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CLASSIFIED continued               throughout Florida and open to overtime. Train-  NC. Can send pictures if interested. Contact
         efits. Relocationg cost can be negotiated.  ing and certification available. Candidates must   John at 704-564-0440.
           If you are interested in working for our com-  have the ability to obtain a TWIC Badge, www.
         pany, please e-mail me at  New-Surplus 2" dia 6 x 26 RRL X & XXIP
         or call me at 808-843-2020.        tification-credential-twicR.  Candidates  must  be   IWRC.  Young  Heung,  Kiswire  &  DSR  w/  Mill
                                            able to lift at least 50 LB have a good attitude and   & ABS certs. 6-reels XXIP. 7-reels XIP 3,700 ft.
           Former Division-Product Manager, Regional   be able to work under pressure and at heights   long each. FOB Truck. Pasco, Washington. Call
         Outside Sales Manager desires southeast terri-  well above 10 ft. Contact John Raulerson (904)   for pricing. Contact: Herb Coulter 509-586-0411.
         tory to manage and solicit accounts in the wire   765-7177 ext 14 or email resume: jraulerson@
         rope, chain, fittings, and related industries. Over .   3/16” Campbell Chain L3x51 Links- Zinc; 3200
         25 years experience including District Manager,                       pieces 48” with 5/16” S Hook; 1100 pieces 15” with
         Bethlehem Wire Rope, Regional Manager, Wire   Fast  growing  Billings  Montana  industrial   5/16”x2.5” O ring; In NC. Best Offer abarker@rm-
         Rope Ind Product Manager, Rud Chain, Inc.   supply and rigging shop seeks experienced rig-, 800-342-9130 x 124, Andy.
         Interested parties reply to M.E. (Mike) Givens   ger and wire rope assembler. Must be familiar   Crosby  7/8”  G213  LPA  shackles.  NEW!  205, ph 256-476-7700.  with all aspects of rigging shop operations. E-
                                            mail resume to .  pieces available. Contact Gary Lee @ 1-800-844-
           West Coast Wire Rope and Rigging is looking                         3517. Fax 251-456-8860.
         to hire experienced riggers. Please send your   COMPANY FOR SALE        “Nets & slings” equipment (used) are offered
         resume to: 7777 7th Ave. South, Seattle, WA   Sixty year old wire rope distributor and manu-  at bargain prices (best offer will take it): Singer-
         98108, attention manager.          facturer of wire rope assemblies and related hard-  6 Sewing machines H.D. w/benches. Kiwi- Web
                                            ware with a specialty assembly product line sold   printing machine, complete set-up. Tinius Ol-
         REPS WANTED                        throughout N. America is for sale. Sale includes   sen- Testing machine 60K. Call us at 954-788-
           ELT Lift has openings for independent sales   manufacturing and testing machinery, stock and   7144 or e-mail: .
         reps and resellers to cover a variety of sales chan-  inventory. Sale can also include building and
         nels across the US and other markets. Fill out the   property. For more information, contact Daniel   New wire rope 1-1/8” drill line 5000 ft. 6x195
         form and we will be in touch to discuss specifics.   O’Connor at 413-267-3410.   BR RR IFWV $30,000 Aud & freight. Reply to
         Thank  you  for  your  interest.                    Brayd Gross, Alpha Rigging SErvice, 11-13 Ger-
         about/resellers.                   SEEKING MERGER                     berte Court, Wurruk, Victoria, Australia, 3850.
           Sunwood Inc., manufacturer of nets, slings, etc.   Rigging products company seeks merger: A   Phone 0011+61351461088. E-mail: bgalpha@
         since 1986, (formerly known as Fl. nets & slings   nationally-prominent rigging equipment manu-
         supply) is expanding nationwide & looking for   facturer seeks  to  grow through merger  with   Impacto Cable cutters and parts available
         ambitious independent reps in US and Canada.   similar company. Strong brand recognition and   from Windy Ridge Corp. Tamworth, NH, USA.
         Check our webiste: be-  extensive  cargo  control,  wire  rope,  chain  and   800-639-2021. Fax 603-323-2322.
         fore contacting us. We offer several protected ter-  synthetic sling production capabilities have fu-
         ritories without any restriction of house accounts.   eled our growth. We now seek a merger partner   New Wireco: 6 X 26 construction, 7/8” X 5,700’
         Generous commission paid when order is shipped   so that we may take advantage of economies of   - 1” X 1,000’ ¾” X 3,500 – 5/8” X 3,000’ – 1-3/8”
         (not when $ collected). Call 954-788-7144 or e-  scale and get to the “next level”. The business   X 1,350’ – 1-3/8” X 1,500” – 7/16” X 5,000’ – 1” X
         mail: .          is not for sale; merger inquiries only. Principals   300. All New.
                                            only please, no brokers. Respond in confidence to   Also available: new assorted Esco shackles.
           Sales rep wanted for an established manufac- .  Call Tom at 541-378-7006 for pricing and details.
         turer of labels and sling tags. We are looking for
         a sales rep that currently calls on sling makers   PRODUCT LINES WANTED  HARDWARE FOR SALE
         and rigging companies and is familiar with the   Merit Sales, Inc. (Manufacturer Represen-  For Sale 8 Spools New 1” 6x36 IWRC Brite
         business. Etiflex is a registered trademark and   tatives) is looking for rigging related lines to   Wire at 900 Ft. each. Domestically made by
         manufactures  custom  sling  tags  for  synthetic   compliment the manufacturers we currently   Washington Wire Rope. $.98 per ft. plus freight.
         and wire rope slings and has an excellent repu-  represent. If you need sales people in any of our   Call Jim 631-477-0671. Email
         tation in the field. We advertise in trade journals   states (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC,
         and exhibit at industry shows to generate brand   TN, TX, VA) please contact. We also have 2 re-
         awareness. Please contact us at   gional warehouses available in the Atlanta area   We  have  some  steel  wire  ropes  range from
         or call 866-ETIFLEX for information.  & Houston. e-mail: or   52mm dia up to 96mm dia in 6-strands Drawn
                                            call Johnny at 713-664-7723.       Galv’d RHOL, length between 1500m to 4000m
           Manufacturer Represtentatives for Lifting                           coils. (52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 60mm, 64mm, 67mm,
         Equipment & Accessories wanted by ALL MA-  EQUIPMENT WANTED           71mm, 74mm, 76mm, 80mm, 83mm, 84mm,
         TERIAL HANDLING, Inc. Territories are now   Andromeda  Industries  of  Moonbi  Australia   87mm,  88.9mm,  90mm  and  96mm  dia).  6x36,
         available and supported by our 4 USA Ware-  are currently seeking offers to supply the follow-  6x41, 6x49 and 6x52IWRC. Some of them were
         houses where our highly competitive and top   ing items of workshop equipment:  canceled by the client and some were our stock. All
         quality products are stocked to the roof. Partner   Item 1) Wire rope swaging press capable of   are brand new wire ropes. Grade EEIPS, Alpha,
         with us as we continue to grow market share.   pressing 96 mm dia plaited cables with fill factor   Delta, Omega from Kiswire. Grade EEIPS, super
         Check us out at   of 45%. It is believed that this press would be in   titan, titan max from Usha Martin. We would like
         and reach us at 877 543-8264, or e-mail peter@  range of 3000 to 4000 tonnes closing force.  to offer all these ropes at one price, US$800.00 per .            Item 2) Swaging dies to suit above in the sizes   ton ex work spore. Please call + 65 96693288 or
                                            48 mm, 56 mm, 68 mm, 78 mm, 96 mm for alu-  email us at .
         HELP WANTED                        minium ferrules to EN 13411 or DIN 3093, al-  12 new galvanized open spelter sockets for
           Rigging Fabrication (Jacksonville, FL)  ternatively UM or S type ferrules. This system   sale $125 each. Sockets are for 1” wire rope,
           Compensation: Negotiable depending on ex-  for producing turn back eyes.  have 2” pin and are marked “108 YX9826 CE”.
         perience.                            Item 3) Proof load test bench of 300 tonnes   Contact Jim at
           Consolidated Rigging is looking for experi-  proof capacity at 25 to 30 metres long.
         enced rigging fabricators. Consolidated Rigging   Offers of both new and second-hand machines   EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
         is also looking for career minded persons that   in good order will be considered. Replies in first
         are willing to learn to fabricate. The right candi-  instance should be directed to Raymond McLar-  Swaging press: Esco Mark 150, 500 ton
         date must be able to obtain a TWIC Badge See   en, GM -   SER579  c/w  17  die  sets.  Email  7573LTD@
         requirements               for further info and pictures.
         transportation-worker-identification-credential-  Wanted: Used test stand for manual hoists   Mobile Esco Mark 100 swaging press. All
         twicR. Able to lift at least 50 lbs and willing to   static testing, up to 10-tons. Contact John Gideon   hydraulics refurbished. Kubota diesel power
         learn. Lots of opportunity to those willing to work   at or Phone 770-266-5700.  pack.  3/4  &  1  inch  dies.  $29,000.  Call  Mike
         and learn. Great pay & benefits including 401K,                       702-371-3284.
         for experience and Good entry level pay, we will   FOR SALE
         train. Serious inquires only. You will need to re-                      Reel-o-matic  cable  reel  model  RS/2M11.  Ca-
         locate to Florida and be willing to travel. Contact   DRAGLINES       pactiy 2500 lbs., 1.5 HP drive, 220V 3PH ma-
         John Raulerson (904)-765-7177 or email your re-  CABLEWAYS- DRAGLINE GRAVITY RE-  chine $1500 - Call Shlomo 973-523-7760.
         sume to .  TURN  increases  range.  Nielsen  Cableways,
                                            37 Fawn Gully Lane, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081.
                                                                                 Wire Rope Grips for proof test machines.
           Hoist & Crane Technichian (Jacksonville, FL)  (352) 895-0828.       Sizes: 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”. Load cells & digital read-
           Compensation: Negotiable depending on ex-                           outs  also  available.  Call  AJT  USA  (912)  964-
         perience. Employment type: full-time.  Like new 1½x30 ft. four leg wire rope spread-  9465.
           Looking for qualified technician for hoist and   er domestic rope with 22 ton Crosby hooks good
         crane  systems.  Candidates  must  have  a  good   for 60° 73 ton, 45° 60 ton. Fabricated by Ashley   Prooftesters for sale. Capacities from 20,000
         mechanical working knowledge and able to trou-  Sling. Capacity tag is on it listed new for $4500   lbs. to 3,000,000 lbs. Call AJT USA (912) 964-
         ble-shoot.  Electrical  background  a  HUGE  plus.   asking price $2000 purchaser pays shipping.   9465.
         Candidates  must  be  able  and  willing  to  travel   Can deliver it within 300 miles from Charlotte,
         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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