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         continued from page 14                  Note from the Editor
         in Europe. It crosses the Seine River in   Starting the new year with our cover story about
         Rouen. The Pont Gustave-Flaubert is
         670m long, with a span of 116m. It al-  Roland Verreet, “The Rope Pope”, is a real treat for
         lows ships up to 55m tall to pass under it.  us here at Wire Rope News. We are honored that he
           “What I regret is that because of     took the time out of his busy schedule to help Barbara
         the Non Disclosure Agreements you       Spencer with this great opportunity and excellent article.
         have to sign with your customers,        But that’s not all this issue has to offer. The story of Sea Catch on
         you cannot share the most interesting   page 16 and an article on page 24 about where elevator technology
         insights  with  others.  In  the  end  this   is headed are both equally as interesting. We will do a follow up story
         means you can talk about the boring     specifically on the ThyssenKrupp testing tower in a future issue.
         stuff, but you must keep the most in-    We’re also premiering our new Photo Page. Your contributions
         teresting things to yourself. This is es-  of awe inspiring images are welcome. See page 52 for this issue’s
         pecially bad since it would be cheaper   great shots of Iceland, and details on submitting your own!
         to learn from other people’s mistakes.   And of course don’t forget to check out the New Products section
         ‘Because,’ as Eleanor Roosevelt says,   starting on page 68.
         ‘you do not live long enough to make     Go to our website at to read this months
         them all yourself.’”                    issue and click on the links available that will take you to many of
           Luckily  for the industry, Verreet    our advertisers’ websites, as well as other online resources.
         plans to continue his work in the fore-  If you missed last months issue you
         seeable future.                         can download a PDF version to get
           “I find it fascinating,” he says, “that   caught up. Thanks for reading!
         after more  than 42 years in  the wire
         rope lifting industry I can still learn
         something new every day.” WRN
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
           1  One of the most overlooked wire bridge builders, Thomas      22  Time before an event
           5  Prestigious educational institute for engineers, established in 1861    24  Ketchikan’s state
           9  Temper, as metal                                             26  Fairway clubs
           11  Type of socket                                              27  Establish or start again, as a contract
           12  Cold in the air                                             29  Link together
           14  6-sided bolt                                                30  Account, for short
           16  Direction to turn to the right or move ahead (opposite of haw)    31  Flipper for a fish
           17  External                                                    33  Type of mechanical energy, abbr.
           19  Skip past                                                   34  Barbecue offering
           21  Wind power engines                                          35  Official record of events
           23  Des Moines’ state                                           37  Symbol for lead
           25  Color of the bricks in the Brazos River Bridge towers
           28  ____ capacity (break strength)
           31  Symbol for iron
           32  Rubbing off of dye from a fabric
           34  Flanged spool on which a wire rope is wound
           36  Wind direction (abbr.)
           37  Ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter
           38  Check for strength and reliability
           39  _____ sling (usually polyester)

           1  It grasps chain links and enables hoisting, 2 words
           2  Charged particle
           3  Projection or rim used for strength or guiding
           4  Trademark, for short
           6  Colored fluid used for writing
           7  Town where Washington Roebling was born
           8  Begins
           10  Be situated
           13  S. American country that exports copper, gold and zinc
           15  12 on a sundial
           18  Weight measurement
           20  Commonly used metal

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2018
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