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         continued from page 53                  Note from the Editor
           • Record Keeping and Documentation     This issue runs an historic gamut starting with an
           • Personnel  Safety Requirements
         During Inspection and Maintenance       article covering the current Tariff situation that is
           • Proper  Use  of Hoists,  Cranes,    presently on everyone’s mind (page 8), to a couple
         Slings and Below-the-hook Devices       stories taking us back in time to the beginnings of wire rope.
           • Specialized Lock-out  Procedures     I’d personally like to thank Peggy Clark, Photographer for
         for Overhead Hoist and Cranes           Washburn University and Kathleen Markees, Special Collections
           • Proper Use of Inspection Tools      Curator at the George C. Gordon Library, Worcester Polytechnic
           Go to their website for more informa-  Institute for their timely assistance in procuring some interesting
         tion: n           and unique images used in the Ichabod Washburn article that
                                                 could not have been obtained any other way. See page 18 for
              Look For Our Annual                the story.
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         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
           1  Device used in lifting, 2 words                              22  Carry, as a load
           5  App that gives locations and routes                          24  Packed
           9  Material used in some slings                                 25  Is familiar with
           11  Long and hollow, like a cylinder                            26  Nay’s opposite
           12  Comic series that was popular with Wire Rope News, 2 words     27  Having a solid, unyielding surface
               (see our Dec. 2017 issue)                                   30  Retailer that adds extra features
           17  Average                                                         before reselling, abbr.
           18  Eroded, with into                                           31  Nevertheless
           20  Import tariffs are currently being discussed for this metal    32  French for the
           21  Construction locations                                      33  “Absolutely!”
           22  Wire Rope News is printed ____-monthly                      35  You in the Bible
           23  Ship____
           25  Drone model
           28  Sodium symbol
           29  An itemized list of material in stock
           32  Alberts or alternate ___?
           34  Loop with or without a thimble
           36  Brittle micro constituent of steel
           37  Top grades
           1  Makers of forged and cast iron wire rope products
           2  Everything
           3  Coop layer
           4  Not in
           6  What webbing slings are made out of
           7  Weight measurements, abbr.
           8  Unmanned flyers
           10  Before tear or roll, 2 words
           13  Alien who was too good for earth
           14  Edgy auto company making self driving trucks
           15  Let sleeping dogs ____
           16  Building add-on
           19  How used items are often sold, 2 words

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2018
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