, directly.

AMH has the bandwidth to act as our customer’s extended Warehouse. We do this by maintaining high inventory levels at our 4 USA warehouses (in Houston, TX, Des Moines, IA, Monroe, GA, and Portland, OR) — from those 4 warehouses, we reach almost any Continental USA customer within 48 hours of receiving an order.

Just recently we helped our customer to impress a contractor who placed an order on Thursday at 1 PM for four 15-ton hoists with unique chain lengths. They required the hoists on site Friday for a critical weekend job involving a steam generator installation.

Most of our customers are no strangers to “lack of planning” by contractors.

AMH had those units chained up and tested at the Des Moines, IA facility that same afternoon. The following day, on Friday at 7 AM these four 15-ton hoists reached the job site in Michigan (3 States over).

It takes great people to assemble and ship out orders such as these so quickly — we are proud to say that we have those kinds of characters working at AMH. Our workers are smart enough to consistently face such challenges and dedicated enough to do it with great enthusiasm.

Here is a brief look behind the scenes on how it’s done:

Another important issue businesses are struggling with these days is maintaining a sustainable bottom line. Only a few are able to support their level of sales and income when market demand is much reduced.

At AMH we believe that our quality products and highly competitive pricing can help with this challenge, as well.

While AMH cannot (yet) consider itself a legacy brand, we are passionate about exceeding standards and we think that our products have the potential to ‘Wow’ customers. Now you might think, “How much can one really wow a customer when supplying a commodity?” Let me explain:

As we know, industry sales are down by about 25%. AMH’s products are priced at a considerable amount less than that of comparable products supplied by legacy brands. These additional margins that you generate by doing business with AMH could make up for a large part of your loss in profit, caused by the 25% reduction in sales.

Here at AMH, we would be very happy if our pricing can significantly contribute to our customers remaining fiscally healthy during these difficult times. We assure you that the quality of our products will more than satisfy your standards. Additionally, we believe that our pricing and dedication to efficiency and reliability may even ‘Wow’ you!

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