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PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                     Note from the Editor
         continued from previous page
         and as a member of CFSEI’s National     Our June issue was a celebration of National Safety
         Executive Committee from 2013-2014,    Month. But we all know that concerns for safety don’t end
         serving  as vice chair  in  2014 and as   there. First we have an article about US Rigging Supply
         president in 2015-2016. She was on the   and fall protection (page 8) that continues on the safety
         Board of Directors for the Structural   theme by focusing on new products, the proper use and maintenance of
         Engineering Institute of the American   equipment, and taking measures to keep our workers safe on the job.
         Society  of  Civil  Engineers  (ASCE  –   Next, we would like to welcome Dennis O’Rourke on board with
         SEI) from 2010-2014, serving as direc-  his “Crane & Rigging Notes” (page 52) giving us observations and
         tor in 2014.                           recommendations from years of experience in testing materials and
           The  Cold-Formed Steel  Engineers    equipment in the field. He has written articles for us before, but this will
         Institute comprises hundreds of struc-  be an ongoing series we look forward to each issue.
         tural engineers  and other  design pro-  When we think about the history of wire rope and bridge building, the
         fessionals who are finding a better way   name Roebling first comes to mind as well as Washburn, Bleichert and
         to  produce  safe  and  efficient  designs   many more. But few ever heard of Charles Ellet Jr. who was responsible for
         for commercial and residential struc-  the Wheeling (WV) Suspension Bridge. We’re proud to bring his name to
         tures with cold-formed steel. CFSEI    the forefront of our industry once again where it belongs.
         members work together to develop and    As always, check out our ever changing website, especially the “What’s
         evolve industry standards and design   News” page for People and Product news that we highlight in each issue,
         methods, produce and issue  technical   as well as a few that couldn’t be included in our pages. You can download
         bulletins,  and provide seminars and   or flip through the current issue on our
         online training to improve the knowl-  home page, or download a PDF file of the
         edge and skills base of engineers and   June issue to catch up. Thanks for reading.
         design  professionals.  For  more  infor-  See you in October!
         mation, visit n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                20  Inserted, in a way
           1  Innovative engineer, Ichabod                     22  Tackle, as a task, 2 words
           6  Send out                                         23  Global leader in military specification cables
           9  Route                                            25  Temperature control, abbr.
           11  Cylindrical flanged barrel                      29  Ad ___ committee
           12  Wire rope attachments                           30  Permanent bend in wire rope. dog-____
           14  Energy unit                                     32  Slime
           16  Plate or slip ___ (used to form sheet metal), plural    33  Trash receptacle
           17  Businesses, abbr.                               34  Bridge building expert, abbr.
           18  Much argued about trade subject                 35  Tool set
           21  Added                                           37  Circle ratio
           24  Safety equipment
           26  Possesses
           27  Of, in Paris
           28  Large national opponent in the “tariff war”
           31  Permanently attaches fittings to wire rope
           33  End attachment to facilitate wire rope installation
           36  Record
           37  Type of fastener
           38  Additionally
           39  MA City where 1 across had his boyhood home

           1  ____ socket
           2  Moved like a pendulum
           3  Prosciutto, for example
           4  Stand ___ me
           5  It’s used to maneuver cylindrical objects in a yard, 2
           7  Important shape in the historical evolution of wire rope
           8  Upright supports
           10  Alloy of copper and zinc
           13  Teach an apprentice
           15  No longer in the mil., say
           19  Brings to the desired consistency and hardness

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2018
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