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Page 74 - Wire Rope News & Sling Technology
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PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                     Note from the Editor
         continued from previous page
         Association in Washington, D.C. at the   This is an issue of celebrations!
         Mayflower Hotel.                        June is National Safety Month, and we are celebrating
           “I am grateful to my fellow board mem-  with an article on page 8 about the test beds that confirm
         bers for supporting me in this role to lead   the safety of other lifting devices, but also about the safe
         the Institute during this important peri-  operation and maintenance of those very machines. Another article on page
         od in our industry’s history. I am encour-  26 guides us through the warning signs and solutions for the safe operation
         aged by the progress made in the past   of mobile cranes.
         year, and I look forward to working with   To top it off, we’re honored to have two industry giants (Don Sayenga
         my AISI colleagues to help take the steel   and Roland Verreet) collaborating on an article that pays tribute to an
         industry to new heights,” said Newport.  unsung inventor of wire rope: Wilhelm Albert. (See page 18)
           AISI also  announced  the  following   That’s not all we’re celebrating here at Wire Rope News. Our recently
         board  leadership elections as vice-   published Annual Suppliers Directory has some updated features that
         chairmen of AISI:                      should make it easier to find the products and services that you or
           • John Brett, President and Chief Ex-  your customers are looking for. However,  it’s our new and improved
         ecutive Officer of ArcelorMittal USA.  online Suppliers Directory search feature that really gives us a “lift” (pun
           • Tim Timken, Chairman, CEO and      intended). Go to the Directory page on our website at
         president of TimkenSteel Corporation.  and check it out. Though we’ve still got a few final adjustments to make,
           • John  J. Ferriola,  Chairman, Chief   we think you’re going to like the changes.
         Executive Officer and President of Nu-  And as always, download or flip through
         cor Corporation.                       the current issue on our website, or
           • Guillermo Vogel, Vice Chairman of   download a PDF file of the April issue to
         the board of Tenaris.                  catch up. Thanks for reading!
           Reprinted  from the  American  Iron  and
         Steel Institute,  n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                19  Conforming to accepted standards of conduct
           1  Anchor, chain or D____                           23  Container ship’s milieu
           5  US Steel CEO, ___ Burritt                        25  Persuade a client more than originally intended
           8  Oil platform                                     26  Cutting tool
           9  Continuous physical force exerted on an object    27  Business degree
           12  Time just before a holiday or an Expo, say      29  Congressional approval
           13  Invoice abbr.                                   30  Wire rope netting
           15  __ compressor                                   32  ____ line, small wire rope used to prevent
           16  Equipment doing the heavy lifting                  rotation of the load
           20  Baton Rouge college                             33  Long and thin piece of metal
           21  Paid promotional display, abbr.                 34  Realize
           22  Relieve pressure                                36  Former, prefix
           24  Wire inventor, Ichabod ____
           27  Type of wire rope testing
           28  Famous US “uncle”
           31  Swage __ fittings
           32  Recent change in the global steel imports/exports, plural
           35  Guitarist Paul
           36  __ Capitan
           37  Gallivant about in pursuit of pleasure
           38  Wire rope strand shape

           1  Composite ____ beam
           2  Type of drill
           3  Core yarn from Slingmax
           4  Suffix with Brooklyn or Japan
           5  Insult, slangily
           6  Spreading fast on the internet
           7  US capital, for short
           10  Solar power source
           11  System that provides emergency medical care, abbr.
           14  Single wrap around a drum
           17  Unprocessed, as materials
           18  To change in response to new conditions

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2018
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