Mazzella Companies

21000 Aerospace Parkway
Cleveland OH 44142
United States

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Assemblies: Large Diameter Up&Down-Down, Counterweight&Special

Assemblies: Small Diameter Various Constructions & End Fittings

Bent Bar Products J-Hooks, S-Hooks, Stirrup Hooks, Any Size

Coil Hooks Narrow, Tubular, Slit, Vertical ID

Contractor Supplies Pro-level Tools & Supplies - Vast Inventory

Cordage Assemblies, Socketing, Splicing, Bulk

Crane Systems Engineered Modular Kit Cranes

Cranes: Gantry Engineered Single And Double

Custom Lifting Devices All Types Of Engineered Lifters

Engineering In-House, ISO 9002, ASME B30.20

Hoists: Chain/Electric/Lever/Manual Stock Units & Parts, All Brands

Jib/Light Rail Progressive, Cleveland Beacon®

Lifting Beams: Load Leveling All Types, Sizes & Capacities

Magnet Chain Assemblies Bail-Type, D-Link, w/o Handles

Nets Cargo,Flight Deck,Mil Spec,DOD Spec

Proof Testing/Certification Mobile Capabilities Up To 660,000#

Safety Seminars Rigging Gear, Crane Operator

Sling Protection: Engineered Custom Shapes & Sizes Made to Order

Slings: Alloy Chain Mesh Mazzella Monster Mesh

Slings: Chain Alloy, Welded, All Types; Mag Chains

Slings: Nylon/Polyester All Types, Edgeguard, Boat Slings

Slings: Twin Path Slingmax® Dealer/Fabricator

Slings: Wire Mesh Mfr. New, Inspect & Repair Service

Slings: Wire Rope Single, Multi-Part, Mazzella 7-Part™

Special Lifting Devices: Design & Fabrication All Types,Sizes; Engineers On Staff

Spreader Beams All Types, Sizes & Capacities

Stud Assemblies OEM, All Types Of Studs & Rope

Testing Services: Wire Rope & Sling Up To 660,000#; Mobile Capabilities

Testing: Special Lifting Devices Contact With Requirements

Tongs/Plate Clamps All Types Of Engineered Devices

Training Toolbox Talks To 8 Hour Classes

Vacuum Lifters Ergonomic Lifters, Suction Cups

Wear Pads Engineered Cut Protection - All Types

Wear Protection: Engineered Custom Shapes & Sizes Made To Order