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by the United States Air Force as well as
         PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                 Program Director for F-16 for the USAF.
         continued from page 72               In addition to the ASME Board of
         central role in growing the Society’s out-  Governors,  Wise  has  served  the  Soci-
         reach and activities in codes and stan-  ety as Chair of the Industry Advisory
         dards, industry certification, profession-  Board and Vice Chair of the Committee
         al development, and STEM (science,   on Honors. In addition, she was a mem-
         technology, engineering and math) edu-  ber  of  the  Board of  Directors  of  The
         cation, among other programs impact-  ASME Foundation, providing leader-
         ing the worldwide mechanical engineer-  ship and guidance to the programs that
                                            support and advance the field of engi-
                                            neering.  Wise  is  the  recipient  of  the   Leslee Bunnell accepts 30 Year award
                                            ASME Henry  Laurence  Gantt Medal,
                                            among several other industry awards   “I’ve worked  in  rope, assemblies,  and
                                            recognizing distinguished achievement   wire. I’ve worked with rigging shops,
                                            and meritorious service.           aerospace  engineers,  brush  wire  com-
                                                                               panies and the US Government.  I’ve
                                            Leslee Bunnell celebrates          pretty much seen it all.” And with that
                                            30 years on the Loos and           base of knowledge, she has become an
                                            Company sales team                 invaluable asset to our sales team and
                                                                               our company as a whole.
                                              Loos & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce   The past 30 years don’t represent her
                                            the completion of 30 continuous years of   entire tenure at Loos & Co., Inc. Leslie’s
                                            service  by  inside  sales  representative   employment at Loos & Co., Inc, actually
                                            Leslee  Bunnell.  The  management  and   began in 1974 as Young recruit directly
                                            employees of Loos & Co., Inc. would like   out of college. “I’ve actually worked here
                                            you to join us in congratulating Leslee   twice”, according to Mrs. Bunnell. She
                     Charla Wise            on this achievement and thanking her   left Loos & Co., Inc. in the mid-1980 to
                                            for the years of service in our industry.  work with John Rauh at Cableworks in
         ing profession. A longtime supporter of   “It makes me, and the company, very   Putnam, CT. “I learned a lot from that
         the Society and former member of the   proud to have someone as knowledge-  experience as well. I’m extremely grate-
         ASME  Board  of  Governors,  Wise  is   able and committed on our team,” says   ful  that  I’ve  always  been  able  to  find
         charged  with  enhancing  member  ser-  Robert  Davis, Vice President of Sales   good companies to work for.”
         vices while overseeing the development   and Marketing.  “Leslee represents   As Loos and Company’s sales team has
         of new programs in the areas of bioen-  everything that we all look for in an   grown through the years, we have always
         gineering, clean energy, manufacturing,   employee: dedication, hard work,  and   been able to rely on Leslee to help bring
         pressure technology, and robotics.  independent drive and determination.   new employees on board, teaching them
           Wise worked at Lockheed Martin, hold-  She has helped build this company into   how to continue offering the comprehen-
         ing  key  positions  including  Vice  Presi-  what is today, and I thank and congrat-  sive support our customers have come to
         dent of Engineering for Aeronautics. She   ulate her for that.”       expect. “I take my role as a source of ex-
         also served as Vice President and Pro-  Leslee  has  acquired  a broad range   perience, knowledge, company informa-
         gram Director for the development of the   of knowledge and worked with many,   tion very seriously”, she says.
         F-22 Raptor aircraft at Fort Worth used   many people over the past 30 years.
                                                                               AISI comments on the
                                                                               passing of former Rep. Ralph
                                                                               Regula as iconic champion of
             In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated its 50th Anniversary.   the Steel Industry
             By the time of this occasion, the company had designed and built the world’s
             record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest elevation (Argentina);   Thomas J. Gibson, president and CEO
             Length of system over water (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania); Highest   of the American Iron and Steel Institute
                                     capacity (France); Northernmost (Norway);   (AISI), commented on the passing of for-
                                     and, Southernmost (Chile).                mer Ohio congressman Ralph Regula:
                                                                                 “During Rep. Regula’s distinguished
                                     Written by the great-great grandson of    tenure  representing Ohio  in  the U.S.
                                     the company’s founder, this book includes   Congress, he was a staunch supporter
                                     over 100 pictures and detailed engineering   of the steel industry and our workers.
                                     drawings that explore the legendary
                                     company’s history, and several of its record-  He was one of the founders of the House
                                     holding systems.                          Steel Caucus, and an ardent advocate for
                                                                               strong enforcement of our trade laws and
                                             Available at for       leveling  the  playing  field  for  American
                                             your Kindle or in paperback.
                                                                               steel. He will be missed by so many in the
                                                 Available at  steel industry whose lives he touched, and
                                                 in paperback.                 whose issues he championed with seven
                                                                               Administrations through nearly four
                                             ‘Like’ it on Facebook for         decades  of  public  service.  Our  thoughts
                                             relevant information and news.    are with his family and all of the people of
                                                                               Ohio that he represented so passionately.”

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2017
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