Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp.

1285 Central Ave.
Hillside NJ 07205
United States

Contact: Mike Cuccinello


Aircraft Cable: Plastic Coated

Aircraft Cable: Stainless/Galv

Anchors Danforth Type & Stockless

Assemblies: Fiber Rope

Assemblies: Large Diameter Wire Rope

Assemblies: Small Diameter Wire Rope

Cargo Tie Downs

Chain All Grades

Chain: Anchor

Chains: Tie down

Chinese Fingers

Clips: Wire Rope Drop Forged And Malleable


Cutters: Wire Rope/Chain

Eye Bolts

Fall Protection

Fittings & Hardware: Wire Rope/Chain

Fittings: Industrial

Fittings: Lashing Gear

Hardware: Industrial

Hardware: Rigging

Hardware: Stainless Steel

Hoists: Chain/Electric/Lever/Manual

Hooks: Wire Rope & Chain


Lashing Gear

Load Binders

Proof Testing/Certification In-house Testing, Up To 400,000#

Ropes: Fiber Polydac/Manilla/Nylon/8 Braid

Shackles Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

Sleeves Aluminum & Copper

Slings: Chain

Slings: Nylon/Polyester Polyester Boat Slings

Slings: Wire Rope

Splicing: Rope/Wire Rope

Swaging Tools


Tie-down Assemblies

Towing Bridles: Chain

Towing Bridles: Marine


Wear Pads

Wire Rope Bright/Galvanized/Stainless/35x7