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         continued from previous page            Note from the Editor
         full-time in July.                       Welcome to another great issue of Wire
           Dent is also a Millersville alumnus,
         graduating with a BS in chemistry (3.83   Rope News & Sling Technology. I think
         GPA) in spring. There, he was a mem-    you’ll find the Don Sayenga article (on
         ber of the university’s American Chemi-  page 8) about the little known pioneer of
         cal  Society  student  chapter  and  was   wire rope Thomas Griffith a fascinating read.
         awarded a Neimeyer-Hodgson grant to      Also in this issue: our cover story about the recent
         conduct collaborative research with ITT   celebration in Saxonburg celebrating both Roeblings Wire
         Engineered Valves, Lancaster. He also   Rope Patent Process as well as the establishment of the
         worked as a lab technician for Millers-  city itself. Turn to page 16 for this story.
         ville and K&L Plating, Lancaster.        And of course don’t forget to check out the New
           For more than 25 years, Mount Joy     Products section starting on page 68.
         Wire has been a trusted leader in manu-  We are proud to say that our Suppliers Directory web
         facturing specialty wire for a wide vari-
         ety of applications, including aerospace,   page is currently getting an overhaul/remake which should
         automotive, architectural, construction,   allow for easier and more thorough search results.
         marine, medical and oil and gas. Mount   Go to our website at to read
         Joy Wire’s flagship music wire product,   this months issue and click on the links available that will
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         All of its core products—spring, brush   If you missed last months issue
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         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

         Across                                                   14  That is, for short
           1  One of Caldwell’s lifting products, 3 words         18  Up to this point in the year, abbr.
           8  Male antelope                                       19  Threaded through a ring
           9  Education vital for safety and avoiding accidents    20  A moon of Jupiter
           11  The Ocean State, for short                         21  Passes from one crew to another
           12  The Free State, abbr.                              22  Fasten or hold in place tightly
           13  Material-forming tool                              25  Raise or lift
           15  Modernized or brought to current specs             27  A wire rope is often spooled around one
           16  Accessory that protects the wire rope              29  Light metal symbol
           17  Question to ask when an incident or accident occurs    31  Lived or existed for a long time
           20  The first I in AISI                                32  Trucker’s radio
           23  Former, prefix
           24  Horse ___ , singular (St. Pierre Mfg. makes them)
           26  Someone revered like Joseph Strauss or
               John A. Roebling
           28  Testing area
           30  Standing straight up
           31  Original manufacturer’s part, abbr.
           33  Barrier constructed to hold back water
           34  They are used to ensure wire rope and other lifting
               equipment is safe and effective
           1  Moves up and down
           2  Unplanned event that results in injury or property
           3  The Apple State, for short
           4  Piece of rigid metal
           5  Set in place, 2 words
           6  Wet
           7  Matured, as in a distilling process
           9  Titanium symbol
           10  Current measurement
           11  Accelerates engine speed

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2017
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