The Crosby Group

2801 Dawson Road
Tulsa OK 74110
United States

Contact: Michael Campbell


Blocks McKissick®, Western®, Easy Reeve®

Buttons & Ferrules Crosby National® Swage

Cable Terminators Crosby®

Chain All Grades, GrabiQ™

Chains: Tie down GrabiQ™

Clamps: Barrel Crosby IP®, Crosby Clamp-Co®

Clamps: Beam Crosby IP®, Crosby Clamp-Co®

Clamps: Drum Crosby IP®, Crosby Clamp-Co®

Clamps: Lifting Crosby IP®, Crosby Clamp-Co®

Clamps: Plate Crosby IP®


Clips: Wire Rope Red U-Bolt®/Fist Grip/Stainless

Crane Blocks Crosby McKissick® Easy Reeve

Custom Lifting Devices Crosby McKissick® Block And Tackle

Dies: Hydraulic Swage

Eye Bolts General/QUIC-CHECK® Angle Marks

Fishing Crosby - Trawlex

Fishing Gear Crosby - Trawlex

Fittings & Hardware: High Performance Slings

Fittings & Hardware: Wire Rope/Chain Hooks/Shackles/Spectrum 8®&10® Ftgs

Fittings/Terminations Red U-Bolt® Clips/Sockets/Swage Ftgs.

Fittings: Industrial Complete Line

Fittings: Logging Choker Hooks, Buttons, Ferrules

Fittings: Marine Turnbuckles/Shackles/Hooks/Blocks

Fittings: Swage National® Sockets/Sleeves/Buttons

Grips: Wire Rope

Hardware/Handling: Logging Loadbinders, Ferrules, Choker Hooks

Hardware: Industrial Hooks, Shackles, Turnbuckles

Hardware: Marine Blocks, Turnbuckles, Shackles

Hardware: Rigging Shackles, Hooks, Sleeves, Links

Hardware: Stainless Steel Clips, Shackles & Thimbles

Hardware: Web Sling Sling Saver®/Shackles/Hooks/Fittings

Hoist Rings: Swivel UNC and Metric Threads

Hoist Rings: Weld-On

Hooks: Wire Rope & Chain Crosby® Eye, Sling, Clevis, Weld-On

Lashing Gear Shackles, Turnbuckles

Lift Rings

Links: Sling

Load Binders Lebus® Lever & Ratchet

Load Cells Crosby Straightpoint®

Lubricants: Wire Rope Crosby Vitalife®

Lubrication Systems: Wire Rope Crosby Vitalife®

Mooring M-Line Sockets

Overhaul Balls Crosby McKissick®, Johnson®

Proof Testing/Certification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Resins: Socketing Crosby Wirelock®

Riggers Pocket Guides Rigging Guides/Tie-down Calculators

Rigging: Industrial

Safety Seminars Industry User Education

Shackles Anchor, Chain, Screw Pin

Sheaves Crosby McKissick® Roll Forged

Sleeves Crosby National® Swaging Sleeves

Sockets: Spelter

Sockets: Swage Crosby National® Swage

Sockets: Wedge The Terminator™, Super Terminator™

Special Lifting Devices: Design & Fabrication

Swaging Machines: Hydraulic National® Quic-Pass® (2 Passes)

Swaging Tools National® Swaging No-Go Gauges

Swivels Hoist Rings&Tapered/Contact Bearing

Tags: Sling RFID Equipped

Tension Meters/Gauges Crosby Straightpoint®

Thimbles Wire Rope

Tie-down Assemblies

Tongs/Plate Clamps Crosby IP® & Crosby Clamp-Co®

Turnbuckles 1/4" - 2-3/4" Combinations